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  2. Olam Edible Nuts has been working with cashew producers in Côte d'Ivoire since 2011, under the Sustainable Cashew Growers Programme (SCGP), providing technical training and support geared towards increasing productivity and incomes to some 30,000 smallholder farmers
  3. g, It is observed that there are about 30 species of insects infesting in cashew far
  4. g as their primary source of income. While the cashew trees themselves are easy to upkeep, the two-month harvesting period is a painstaking process
  5. Guinea-Bissau's cashew farmers survive tough times. Cashew nuts are Guinea-Bissau's biggest export crop but times are tough for farmers, as photojournalist Ricci Shryock reports. Alciony.

Across the cashew value chain, the major challenge is the access to finance. Access to finance affects every aspect and the cashew business from farming to harvesting, processing and exports. To commence cashew cultivation, you need long term financing. Short term loans cannot help the cashew farmer Farmer Cashews. 3,151 likes · 67 talking about this. Best quality cashew nuts. retail and whole sale provider to all over India The government is implementing a new model of ensuring that cashewnut farmers have access to vital inputs in a deliberate effort to tweak production of the crop after three years of successive fall. Available data show that there is a close link between farmers' accessibility to inputs and a rise in production Initiatives that support the development of the communities and farmers' organizations are helpful for the farmers as well as the rest of the value chain and the consumer. It incentivizes farmers to adopt better farming and post-harvest practices that are key to a better quality of cashew kernels Cashews are America and Europe's favourite nut. But the poor farmers who grow the premium product often bear the greatest risk in the trade. More than 60% of the cashews consumed globally are..

Cashew farmers under the auspices of the Association of Cashew Farmers, Aggregators and Processors of Nigeria, ACFAP, Thursday, raised alarm over an illegal shipment of cashew from Nigeria to other.. The Bole District Assembly in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture on Friday 16th July 2021, started handing over One Hundred and Fifty Thousand (150,000) Cashew seedlings to farmers. INTERNATIONAL - The three million African farmers who supply most of the world's cashew nuts aren't cashing in on the booming demand due to a lack of processing facilities, a UN body said on Friday While commending cashew farmers in Nigeria for their role in improving the country's cashew nuts quality this year, he said the quality of cashew nuts in Nigeria and Africa generally has seen a.

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Today, Elisabeth is a cashew farmer in Benin who lives with her husband and four children, relying on her cashew production to support her family. Unexpected Challenges Bring Uncertainty for Cashew Farmers in Benin But early last year, an unexpected challenge threatened to change everything Elisabeth Atchade comes from a family of farmers who have produced cashews, corn, and soybeans for years. Living in central Benin with her husband and four children, she usually depends on money from her cashew production to support her family. This year, however, things were different. Cashew Production During a Pandemi Cashew Farmers at Akuma/Brahoho in the Nkoranza South Municipality of the Bono East Region are calling on the government to expedite action in the establishment of a Crop Development Authority While middlemen procure raw cashew from farmers at Rs 80-Rs 100 a kg, sources said, the processors sell the same at Rs 400-Rs 500 in the market. A bulk of raw cashews from Kendrapara are processed.

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  1. g is a long-term project. It is highly profitable provided you grow it properly with a right marketing plan. In addition to that, cashew plantat..
  2. cashew processing by farmers -farm gate processing cashew nu
  3. g months, as it is the only main source of income for some cashew farmers
  4. However, Faseru commended farmers in the country for their role in improving the country's cashew nuts quality in 2021, adding that the quality of nuts in Nigeria and Africa generally had witnessed a great improvement this year. The president said that there had been good harvest and better quality of the nuts this year
  5. cashew supply chain. Farmers in this age group constitute the very energetic youth and are likely to work effectively to increase their output and yields. The result is consistent with Farayola et al. (2013) who found that cashew nut marketers and farmers in Oyo State, Nigeria are in their active and productive age of 41 years. The resul
  6. The Cashew Matching Fund brings together private and public sector partners and farmers to build closer supply chain linkages. As a result, ComCashew's activities are directly implemented by its partners. Since the inception of the Cashew Matching Fund in 2011, a total of 45 Matching Fund projects bee

