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Army DA administrative publications and forms by the Army Publishing Directorate APD. The latest technologies high quality electronic pubs and forms view U.S. Army Regulations and DA Forms. DA FORM 6: Pub/Form Date: 07/01/1974: Pub/Form Title: DUTY ROSTER: Unit Of Issue(s) PDF. Pub/Form IDN: 990001: Pub/Form PIN: 000041: Pub/Form Proponent. DA Form 6, Duty Roster, is a form used to record the duties performed by individuals across all Army organizations. Its main purpose is to maintain an equitable determination of duty assignments. Different duties require filling out separate copies of the form download and print a fillable da form 6 duty roster, get da6 in PDF Format da form 6: active: 07/1/1974: duty roster: g-1: da form 8-272: active: 03/1/1961: centralized materiel section - non-expendable technical equipment chargeout record: tsg: da form 10-161: active: 03/1/1959: industrial storage battery service record: amc: da form 11-2: active: 09/1/2012: internal control evaluation certification: asa (fm&c) da. When a new DA Form 6 is initiated that carries over a nonchargeable status from the previous DA Form 6, a superscript number (for exam-ple, A3) will be manually added to the abbreviation A to indicate the last number charged, as shown on the previous DA Form 6, before the Soldier entered upon the nonchargeable status

DUTY ROSTER NATURE OF DUTY ORGANIZATION FROM (Date) TO (Date) GRADE NAME Month Day DA FORM 6, JUL 74 PREVIOUS EDITIONS OF THIS FORM WILL BE USED UNTIL EXHAUSTED. For use of this form, see AR 220-45; the proponent agency is DCSPER A DA Form 6 determines whos turn is it to do a particular duty or task. You start with a list of names in Rank and Alphabetical order (COlumns A&B) and then in Column C you start with giving the first person (Cell C1) with the Number 1 then you add a number all the way down (C2=2, C3=3) etc. The Person with the Highest Number for that day/shift.

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Da 6 Form. Fill out, securely sign, print or email your da form 6 instantly with SignNow. The most secure digital platform to get legally binding, electronically signed documents in just a few seconds. Available for PC, iOS and Android. Start a free trial now to save yourself time and money Does anyone have a completed, working copy of the DA Form 6 excel spreadsheet? thanks . Excel Facts Format cells as currency Click here to reveal answer. Select range and press Ctrl+Shift+4 to format cells as currency. (Shift 4 is the $ sign). P. pbt Well-known Member. Joined Oct 18, 2005 Messages 1,613. Feb 5, 200 Page 2 of 4 pages, DA Form 1574, Mar 83 USAPA V1.20 Was a quorum present when the board voted on findings and recommendations (paras 4-1 and 5-2b, AR 15-6)? B. COMPLETE ONLY FOR FORMAL BOARD PROCEEDINGS (Chapter 5, AR 15-6

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805C-PAD-2472 (SL2) - Prepare a Duty Roster. Standards: Prepared a DA Form 6 for each duty requirement, listed all eligible soldiers, posted only days on which a detail was required. You are a squad/section leader. Given. Form 6, Duty Roster, and AR 220-45. required Hi all this is my first post. I am creating a DA Form 6 wich is used to determine duty cycles. The first two colums A&B are for rank and name by row. the next 40 colums are to put numbers and symbols to determine who's turn it is. the first person will have a / then will count down from the number of names on the worksheet. so if there are 30 names, the first person will have / in colum C and. Army da 6 ( duty roster) I started a project and realized that it is a bit out of my league. By a bit, I mean WAY out of my league. I am trying to build an automated version of the Department of the Army Form 6 (aka DA 6). The purpose of the form is to track who is on duty and when. What I am trying to do is set up an excel workbook so that it. download and print a fillable da form 6 duty roster, get da6 in microsoft word also download pure edge viewer and lotus viewer at daform31.co

