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Although there is scientific proof that smooth legs contribute to a better time, it has to be said that this difference is negligible for hobby cyclists. However, the main reason for shaving one's legs is the advantage this brings for healing wounds after injuries. After taking a fall, dirty hair can lead to a nasty infection of an open wound Road cyclists have been shaving their legs for as long as we can remember, but why? And do you have to shave your legs to be a cyclist? Join Conor as he digs deeper into this age old question, as well as providing you with a few handy excuses to give when your neighbour asks about you super smooth legs at your next BBQ This is an argument more likely to be used to pro cyclists, lucky enough to get regular massages - but it's a lot easier to massage shaved legs than it is to rub down prickly porcupines Another reason road cyclists shave their legs is in the event of a crash in getting Road rest. Now, this is actually a very valid reason for shaving your legs as a road cyclist. And the reason I don't look down on any road cyclists who shave their legs whether they're amateur or professional

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  1. After a hard training block and with a bit of a suntan, the muscles and surface veins that are the visible signs of your labours are much more visible without hairs to obscure them. That said, you definitely don't have to shave your legs to be a cyclist
  2. And, as though a rat has been sheared, a shave often leaves a ring of hair in a tub or sink. For these reasons, it's important to note that just because you consider yourself a road cyclist and..
  3. Ditto to fitting into the crowd. Cycling is a very tribal sport, Madden said. You take cues from the leaders—the pros—who all shave. More practically, cyclists shave because cuts and road rash can heal faster after a crash. Hairless legs are easier to clean and bandage, Madden said
  4. Many cyclists shave their legs for a variety of reasons, some of them vain others practical. There's no doubt shaved legs are part of road cycling culture and an indication you take your riding..

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To shave, simply start at your ankles and use long, upwards strokes to remove both hair and soap, making sure that you regularly rinse the razor to stop it clogging. Shave the whole leg, right to.. Shaving both the legs and arms has also become a sort of tradition that many cyclists adopt today. It's like a symbol of professionalism and serious-mindedness in all bike friendly cities all over the world. So, if you don't mind shaving your legs and arms clean, you can also join in the trend For over a century cyclists have been shaving their legs and as a result shaving your legs is seen by many as a sign of dedication and commitment to the sport, it's a way of ensuring a rider is.. For me, the main reason that cyclists should shave their legs is hygiene. If you have ever been tasked with cleaning the alloy wheels of a car, you will know how hard it is to remove the baked-on layer of brake dust, oil, road salt and general road grime

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TWENTY-SEVEN years ago a dodgy test suggested cyclists performed slightly better with shaved legs. No one ever questioned it — until now When explaining why cyclists shave their legs; aerodynamics, hygiene, ease of massage, vanity and a sign of being serious are all good reasons. But, I believe that these are just superficial when justifying the motivation. I believe that cyclists mainly shave their legs because of their need to belong Trust me, it's not. Ask any cyclist (or any female, for that matter) that shaves their legs how fun and exciting it is, and you'll get blank stares and confused looks. The first time is alright, and smooth legs do make for a good conversation piece, but then you have to shave again at least twice a week Mark Cote and Chris Yu, engineers at Specialized Cycling ran a test on an actual cyclist with shaved legs, rather than on prosthetic legs. The test results indicated an approximate 7% reduction in drag as a result of having shaven legs Real cyclists shave their legs. It's a tradition, an unspoken fact that to become a real cyclist you must have smooth legs and never stop to eat on a ride. It is what makes us special and is a demonstration of our commitment to the noble act of riding and racing a bicycle. So why do cyclists shave their legs

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Specialized tested shaved versus hairy legs in their wind tunnel and found that shaved legs save 15 watts, which could translate to 79 seconds in a 40K time trial. But despite what Dear Abby once told her readers, bike riders don't shave to prevent leg hair from getting caught in the chain. Most cyclists shave because it's traditional There are several reasons why cyclists shave their legs. Some of them have to do with tradition or safety, while others do it because they believe it will improve their overall performance. Below are some of the main reasons why cyclists shave their legs: Healing road rash is quicker and easie