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The cashew tree (Anacardium occidentale) is a tropical evergreen tree that produces the cashew seed and the cashew apple accessory fruit. The tree can grow as high as 14 m (46 ft), but the dwarf cultivars, growing up to 6 m (20 ft), prove more profitable, with earlier maturity and greater yields Cashew is a hanging diamond as described by Karene district farmers due to its economic viability. However, farmers engaging in cashew cultivation in this part of the country have not been realizing a greater dividend from their labor, until the intervention of COOPI through the European Union funded project Fostering Smallholders Agriculture in Sierra Leone under the theme of. African Cashew Alliance commends Nigerian cashew farmers for quality nuts. On Jul 22, 2021. President of the African Cashew Alliance (ACA), Babatola Faseru, has commended cashew farmers in the country for their efforts in improving the quality of Nigeria's cashew nuts. According to him, the quality of cashew nuts in Nigeria and Africa. Guinea-Bissau's cashew farmers survive tough times. 22 June, 2021 - 10:10 Updated: 5 July, 2021 - 14:54 . Government-set prices for the crop have been slashed by close to a third since last year, after the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the supply chain. Since the start of the year, cashew farmers in Guinea-Bissau had also been grappling with. The Premier challenged the board to identify cashew farmers and the total land on which cashews is farmed, saying the move would ease procurement of agriculture inputs. The board should find reliable cashew markets and make close follow up on the crop development. Don't be surprised to learn from the Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC.

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The implication of this is that cashew farmers in the study area are ageing and almost out of their productive years and this perhaps may be responsible for the average farm size (4ha) put into cultivation by farmers. Contrarily, Osuji et al (2013) submitted that majority of the food crop farmers operated on a small scale bases (cultivating.

Cashew Trail is designed to support 'diversity and inclusion', with a target that 30% of farmers in its directly sourced cashew communities will be female by 2030. Already, the company's executives revealed, women make up 70-80% of the workforce in its production facilities and the group wants 30% of leadership posts to be filled by women. However, the following three seasons saw production falling because the government changed the law so that the Cashew Export Levy, which financed inputs for farmers, was directed 'in' the. A cashew farmer, Samuel Haruna, said he was able to roof his family house with the sales he recorded from the 2015 cashew season. Mr. Haruna, who had been in the cashew business for more than 20.

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Cashew farmers have expressed confidence in the newly established Tree Crops Development Authority (TCDA) and the Cashew Council Ghana (CCG) to properly regulate and organize the sector to address their concerns Cashew Watch Ghana rallies support for cashew farmers. By Richard Kofi Boahen. Listen to article. Cashew Watch Ghana (CWG), a civil society organisation, is pushing for a guaranteed but competitive price for the commodity to the admiration of all the value chain actors

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Cashew apple wine, produced by women's groups like AFEDEM, is a new product that resulted from the cooperative centered around Haiti's important cashew farming. As Peace Winds works with farmers to help expand market opportunities, this valuable wine is currently certified for markets in both Haiti and Côte d'Ivoire Cashew nuts are Guinea-Bissau's greatest export crop however occasions are powerful for farmers, as photojournalist Ricci Shryock studies. Alciony Fernandez is from a household of cashew growers and has carried their newest batch to be weighed and bought at a store half-hour away, within the outskirts of the capital Bissau Cashew farmers in the country are optimistic that the 2020 season that has commenced this month will be favourable to them as they expect better pricing and increased production. The farmers say that expect output to reach about 350,000 metric tons (MT) for 2019/2020 season from 250,000MT recorded in the 2018/2019 season The farmers in the community said bushes overgrow their cashew farms because they don't have the money and energy to continue farming. Chief Yahaya Ibrahim, the traditional ruler of the community who is also a cashew farmer said he has 12 hectares of cashew, but I ignored it farm for the past 10 year

A new civil society organisations network, christened, Cashew Watch Ghana (CWG), has been formed with the primary motive of championing the growth and development of the cashew industry in the. May 21, 2014. Using mobile technology, Peace Corps volunteers help Ghana cashew farmers boost business. WASHINGTON, D.C., May 21, 2014 - Peace Corps volunteer Michael Underwood of Pineville, Ky., is helping cashew farmers in his Ghana community use mobile technology to boost production and improve their business Smallholder cashew producers typically manage small farms with 10 to 20 cashew trees mixed with other crops. During the harvest, which occurs from October to February in Mozambique, the average cashew farmer produces about 100 kilograms of raw nut for sale to nearby processing facilities The National Cashew Association of Nigeria (NCAN), has called for increased funding to cashew farmers to improve the productivity of the crop The average income of cashew farmers over a period of 12 months was N134,517.14 while the poverty line was N 89,678.09. The FGT poverty measure showed that 24.8% of cashew farmers were living.