DOCUMENT (MANUAL - LONG FORM) DD Form 1348-6, FEB 85 Edition of Apr 77 may be used until exhausted. F O L D L I N E F O L D L I N E. Title: DD Form 1348-6, DoD Single Line Item Requisition System Document (Manual - Long Form), February 1985 Author: WHS/ESD/IMD Created Date DA FORM 4283, AUG 1978, IS OBSOLETE. FACILITIES ENGINEERING WORK REQUEST. For use of this form, see DA Pam 420-6; the proponent agency is OACSIM. PART A ID (See requestor instructions) CUSTOMER DOCUMENT SERIAL NUMBER SHORT JOB DESCRIPTION. DATE DA. MON YR. INSTALLATION ABBREVIATION OF FACILITIE DA FORM 4283, AUG 1978, IS OBSOLETE. FACILITIES ENGINEERING WORK REQUEST For use of this form, see DA Pam 420-6; the proponent agency is OACSIM. PART A (See requestor instructions) CUSTOMER ID DOCUMENT SERIAL NUMBER SHORT JOB DESCRIPTION DATE DA MON YR INSTALLATION ABBREVIATION OF FACILITIE On the DA Form 61, in item 6, applicants will indicate at least 10 branch preferences in order of preference. a. Required preferences. Applicants—2-combat arms, 2-combat support arms, and 2-combat service support arms. One combat arms branch must be among the first three choices

Where may I download an excel version of a duty roster similar to the Army's DA Form 6? Excel Facts Copy formula down without changing references Click here to reveal answer. If you have =SUM(F2:F49) in F50; type Alt+' in F51 to copy =SUM(F2:F49) to F51, leaving the formula in edit mode. Change SUM to COUNT DA Form 2166-9-1A, NCOER Support Form, SGT Local Copy DA Form 2166-9-2, NCO Evaluation Report, SSG-1SG/MSG Local Copy DA Form 2166-9-3, NCO Evaluation Report, CSM/SGM Local Cop NOTES: This document is in MS PowerPoint : If you need or were looking for DA Form 6 Duty Roster use the Downloads provided below the download for this document. Download This Document Duty Roster DA Form 6 Class/Briefing Clock Below DA Form 6 Duty Roster Class Powerpoint presentation on the importance of duty rosters. $0.99 - Purchase Checkout. $9.99 - Protected: Subscription Registration Checkout. Billed once per year until cancelled $9.99 - Protected: Post.

DA FORM 6 AR 220-45. AR 220-45. 1. Which Army regulation governs duty rosters? A. AR 220-45. 2. What is the purpose of duty rosters? A. Duty rosters are kept for recording the duty performed by each person in an organization is order to make an equitable determination of duty assignments. 3 2. Keep DA Forms 1687 current. Use the following procedures: Prepare a DA Form 1687 to add personnel as authorized representatives. Enter the statement Added, previous editions remain i n effect in the remarks block. To delete personnel, list the names of the persons deleted. Personnel to be deleted do not sign or initial the card

3750.6 para 313d; see para 208 for reduced investigation requirements DCMA Notification Army AAAR Guide. UAS Guide AGAR Guide DA 285-AB Gnd Form DA Form 2397-AB DA 285-AB Gnd Form AFI 91-204 and . AFMAN 91-223 CSSO . Cheryl Wright, AFLCMC/SE (937) 255-3395 Cell (937)510-1184 AFMC/SE 937-257-1553 aflcmc.se@wpafb.af.mil. workflo This item: Meguiar's DFC6 6 Soft Buff DA (Dual Action) Foam Cutting Disc, 1 Pack. $12.79. In Stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. Meguiar's 6 DA Foam Polishing Disc - Dual Action Polishing Pad Enhances High Gloss - DFP6. $10.98. In Stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com Search the world's information, including web pages, images, and videos. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube On the DA Form 31 (Request and Authority for Leave) block 6, Soldiers are supposed to provide a leave address and phone number. There is only space for one address. If a Soldier will be at more than one address during his leave and did not leave the continental United States much less go outside a 20-mile radius from the address provided, how is that a misuse of government resources and.