1. Esthetic. Yes, it does look good and esthetic when a cyclist in cycling bibs and jersey has shaved legs. You can see whole pro peloton doing it and anyone not doing it would be a big faux pas. Cycling culture is kind of big deal about style, especially road cyclist. What you wear and how you look, shaving legs is a big part of it In any group of cyclists, a serious Roadie can instantly spot the not-so-serious Roadies. The telltale sign: hairy legs. A cyclist makes a strong statement about his dedication to the sport when he goes against the societal norm and shaves all the hair off his legs Why do cyclists shave their legs- perhaps the most common question about cycling. Shaved feet cause both mockery and bewilderment. After the research we have done, we have found out the answer, read the article to make everything clear

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>>> 'How do cyclists get big legs?' - you asked Google and we've got the answer And they're not the only ones to have drawn attention for their veiny pedal pushers The Main Reasons Why Cyclists Shave Their Legs. Many cyclists will shave their legs for various reasons. It has always been known as a longstanding tradition and many have come up with their own belief for why they shave their legs. If you ask cyclists why they shave their legs, you may hear all different kinds of reasons Cycling clothes fit more snugly, and bare legs don't have hair, which can slow them down a bit. Shaving legs really isn't necessary for cyclists at a recreational level, it's just for pros. But of course, guys also shave their body hair, whether it's the legs, armpits, or pubes, just out of personal preference Because neither specific historical reference nor objective scientific finding can account for why cyclists shave their legs, we asked some pros to judge the validity of the most-cited reasons. It Improves Your Aerodynamics on the Bike The Theory: In this age of seamless skinsuits, aero frames, dimpled helmets, and ultralight deep-rim carbon wheels, it's senseless [

Just about every serious cyclist has been asked at some point, why do cyclist shave their legs? This question comes up all the time, from hanging around the water cooler at the office to a first date. The idea of a guy shaving their legs just seems to perplex people plus it is an easy conversation starter that generally leads to a fun discussion It was the thing to do if you were serious about triathlon, he says. Bullard, still a committed triathlete, cyclist, and Nordic skier, turned 50 this year. It's been 18 years since his virgin shave, and Bullard's legs have been shiny and smooth ever since Why do cyclists shave their legs?Here are some of the purported reasons: It looks sexy and lets you show off your diamond-cut calves. It makes post-ride massage easier and way less painful Actual Reason #1: Peer pressure. This is why I have shaved my legs in the past and, I'm ashamed to admit, why I shaved my legs again. All of the cyclists that I ride with and occasionally race against shave their legs. These cyclists have developed a system of informal social sanction s to ostracize anyone who challenges their mores

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  1. As cyclists, almost all of us shave our legs. Why? Whenever this question comes up from non-cyclists we all know the unwritten code: Easier for massage, cleaning and healing of road rash, it saves.
  2. why do cyclists and some runners shave their legs? since I have heard so many different things. Particularly cyclists, since it seems to be so common, is it about not sticking hairs in the.
  3. Why do cyclists shave their legs? Pretty much all the pros do it, so it has to be legit, right? Well, cyclists shave their legs for a number of reasons. Firstly, to increase aerodynamic ability. According to a study by one of the big cycling brands, a fuzz-free cyclist can shave on average 70 seconds off a 40km ride
  4. Cyclists shave their legs for sanitary reasons also, because scratches and injuries are more easily treated when there are no hairs, and the chance of an infection is less. Some say that top cyclists shave their legs in order to improve their performance, because they move more smoothly through the air
  5. Hey, Was talking to a cyclist friend at work today who'd do about twice the amount of urban cycling that I do, and got a lengthy rant about the bacteria that grows due to all the sweating you do while cycling, and how a shower fails to wash it out of your armpits and crotch because of all the hair
  6. Just why do amateur road cyclists shave their legs? If you ask, many roadies will say its for road rash care, better massages, and of course the aero gains from the smoother surface (okay, aero gains are technically proven and Jim covers that in his post so I won't go into that here)
  7. The one thing I do that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, like a lot of cyclists, generally the ones who race, I shave my legs. Talking to cyclists over the years, there's been no shortage of reasons as to why cyclists shave their legs. One of the bigger reasons is that it's aerodynamic