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We also work with cashew farmers in the off-season providing them knowledge training, need-based farmer loans, and farming inputs. The dedication to farmers and the sector extends beyond the harvest season. Established in 1994, Olam Food Ingredient's global cashew business has grown in Ghana through a strong year-round relationship with. For David Adama, a farmer and pensioner in Ofu local government area of Kogi state, if there is any aspect of agriculture that has positively impacted on him and other farmers in the face of the harsh economic realities faced by workers and pensioners, it is cashew farming. He said the new facelift brought about by the sudden surge in demand for cashew nuts and its apple all over the world has.

A dozen cashew farmers, local buyers or government and trade officials in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal and Gambia told R the COVID-19 crisis had disrupted the market, but the. Olam's digital tech empowers cashew farmers. November 26, 2020. 0. - Olam direct purchasing app adds funds & cuts expenses. An increasing number of Ghanaian smallholder cashew farmers are getting better prices on their harvests, and reducing their operational expenses, thanks to the continued rollout of a smartphone app that gives them.

CIAG is a non-governmental organization established in August 2012 and registered in September 2013 with the Registrar General's Department of Accra, Ghana. The association is an umbrella body of players within the cashew supply chain with the aim of organizing the entire industry in Ghana into major groupings Producers, Processors, Traders, and Service providers. CIAG [ Cashew nut farmers are putting on broad smiles as price for the crop has risen by about 6.5 per cent during the past two weeks of the ongoing marketing season. The price rise could be attributed. Memuna cashew Farmers. 273 likes. Cashew Farm u should do Nuseing planting pruningGrafton pl

Ghanaian cashew farmers leverage technology to receive better prices. An increasing number of Ghanaian smallholder cashew farmers are getting better prices on their harvests, and reducing their operations expenses, thanks to the continued rollout of a smartphone app that gives them direct access to Olam Food Ingredients in Ghana. The app. The Flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama, has announced that cashew farmers will receive special attention and support when the NDC wins the December elections. He explained that the NDC's focus on cashew farmers and cashew production forms part of the Party's planned programme of ensuring value addition to agriculture produce [ It goes without saying that the impact of these border and market closures came at a great cost to the livelihoods of many West African cashew farmers, producers, and traders. Small businesses faced plummeting revenues or were at the brink of bankruptcy The raw cashew procurement firm, FortuneAid Limited (FAL) received and distributed the 2000 high yielding grafted cashew seedlings received on behalf of Cashew Farmers in West Gonja Municipal from. An increasing number of Ghanaian smallholder cashew farmers are getting better prices on their harvests, and minimising their operations expenses, thanks to the continued rollout of a smartphone app that gives them direct access to Olam Food Ingredients in Ghana. The app empowers farmers to get prices directly from the company rather than from traditional [

Srikakulam: Cashew growers of the Uddanam region have sent an SOS to the Andhra Pradesh government seeking a Minimum Support Price (MSP) for their produce as back-to-back lockdowns have left them almost broke. Known for cashews, more than 12,000 farmers are involved in the growing nuts in the Uddanam region Cashew, a major export cash crop that generates between US$378 million and US$981 million annually for Ghana, has been especially hard hit by the spread of COVID-19, causing huge losses for farmers. They've seen prices plummet from US$130 for a 100kg bag of raw cashew nuts to just US$75. We are forced to sell the fruit at a profit-less.

majority (76.2%) of cashew farmers in Ugwolawo District were male, while 23.8% were female. This implies that most of the cashew farmers in the study area were predominantly male. The finding agrees with the studies which indicated that about 84.5%, 93.3%, 78.4% and 91.7%of the respondents respectively were male [14, 16, 17, 21] In the last year, 400 female cashew farmers have received beekeeping training, two hives each and harvesting and processing equipment. They place their hives in the cashew orchards in return for the pollination services of their bees. During the first production year, the initiative has achieved 80% hive colonisation, which will produce around.

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The ideal condition for cashew farming is the temperature in the range of 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. Along with this, the area with precipitation of 1000 to 2000 mm is considered ideal for cashew farming. Cashew cultivation needs at least three to four months to produce cashews Cashew is one such crop that a lot of farmers have taken up. The farmers have been successful in reaping benefit out of cashew farming and it is gradually growing more popular among them. It all started about five years ago when some farmers started to grow cashew with the help of some government schemes