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DA Form 1380 is processed for pay and non-paid retirement points no later than the last day of each month. 4. DISPOSITION. For nonunit members forward original and duplicate to HRC, ATTN AHRC-PDR-TR, 1600 Speerhead Division, Fort Knox, Kentucky 40122-5402. Retain one copy for file. For unit members forward original to unit of assignment 6. DA Form 4856 completed and signed by Soldier and CRTNCO 7. Copy of Soldier's DA Form 5016 showing at least 20 qualifying for retirement and Twenty Year Letter 8. Orders publishing authority uploads orders to iPERMS 9. Copy of DA 1059 showing completion of the Sergeants Major Academy (E-9 only) Request CSM rank printed on the retirement.

Department of the Army (DA) Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms) directly to the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1/4 (ATBO-BP), 5C North Gate Road, Room C301, Fort Monroe, VA 23651-1048. Suggested improvements may also be submitted using DA Form 1045 (Army Ideas for Excellence Program (AIEP) Proposal) That sounds like a shitty way to do a DA 6. In fact, AR 225-45 para 4b states: Installation and unit commanders will ensure that procedures for the maintenance of the DA Form 6 are followed, that the DA Form 6 is kept for recording the duty performed by each Soldier in the organization, and that a separate DA Form 6 is maintained for each duty requiring the detail of individuals

DA FORM 160-R, JUL 2010. Page 2 of 2. APD LC v1.00ES. INSTRUCTIONS. continue under item 13, Remarks, or on a separate sheet, indicating applicable item number. 2. The following instructions for items listed should be followed. Items not listed are considered to be self-explanatory. a will review da form 31 for errors, ensuring it meets the requirements iaw with ar 600-8-10 chapter 6, and jtr, chapter 7, part a3 7010 for funding. 2. advise unit/commander concerning emergency leaves that do not meet the requirements. 3. provide travel order number and issue fund cite provided by the rmo DA Form 31, Request and Authority for Leave, is a United States Army form that is necessary to request permission for temporary military leave. This form can be used to request an emergency leave, a vacation, travel, or an extended pass. Despite being issued by the Department of the Army (DA), the form is often incorrectly called the DD Form 31.The latest edition of the form was issued on June. DA Form 2166-9 Series Module 3: NCOER Support Form & Grade Plate NCOERs as of 10 July 2015. 2 Agenda What is Changing on the NCOER NCOER Support Form Grade Plate NCOER −Part I -ADMINISTRATIVE DATA −Part II -AUTHENTICATION −Part III -DUTY DESCRIPTIO

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Put an electronic signature on your DD 2656-6 printable while using the help of Sign Tool. Once the form is done, press Done. Distribute the ready blank via email or fax, print it out or download on your gadget. PDF editor makes it possible for you to make improvements to your DD 2656-6 Fill Online from any internet linked device, customize it. _____ DA 705 along with DA Form 5500/5501 if applicable within six months of start (Used to validate HT/WT and flagging action IAW NGB Policy) (ARMY ONLY) _____ PT Printout from AF Portal (Reflecting most recent score- must be within six months prior to orders star What is DA 31 Form? DA 31 Form, or Request and Authority for Leave, is a form by the Department of the Army that military service members use if they need to request for temporary leave — personal, emergency, or travel.. Soldiers are entitled to leave for 30 days per year. If you want to take a leave, complete DA 31 Form and submit it to your commander at least 29 days before your vacation DD FORM 626, OCT 2011 Page 3 of 3 Pages SECTION II (Continued) q. Tires, Wheels and Rims: Inspect to ensure that tires are properly inflated. Flat or leaking tires are unacceptable. Inspect tires for cuts, bruises, breaks and blisters. Tires with cuts that extend into the cord body are unacceptable.. The National Organic Agriculture Program (NOAP) is a collaborative document spearheaded by the National Organic Agriculture Board (NOAB) through the cooperation of various stakeholders of the organic industry, relevant national government agencies, non-government organisations, civil society and people's organisations