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  1. Swimmers have a long history of the shave and taper system before big swim meets. While cyclists typically shave only legs (usually up to the short-line), swimmers de-forest the entire body. They shave any area not covered by a swim suit. With the new, full-body swim suits, where the hair removal starts and stops is more variable
  2. 20 votes, 51 comments. 966k members in the bicycling community. Two wheels, or three, sometimes one, but never more than twenty. Interested in
  3. Most non-cyclists assume that shaving your legs is something cyclists do to improve their performance - removing a tiny fraction of their body weight and making the legs more aero-dynamic and less likely to stay hot and sweaty. In fact the reason for cyclists shaving their legs is much more mundane

Apparently, male cyclists have been shaving their legs for at least 100 years. It became a tradition within the cycling sport whereby each generation of pro cyclists adopts the culture paved by their predecessors. It seems like if you want to be taken serious within this sport your legs must be shaved. But wh That's right, women too - specifically their legs. After a proper taper in preparation for a major swim meet, the swimmer will shave his/her legs, arms, back, and men will shave their chest and even their head. The removal of the body hair is said to reduce drag or water resistance allowing the swimmer to slip through the water and thus. The immediate thing that comes to mind is that cyclists shave their legs in an attempt to reduce drag and therefore gain a competitive advantage. However, given that human legs present a cylindrical cross-section relative to the oncoming airflow then we can assume a leg will cause the flow to separate behind it - as it will for all bluff bodies Sorry folks, I should have added an option for people who shave their legs but not for cycling purposes to make the poll more inclusive. 4. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 1 · 3d. Honestly I'd love to shave my legs but I have really bad skin and I just can't find a way to stop becoming a complete mess The cyclist is the engine of his bike; you can't see the heart or the lungs inside, but by making the legs smooth and clean so you see every vein, sinew, and muscle, it is a definite psychological boost. Professional cyclists today shave their legs for the same reason as their predecessors, and road cyclists of all levels, from amateur.

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Why Do Runners Shave Their Legs? The moment you wear a pair of sneakers, you can consider yourself a runner. Just like cycling, this is a sport that needs to be done with comfort. So, if a runner has hair on his legs, then it can be a hindrance as hair helps to keep in the heat. Besides, here are the real reasons why runners shave legs Conversely, there are opinions illustrating the opposite. A survey from 2016 showed that 22% of women would love men with completely shaven legs and over 28% would appreciate trimming at the least. A Women’s Health Magazine survey shows that 56% of women say it’s alright to shave your legs if it’s for sports or you have. Dr. David Miller answered. Family Medicine 10 years experience. It can be: It is not at all uncommon or strange for male athletics to shave their legs or, in the case of swimmers, even more extensive regions of their bodies. 6.2k views Reviewed >2 years ago

Why do cyclists shave their legs? Posted on August 29, 2013 by jammy2015. So I have an admission to make- I thought about shaving my legs the other day. I know; I should be ashamed. Or should I? It seems I'm not alone; the web is full of people considering exactly the same thing. As with all things that men do that perhaps to break with. Male runners claim to shave their legs for multiple reasons. 1. It helps any gravel rashes heal quicker. 2. It makes their legs feel cooler. 3. Compression gear becomes more effective and is easier to put on and take off. 4. Any tape they may have around their legs comes off with less pain Whereas others like to shave around the ankles if they're wearing shoes that expose the bottom of their legs for a smarter finish. But the benefits of leg shaving aren't all aesthetic. In fact, plenty of swimmers and cyclists also like to remove their leg hair as a way of boosting their athletic performance