In many major raw cashew origins, 80% of the population depends on agriculture. More than 80% of farmers engaged in agricultural activities are smallholders with less than two hectares of productive land. Many smallholders work at subsistence levels, and women constitute the majority of farmers, producing more than 70% of the food Cashew, adoption, production technologies, farmers, Southeastern Tanzania . 1. Background Information . Cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) is the major cash crop produced by smallholders of Southeastern Tanzania with an average of 7 ha of cashew trees per farmer. In addition cashew fields are intercropped wit Cashew is a major source of income for thousands of small-holder farmers and supports farmers' livelihoods especially during the lean season. Although cashew grows in seven out of the ten regions of Ghana, it is mostly found in the Brong Ahafo and the Northern Regions This was after cashew farmers had rejected prices offered by dealers, which were very much lower than the previous harvest season's prices. Tanzania ranks among the world's top eight cashew nut growers and the 4th in Africa after Nigeria, Côte d'Ivoire and Guinea-Bissau, according to the United Nations' Food and Agriculture. TARUCHINA - Cashew Association of Tanzania. About TARUCHINA. TARUCHINA is the acronym of the names TANDANGONGORO, RUAHA, CHIKONJI and NANDAMBI. TCGA was registered in June, 2019 as company limited by guarantee under Tanzania Companies Act 2002. Its registration certificate number is 139320549.The Association is formed by cashew farmers aiming.

The average worker will produce 175 pounds (80 kg) of cashew nuts per day. That's over 52,000 cashews processed by hand, per person, per day. With so much local and global competition and with slim margins, most cashew production companies can't afford machines, gloves, or other protective equipment for their workers Remote Tribal Cashew Farmers Use the Digital Advantage. Kunjam Manganna Dora is a 67-year-old farmer belonging to a remote tribal village of Vedurlakoda of Addateegala Mandal in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, India which comes under the Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA). His village is far from the district headquarters and. He is the founder of YYTZ Agro-Processing, a cashew processing company that is adding value locally while creating jobs and boosting the income of farmers and the community as a whole. The company. 25-10-2018 | di COOPI Sierra Leone: beekeeping and cashew farmers . Under the operational framework of the European Union Funded Project ProAct 2015, the Italian NGO COOPI | Cooperazione Internazionale launched a training sessions on basic techniques of beekeeping management and honey harvesting to support the integration of honeybees into cashew orchards in the Northern Provinces of Sierra Leone

Identified farmers answered a detailed questionnaire on individual sociodemographic data; farm and plot-level characteristics that cover the management of the cashew farm, marketing of cashew nuts, contract relations with buyers, farmer's perceptions of cashew business and CF, as well as nonincome wealth indicators Africa cashew nut farmers not reaping benefits: UN agency. The three million African farmers who supply most of the world's cashew nuts aren't cashing in on the booming demand due to a lack of processing facilities, a UN body said on Friday. World production and trade in raw cashew nuts have more than doubled since 2000 with African.

The global demand for cashew nuts continues to increase steadily. However, many African countries face difficulties in marketing and adding value to the product. Using recent survey data of 391 cashew farmers in Ghana, this paper contributes to the growing evidence on the significance of contract farming (CF) in improving the welfare of rural. OFI is setting its 2030 targets to scale up positive change in cashew by innovating its approach to sustainability - providing customers with a pathway to drive tangible change in farming communities. This innovation is both practical, like using data to deliver training tailored to individual farmers, and disruptive, like Olam Direct, which.

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Cashew farmers once again became avid of the crop and re-invested resources (money, time and labour) to rehabilitate some of the abandoned farms and also expanded their farms The effects of COVID-19 on cash crop farmers (Cashew nuts) and global economics. What has been the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy as well as the economy of individuals? At the personal level and in responding to the directive of social distancing, we have to battle on whether to stop a family business that brings joy to everyone.

The Nkoranza South District Assembly and Department of Agriculture has commenced the distribution of 150,000 grafted cashew and mango seedlings to farmers in the area Kabile Cashew Farmers' Cooperative Company, Nimdee Hyren Company Limited, Nafana Agro Processing Company Limited, Agroking Limited, Gensap Ventures and Innov. Organic Limited are the beneficiaries' companies of GIZ/ComCashew support to the industry. Conclusion. The absence of a national policy on cashew is the major bane of the industry For many small-scale cashew farmers, learning about proper pruning, organic composting, post-harvest processing and storage, will be the first kind of formal education they've had access to. Through a train-the-trainer model and year-round support, farmers are able to raise their yields, quality and ultimately their income Cashew farmers are cracking tough nuts. Cashew nuts: delicious, healthy and popular. However, the young farmers in Benin earn relatively little from growing them. That is why we support the project initiated by our partner Eclosio. Between 2020 and 2022, for example, 120 young people will receive coaching and guidance