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Day Mocracy, also known as DA-6, is the sixth level of the Daytime Dark Ages Epic Quest in ECLISE. After completing the level, the player receives a Money Bag. This is a traditional 3 flag level, so be ready to go heavy. As the first Daytime Dark Ages level with Dark Ages Gargantuars, as well as lots of grave spawns, make sure you have good DPS all around. Necromancies are particularly. This video explains a couple of the features new users may not be aware of. As always I enjoy the comments regarding where and how you found the file DA FORM 61, JUN 1981 . EDITION OF 1 AUG 74 AND DA FORM 61-R, 26 SEP 75, PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT, ARE OBSOLETE. APD LC v2.01ES 22. HIGHEST LEVEL SERVICE SCHOOL ATTENDED. c. APPLICANT'S CERTIFICATE NO. (If Item b. checked) (Date, place, court) 17. COMPLETE MILITARY ADDRESS (If presently on active duty) (Include ZIP Code) 19. CURRENT MAILING ADDRES

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  1. For all the soldiers out there that are looking to save some time and get away from the pen and paper to create the duty rosters here is the Excel version I.
  2. Sample DA Form 7281, Command Orientated Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives (AA&E) Security Screening and Evaluation Record, page . 38 . Figure 3-1, Sample FC Form 4930, Alarm Test Record, page 39 . Figure 3-2, Sample DA Form 5513, Key Control Register and Inventory (For Arms, Ammunition, and . Explosives Keys. page 40-4
  3. Soldiers on permanent physical profile are given a DA Form 3349. This form annotates exercises and activities suitable for the profiled Soldier. The form also stipulates the events and/or alternate aerobic event the Soldier will do on the APFT. The Soldier must perform all regular APFT events his profile permits
  4. The most recent version of the FM 7-22 available is dated October 2012. Download FM 7-22, Army Physical Readiness Training dated October 2012. This publication supersedes TC 3-22.20, dated 20 August 2010
  5. Find Da Form 6 Regulation on Web, Da Form 6. DA Form 6 Excel Da 6 Automated DA Form 6 Regulation.. if anyone can assist me on how to filled-out DA FORM 6. Summary/Overview. Automatic form fill assists users with the common and repetitive task of filling out forms on the web by 'remembering' and applying previously
  6. DA forms guide: Relevant plans Page 4 of 13 Introduction This guide is designed to assist applicants when submitting relevant plans with a development application as required when completing DA Form 1 - Development application details and DA Form 2 - Building work details

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New DA Form 2166-9 dated November 2015, download and print a fillable da form 2166-9 NCOER Form, get da 2166-9 in microsoft word also download pure edge viewer and lotus viewer at ncosupport.co Part C - Sworn Statement (DA From 2823) Part D - Military Police Desk Reference Card (DA From 3998) Figure 1-5. DA Form 2823 (Sworn Statement). Figure 1-6. DA Form 2823 (Sworn Statement, Back). Figure 1-7. Military Police Desk Reference, DA Form 3998. Part E - Military Police Traffic Accident Report (DA From 3946) Figure 1-8. DA Form 3946. DA Form 4504. Record of Fire. October 1978. DA Form 4513. Record of Missions Fired. May 1976. DA Form 5212-R. Gunner's Reference Card. May 1983. DA Form 5517-R. Standard Range Card. February 1986. Microsoft Word - DA FORM 1594-2010.docx Author: ericj Created Date: 20130607111617Z. Page of pages, DA Form 157.1 Mar USAPA Vl. AFZP- HCM - 27 June 2003 MEMORANDUM THRU Staff Judge Advocate, 800th Military Police Brigade , ATTN: LTC James O' Hare. MEMORANDUM FOR Commander, 800th Military Police Brigade, BG Paul Hill. SUBJECT: Legal Review of AR 15- 6 Investigation - Riot and Subsequent Shootings o