Here at GCN, we're all about the fine details, and there's nothing finer than a silky smooth leg...once you've hacked through all the hair first, that is.Sub.. And when you shave your legs, you really will feel like a grand tour rider - that's all that counts right?! — 15 BITS OF BAD CYCLING ADVICE TO IGNORE — Because everyone else does: Cyclists have been shaving their legs for over a century. It's the ultimate test of a hardcore cyclist, and often the first question asked at a party According to a Women's Health study - 52% of women said men should do some type of legscaping, 48% said it was just weird that men were looking to shave their legs. In other words, about half the female population would disagree with whatever you did. Should guys have hairy legs? Around half of the female population like hairy legs

Bodybuilders shave most of their bodies so there is no hair to block the definition of their muscles. If one had a hairy chest and stomach you might not see the cut and ripped six pack or pecs. Same with the legs. They want to show off all the mus.. And so it is without hesitation that today I answer the question, Why do cyclists shave their legs? with before and after photographs. I suppose I could have also posted during photographs, but then I might have gotten comments to this post from distraught readers who had gouged out their eyes in an attempt to get the horrible, horrible vision out of their heads

In almost a decade of cycling with varying degrees of keenness and laziness, I'd never seen the need to shave my legs. Smooth operator: the Australian legs that won the Tour de France in 2011. While nobody has to shave their legs, there are several reasons why a man might want to do so. This includes cleaning up his appearance and gaining the competitive edge in athletic competitions such as bodybuilding and cycling Why do cyclists shave their legs? The pros claim bald skin heals better, offering faster respite from the horrifying road rash they suffer in high-speed crashes. They also say it's simply more.

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Why Cyclists Really Shave Their Legs: The cycling columnist for The Guardian has something to get off his chest today about his silky-smooth shaven legs: Cyclists don't do it for aerodynamic reasons.Experts may try to tell you instead that smooth legs are worth a couple of seconds a kilometre, so this male depilation can mean the margin between victory and defeat, Matt Seaton writes The tradition of cyclists shaving their legs runs so deep that it nearly defines who we are. Cyclists cite many reasons for shaving their legs - aerodynamics, road rash care, massage There are several reasons why cyclists shave their legs, but none that I know of why anyone would shave down there. Shaving your pubic region is only ever going to result in sores. And leave the underwear off if your wearing proper padded cycling shorts. Summer - Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 Tea Shaving is certainly the easiest to do at home, and doesn't cause any pain at the time of removal, but the chances of you getting an in-grown hair around your nether-regions is MUCH higher than if you wax. Cycle-Proof Make Up: The Best BB + CC Creams. And the likelihood of ingrown hairs is heightened by the friction of cycling

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Equally important, shaved legs might simply make you look and feel faster. They certainly mark you out as a cyclist. Or at least they did. Now there's a theory that hairy legs might somehow. Cyclists claim to have other relevant reasons for keeping their legs smooth. First, shaving is a preventive measure taken to lessen the difficulty of treating road rash. Wrecks happen often and hairless wounds are easier to clean and treat. Another reason is for better enjoyment of massage. Many cyclists have them often The other, more legitimate, reason is that hairless legs are much easier to clean and bandage and heal after after an accident. And when cycling, accidents are a question of when, not if. You could shave your arms if you wanted to, but road rash on your arms is less common than legs. - tpg2114 Oct 9 '12 at 20:0

In a section of his book titled Do You Really Shave Your Legs?, Smith writes: In any group of cyclists, a serious Roadie can instantly spot the not-so-serious Roadie. The telltale sign: hairy legs It's one of those eternal questions that divide cyclists, or at least those who choose to shave their legs - just how high should you go with the razor? Well, a member of the Imgur image-sharing community has added fuel to the debate by posting a picture entitled 'How to make a pair of summer shorts' - the 'shorts' in question in fact being the. (1) Hygiene For me, the main reason that cyclists should shave their legs is hygiene. If you have ever been tasked with cleaning the alloy wheels of a car, you will know how hard it is to remove the baked-on layer of brake dust, oil, road salt and general road grime. The front wheel of a bike sprays a cyclist's legs with a similar concoction of. Specialized have their own wind tunnel, called the Win Tunnel, at their HQ in Morgan Hill, California, and they have run several experiments lately to measure the aero impact of different factors such as clothing, disc brakes (compared with rim brakes), beards (no, really!), and hairy versus shaved legs I do it because cycling's tied to its history and, good or bad, leg shaving is part of that history. It's a cliché to say that it makes you feel slightly more serious about your sport, but the.