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Addressing a gathering of chiefs and cashew farmers at Brohani in the Tain District of the Bono Region, Mr. Mahama said cashew, a crop widely cultivated in the region, will thrive under his administration. This is the time for cashew farmers Cashew nut is a high-value crop that can fetch a lot of money if a farmer takes good care of it. This is not a cheap crop, Olak said. Omony Denis, a local farmer in Anaka Town Council, Nwoya district, said he received 120 seedlings, which he has planted and expects to start harvesting in two years Cashew farmers are among the poorest in the world, says OFI. Most are smallholders in rural areas across Africa and Asia and cannot always grow enough to feed their families, afford much-needed healthcare or send their children to school Fatuma Swale and Matano Aligonga are small-scale cashew nut farmers in Simba area of Matuga Constituency in Kwale County. Both recall the good old days when cashew nut farming was the main economic and development driver in the region. In 1960s and 1970s production was high, we were financially stable, our co-operative societies were. Farmers across Goa are therefore affected by this trend. We have practically had no winter season, and this has been a serious problem in flowering and fruition of the cashew crop

Cashew farmers are not alone in hoping the crop will yield increasing returns. The growing popularity of African nuts has been luring companies from Brazil, India and beyond. Usibras Ghana, the. Cashew Nut Farmers Face Distress Sale In ErsamaOdishaTV is Odisha's no 1 News Channel. OTV being the first private satellite TV channel in Odisha carries the onus of charting a course that behoves its pioneering efforts.Accordingly its charter objectives are FREE, FAIR and UNBIASED. OTV delivers reliable information across all platforms: TV, Internet and Mobile.Stay tuned for all the breaking.

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Okechukwu Nnodim, Abuja. Cashew farmers in Nigeria are entering into partnership with foreign investors in order to attract the required funding to grow the sector's revenue to N220bn annually The project targets smallholder farmers as the driving force of agricultural production in Sierra Leone. We were proud to see the Solidaridad vehicle with the seedlings in our community. It makes us proud and more committed as farmers. Solidaridad West Africa, through the European Union funding, focuses on cashew, coffee and cocoa The Cashew Farmers Association from Port-Loko held its 1st Assembly of Cashew Farmers at the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Food Security's branch in the Port Loko district. The aim is to gather all stakeholders involved in the cashew value chain in the region in order to debate and highlight the role of cashew farming in Sierra Leone Cashew Farmers Association Declares Price For 2020. Ghanaian tree crop farmers in the production of cashew have declared the 2020 season as well as buying and selling price of the nuts for the season. This was in a statement signed by Mr. Clement Anane, the National Association's General Secretary who doubled as the secretary for the Jaman.

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Having doubled production over the past decade, Africa's two million cashew farmers produce nearly half of the world's supply of raw nuts, according to the African Cashew Alliance. Many, including growers in top African producers Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria and Mozambique, are watching closely Côte d'Ivoire's efforts to become a major. Women in Agriculture: How herders set my cashew farm on fire - Farmer Bolanle Titilola says she lost about N15 million and could not recover it. by Oge Udegbunam. July 14, 2021

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During the cashew nut planting exercise at Simulumbe Research Station in Mongu district yesterday, President Lungu directed the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure that innovative extension service delivery was made accessible to farmers countrywide. He said there was great potential for cashew nut production in Western Province Cashew (Anacardium occidentale) is a tropical crop that grows well in all kinds of soil types. It is known to do well even in poor, semi-arid and transitional geographical zones. It grows well in areas with annual total rainfall of between 900mm and 1,400mm and with distinctive wet and dry seasons. Cashew nut in shell [

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Several farmers in Luweero have welcomed the introduction of Cashew nut growing in their area. Our reporter in the area finds that most are particularly excited about the potential of this perennial cash crop, which they hope will help them reap big, even if its cultivation is demanding Vengurla Cashew Farmers Producer Companylimited is a Maharashtra based Activities Agriculture, Hunting and related Service activities company registered at dated 2021-07-15 on Ministry of Corporate Affairs with allocated Registration no U01100PN2021PTC202671. We have given the company details right below that is publicly available on MCA website.

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He said cashew nuts have become highly sought after both locally and internationally saying that Edo state farmers should capitalize on its easy nature of cultivation to make a good fortune from it ARF1.1-2 Cashew nuts for farmers' income Uganda. Duration: February 2014 - February 2017. This project has been finalized. Project information. Aim: Integration of the cashew nut tree as a perennial cash crop by enhancing smallholder cashew nut production and productivity by introducing, developing and maintaining cashew varieties with desirable traits, adapted to various agro-ecologies and. The cashew nut issue in Tanzania has been characterized with a lot of turmoil ever since the president banned traders from purchasing raw cashew from the farmers, and instead promised the government to handle the compensation procedure

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