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  1. DA Form 3444-Series samples. - Outpatient Medical Records Branch. Figure 1-1. DA Form 3444 showing correlation of form number and primary group number. - Outpatient Medical Records Branch: Figure 1-3. Patient Identification block on DA Form 3444. - Outpatient Medical Records Branch
  2. DA 2062 is generally considered to be good for 6 months. If you are issuing out a piece of equipment to someone for longer than that you need a DA Form 3161. DA 2062 is good for 6 months a DA 3161 is only good for 1 month unless this is used as an issuing document
  3. Sample DA Form 2765-1 as a request for issue in entirety. 2-8. COMPLETION OF DD FORM 1348-6. Use the following instructions to complete a DOD Single Line Item Requisition. System Document (Manual-Long Form), DD Form 1348-6. Refer to figures 2-11 and. 2-12 for the locations of the field described below. Refer to figure 2-13 to see the form in
  4. DA form 638 will be prepared (Figure 2-1 and 2-2). The citation in block 21 of the DA 638 is limited to six lines single-spaced restricted to the space allowed on the DA 638. The narrative description of the meritorious service or achievement for the award of the MMS will be limited to block 20 of the DA 638
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  7. Form 1F 2019 is located in Previous Years' Forms: Form 1X: Amendment to Statement of Financial Interests. . . . [more information] Form 6 2020: Full and Public Disclosure of Financial Interests for the calendar year 2020 . . . . [more information] Form 6A & 6B: JUDGES ONLY -- Canon 6B2, Code of Judicial Conduct, Gift Disclosure Form &

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form number date title version xfdl pdf; da 2-1: mar 08: personnel qualification record: v2.01es: xfdl: pdf-f: da 4: feb 98: department of the army certification for authentication of record DA 2397-5 Form Feb 09 Technical Report of U.S. Army Aircraft Accident (Part VI - Wreckage Distribution) PDF; DA 2397-6 Form Feb 09 Technical Report of U.S. Army Aircraft Accident (Part VII - In-Flight or Terrain Impact and Crash Damage Data) PD DA forms Infrastructure designations portal Map your development application Maps MyDAS 2 Regional interests development assessment portal The webpage you are using has been updated ×. If you have unsaved. mail this form to the financial institution. The financial institution will verify the information in Sections 1 and 2, and will complete Section . 3. The completed form will be returned to the Government agency identified below. A separate form must be completed for each type of payment to be sent by Direct Deposit

eForms allows you to search for and complete forms requesting services from Farm Service Agency (FSA), Natural Conservation Service (NRCS), and Rural Development (RD). There are 2 ways to use the eForms site. You can click the Browse Forms menu option on the left of the page and search for your form. You can complete the form, print it out and. 6. ssn 2. date (yyyymmdd) i, da form 2823, dec 1998, is obsolete 8. organization or address 10. exhibit 11. initials of person making statement da form 2823, nov 2006 1. location 5. last name, first name, middle name 4. file number 7. grade/status, want to make the following statement under oath Browse and download your choice of form (s) issued by the Office of Personnel Management. Form. Title. OPM 71. Request for Leave or Approved Absence (Fillable PDF file) [522.19 KB] OPM 630. Application to Become a Leave Recipient Under the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (Fillable PDF file) [133.99 KB] OPM 630A ITEM 6. Self-explanatory. DD Form 1750 Reverse, SEP 70 . Title: DD Form 1750, Packing List, September 1970 Author: WHS/ESD/IMD Created Date: 20001220132112Z. 60,378 fonts of which: 21,054 with accents 24,233 with the Euro symbo