Man Willing To Shave Legs And Give Shaving Testimonial (Lead): Male, 18-45 for this role talent must agree to shave their legs on camera. Ethnicity: All Ethnicitie Only competitive cyclists should shave their legs - less drag (apparently!) p.s. not to be big-headed about this, but I have gotten more compliments about my legs than about any other part of my body - hairy as they are!!

Of course, women have also usually got smooth legs, which tends to help make them look good, but in case you haven't noticed (which is possible given it is winter), the creeping trend now is for men to shave their legs, too. It started with cyclists and other elite athletes such as swimmers shaving down for races However, the reality that most pro cyclists shave their legs and arms doesn't lend any credence to the debate. As a new spectator of this sport, I've begun to question the legitimate need for these athletes to shave their legs They are gnarly humans who get out in nature and do some seriously cool shit, even if they do shave their legs. Fellow Feathers Alumni Jazz Kuschke even shaves his legs, but does so more to fit in when covering gnarly cycling events like the Cape Epic as a journo, or Fatbiking the endless leg destroying beaches of northern KZN in Search of GT's

Some (mostly continental and world tour level) cyclists still shave their arms. The tests showed that shaving the test subject's legs reduced drag by about seven percent, saving 15 watts at the same speed. In theory, that translates to a 79-second advantage over a 40-kilometer time trial I shave my head, chest, army, legs, and pretty much just have my goatee. I feel cleaner, and more motivated when I groom well for some reason, but I've always been that way Cyclists have long run the clipper down their legs to improve the aerodynamics of their body and hopefully shave seconds off the lap timer. This practice is so ingrained in velo culture that when champion racer Peter Sagan turned up to a meet earlier this year with el natural legs, it sent the cycling world into a spin Men who do a lot of biking and who have hairy legs find that leg hair can chafe or rub on their trunks or biking shorts creating abrasions. In addition, in competitive cycling, smooth skin has. Performance-focused cyclists (ones that shave their legs) might go with higher socks because of a slight aerodynamic advantage. If you're a mountain biker, then you'll probably want a pair of higher, more durable socks to help protect your ankles and lower legs from brush, gravel and dirt

Many cyclists shave their legs to fit in with the crowd. Go on any weekend group road ride and nearly everyone who takes their cycling seriously will have smooth legs. They also will generally follow a set of unspoken rules. Nobody will have visors on their helmets. Kits will usually be somewhat matching Competitive cyclists and swimmers shave their legs to reduce wind drag, and they say it improves their times, so technically speaking, it should also make your kicks faster. Of course, I wouldn't want to count on the additional speed. :icon_lol: :icon_chee. ECS123, Oct 23, 2010. #7 Why do pro cyclists (and many of their more keen amateur counterparts) even shave their legs? The official explanations are that it makes the daily leg massages received by professionals easier to.

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That lead me to wonder whether shaved legs were a thing in trail running as well. Trail running has less of a tradition of leg-shaving than swimming and cycling where there is a clear performance advantage. That said, a large portion of elite trail runners do shave their legs for the sake of their regular physio/massage treatments Why do cyclists shave their legs? Ruminations on the eternal question. Spread the love. Nowadays waxing, epilatation and laser hair removal are also options, but whatever form of depilation is used, their legs are hairless, why? Pro cyclists, and many amateur cyclists, have their legs massaged as part of their training recovery regime. Researchers used this Chewbacca scale to measure the hair growth of 6 pro cyclists. Then they had them shave and put them to the test. On average, riders saved 70 seconds per 40 km when they shaved their legs (source). That's not bad! So, it does seem like shaving has a positive speed impact for cyclists Cyclists shave their legs because cyclists shave their legs. It's a tradition. That, and cyclists have beautiful legs and shaving them really shows off the muscles. Any other reasons you may here are pure baloney. Gorsnak. 04-22-2006, 10:17 PM