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  1. DD FORM 1351-6, JUN 93 Replaces DD Forms 115 (MAY 74), 1351-1 (SEP 61), and 1351-6 Adobe Professional X (NOV 64), which may be used until Dec 31, 1993. Title: DD Form 1351-6, Multiple Payments List, June 1993 Author: WHS/ESD Created Date
  2. DA 6 - Beam Design Formulas with Shear and Moment Diagrams. This document provides a handy series of shear and moment diagrams with accompanying formulas for design of beams under various static loading conditions. Configurations include simple span, cantilever, and 2-span continuous beams
  3. 1. Verifies DA Form 3151-R with correct DODIC, NSN, and lot number. 2. Compares the DA Form 3151-R with the 581 TIS to ensure that the unit is turning in the same ammunition that they were issued. 3. Enters the information from the 3151-R to 581 TAR. 4. Sends discrepancies to the Ammunition Surveillance Personnel

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(11) User's Signature. User must sign the DD Form 2875 with the understanding that they are responsible and accountable for their password and access to the system(s). (12) Date. The date that the user signs the form. B. PART II: The information below requires the endorsement from the user's Supervisor or the Government Sponsor. (13) A fillable DA 638 form is used by the US Army. It is completed when a higher ranking soldier wishes to recommend another for an award. This form requires information about the soldier who should be considered for the award as well as information about the particular office making the recommendation 6. Initial Risk Level: Determine probability and severity. Using the risk assessment matrix (page 3), determine level of risk for each hazard specified. probability, severity and associated Risk Level; enter level into column. 14. Feedback and Lessons Learned: Provide specific input on the effectiveness of risk controls and their contribution t

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  1. ations for decorations or awards, to record decisions made on those applications, and to maintain individual award case files
  2. [ ] Counseling (DA Form 4856): Commander's statement of why SM has been declared an ASAP or Rehab failure (needed for text in chapter). [ ] Signatures of SM and Cdr [ ] 1-16 bullet [ ] All Required Documents*** Chapter 13: Unsatisfactory Performance [ ] For APFT failures: DA Form 705- APFT Scorecard (x2 or more) with record
  3. DA Form 67-9-1A. Developmental Support Form. DA Form 1059. Service School Academic Evaluation Report. DA Form 1059-1. Civilian Institution Academic Evaluation Report. DA Form 2166-8. NCO Evaluation Report. DA Form 2166-8-1. NCOER Counseling and Support Form. DA Form 7222. Senior System Civilian Evaluation Report. DA Form 7222-1
  4. Forms. DSA forms related to Construction Projects Submittal, Plan Review and Approval, Project Inspectors, Closeout and Certification and Compliance will be found here, on the DSA Forms webpage. Most DSA forms are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). To download and print a PDF file, it is recommended that you have the most current Adobe.
  5. g additional benefits for more than four children Addendum - Page 15: VA Form 21-4170 completed by the veteran's spouse in the common-law marriage.
  6. number wsywa2-st-905 serial number st-905 model 900 equipment number 1021416036 equipment noun tug small 900 class equipment nsn 1925014351713 current reading 5293.0 h current readin
  7. Download Fillable Da Form 6125 In Pdf - The Latest Version Applicable For 2021. Fill Out The Road Test Score Sheet Online And Print It Out For Free. Da Form 6125 Is Often Used In Da Forms, United States Army, United States Federal Legal Forms, Legal And United States Legal Forms

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  1. 2166-9-1(SGT), DA Form 2166-9-2 (SSG -1SG/MSG), and DA Form 2166-9-3 (CSM/SGM) to assist in talent management. Policy Clarification: The senior rater will identify two successive duty assignments and one broadening assignment for which the rated NCO is best suited, focusing 3 to 5 years out. Note. Two successive duty positions and one.
  2. 5-6. DA Form 5008 DA Form 5008 (Telephone Medical Advice/Consultation Record) will be used to record medical advice or consultation given to a patient over the telephone. Self-explanatory instructions for completion are on the back of DA Form 5008. This form is attached to SF 600 when filed
  3. DA Form 4856 or official memorandum stating removal or continuation of bar to continued service ¾ If bar to continued service is NOT favorably removed following the 180 day review, the DA Form 4856 pertaining to separation initiation will be included.____
  4. Form 3980-R (Dining Facility Account Card) with DA Form 7455 (Financial Summary) (chap 3). o Revises and expands the use of DA Form 4552, Kitchen Requisition, to replace DA Form 3034-1 (Sensitive and High Dollar Item Disposition) (chap 3). o Revises and expands the use of DA Form 2970 (Headcount Report) to replace DA
  5. the bottom of each additional page must bear the initials of the person making the statement, and page number must be indicated. da form 2823, dec 1998 da form 2823, jul 72 is obsolete usapa v1.00. use this page if needed. if this page is not needed, please proceed to final page of this form
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Very carefully confirm the content of the form as well as grammar along with punctuational. Navigate to Support area when you have questions or perhaps handle our Assistance team. Place an electronic digital unique in your DD 2656-6 by using Sign Device. After the form is fully gone, media Completed The DA 31 form or the Request for Authority and Leave, is used when a military service member wishes to get vacation or emergency leave. The individual has to submit the template and notify his/her commanders about the planned departure. When filling out the document, the individual should specify the reason for a trip, the time period of. A DA 31 form is used by the Department of the Army. The form is a Request and Authority for Leave form that a member of the Army must use if they want to request leave. This could be a personal leave such as for traveling or vacations, or an emergency leave due to family medical treatment or other emergency situations

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Complete the DA Form 4187 as noted above, and include a completed DA Form 3365, Authorization for Medical Warning Tag, singed by a medical officer. It should be noted that a copy of the DA Form 3365 should be forwarded to the State Surgeon for file in the soldiers Health and Dental Record DA/DR increased from the existing 17 % to 28% from 1.7.2021. Increase 11 % . 28% was due from 1.1.2021. Therefore , pension payable on 31.7.2021 will include DR at 28% of the basic pension ( 28% of basic + additional pension admissible to Pensioners aged 80 years and above) Financial Statement - CC Form 228-R Form must be verified and signed by Company Commander Thank you ROTC Incentives Division Page 2 of 2 SGT and above must submit copies of the last two (2) DA Form 2166-8 and the latest DA Form 1059 if applicable copies of the last three (3) awards and/or the latest DA Form 1059 received, if applicabl DA Form 2A/C (RC only) ___ 20. SIFT test (min score 40), if applying for AV. AV applicants must also have a minimum GPA of 3.0 ___ 21. Security Office verification of clearance or JPAS printout. Installation Security Office is the ONLY proof of interim. Units may not grant Interim Secret clearances

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Form 5, copy of Form 5 or separate page of 8 ½ by 11 inch white paper, indicate the number of pages comprising the report (Form plus attachments) at the bottom of each report page (e.g., 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3), and include the name of the designated filer and information required by Items 2 and 3 of the Form on the attachment BWE is expected to be unavailable due to system maintenance, between 6:00 PM PST on 7/23/2021 and 5:00 AM PST on 7/26/2021. If you need enrollment assistance during this time, please contact your regional contractor Completing DA Form 3355 for the Army Reserve Promotion Packet (Junior NCO Promotion Board)

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For example: 11.b. is shaded under SPOUSE because DD Form 2586 does not apply to spouses. Items 11.f.(1) and (2) are shaded because they refer to Web site addresses and they require no explanation. c. I was offered preseparation counseling on the above date (Item 7) on my transition benefits and services as appropriate. I understand tha DA FORM 5500, DA Form 5501, AR 600-9, body fat Description Modified SEP 06 to adjust to the new HT/WT standard IAW AR 600-9 dated 01 SEPTEMBER 2006 Modified 6 OCT 08 to fix Rounding rules IAW ALARACT 237/2008, dated 301456Z SEP 08 Originally Created by John R. Jenkins www.armybytes.co About: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software is the free global standard for reliably viewing, printing, and commenting on PDF documents. And now, it's connected to the Adobe Document Cloud − making it easier than ever to work across computers and mobile devices