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Plug one end of your iPod's charger cable into one of your computer's USB ports, then plug the other end of the cable into your iPod. This will prompt the iPod to appear in the PodTrans window after a moment. If the iPod doesn't appear within 60 seconds, try using a different USB port. One of the best ways to recover music from iPod without iTunes easily and seamlessly is with iMyFone TunesMate. It's a third-party application that gives you a lot more control over iPod/iPhone music. It gives you choice to extract music from iPod to computer/iTunes/external hard drive, etc. Try It Free Try It Fre Put the classic in disk mode. Connect to your computer. Change your folder options in Windows Explorer to display hidden and system files and folders. Delete everything from the iPod's hard drive

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Apart from deleting songs from iPod Classic, you can also delete common playlists off your iPod Classic. Click Playlist in the left-hand sidebar. After choosing the playlists that you decide to delete, click the Delete button. Then click Yes in the next pop-up confirmation window As the ancient music players, Apple doesn't offer iPod the function of deleting music from one device directly. If you want to remove songs off iPod, you need to do it on your computer with iTunes. So you can delete songs from iPod via iTunes are followed: Delete songs from iPod/iPod touch but still keep on computer: Step 1

You can delete single songs, whole albums, or everything by a specific artist. To delete all of the songs from an artist, tap the Edit button, tap the red - next to the artist's name, and then tap the Delete button that appears. If you want to delete an album or an individual song, turn Edit mode off so you can navigate through your music The first way to transfer music from PC to iPod without iTunes is using iPod Music Transfer - a professional iOS data transfer software to sync and manage photos, music, contacts, messages, call logs, videos, notes, calendars, Safari and eBooks between iPhone/iPad/iPod and computer, between iDevices or between iTunes and iDevices or computer Click on that and then click 'OK'. Minimize the 'My Computer' window. 2. Plug your iPod into the computer and open iTunes. 3. Click the iPod icon on the left side of the iTunes window. A.

Way 1: How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer without iTunes with One Click. Compared with moving songs from computer to iPhone/iPod/iPad, it's a little bit complex to work in reverse. Because iPod and other iDevices can only be synced manually, and with just one computer In addition to iPod Music Transfer, MediaMonkey is also a good iTunes alternative to download music on iPod touch/nano without iTunes. It not only has iPod data transfer function, such as copying MP3 songs to iPod, transferring music and videos to other iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android devices and MP3 players, it also has media manager and player. I've used an iPod Classic for a while now and one of the things I don't like is using iTunes to manage the music on it. There are many situations when I'd rather just copy music to and from. Then iTunes will sync the purchased music from iPod to iTunes library. As you probably noticed, this method with iTunes only works on songs that you have purchased with your current iTunes account. What if the songs were purchased from another account, you may have to do some account shuffling to get your songs on iTunes

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Even the iPod Classic can still be found among the users, as Apple sold a ton of iPods in the United States Adding Music to iPod without iTunes. How to Remove Netflix Recently Watched Shows When you connect your iPod to the computer, click the iPod icon, then tick Manually manage music. Next, create a playlist, adding all of the songs that you want to put onto your iPod. Then, under the iPod icon, click Music. Under the Autofill from section, select the playlist that you have created and click Autofill If the drive comes up empty, you can reveal the hidden folders and files on your computer.; Still on the iPod_Control > Music folder, select all the folders in it, and then copy and paste them to your hard drive. This way, the music will be moved from your iPod to your computer. Note: The music files from your iPod have four-letter names, and you can see each of their tags in File Explorer

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Click on the CopyTransManager.exe file to run the program. Connect your iPod to your computer with the iPod cable. Explore your iPod content using the CopyTransManager's browser on the left margin. Select the songs you wish to delete and right click. Select delete From iPod and then select yes when it asks if you are sure Get your iPod. Lock the HOLD switch, then unlock it after a second. Connect the USB cable to the iPod. During the next two steps, disregard what happens on the iPod's screen, just do what we ask you to. Hold down MENU + SELECT (the center button) for 12 seconds (count to 12, just to be sure that your timing is right)

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If the drive comes up empty, you can reveal the hidden folders and files on your computer.; Still on the iPod_Control > Music folder, select all the folders in it, and then copy and paste them to your hard drive. This way, the music will be moved from your iPod to your computer. Note: The music files from your iPod have four-letter names, and you can see each of their tags in File Explorer Three proven ways for you to add music to your iPod without iTunes. (Applies to: iPod Touch, iPod Classic, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle) Although Apple iPod is less popular nowadays than during its peak period, it's still the choice of many users, including you who is reading this guide, to enjoy music due to its high-quality music playback and easy portability Transfer Songs To iPod Classic Without iTunes And Not Loosing Old Playlist. Am holding on to an iPod classic since 2010 or so, have loaded a few albums, songs and pictures onto it by mostly removing old playlist and adding new ones as and when my main devices (laptops) changed. Now what am looking is, at adding more songs to my already long.

Step 2 — Transfer iTunes Media to Device. This secondary screen is where iMusic and dr.fone become really similar. Much like before, the available options for transfer will be displayed on this screen. The option that we'll select to put music on iPod is the Transfer iTunes Media to Device option You will also be able to see all of the music on your iPod. Now you can go through your Library and drag and drop whatever songs you want to your iPod. Or you can highlight the audio you want on your iPod, right-click and Send to iPod. There are a lot of neat customizations you can do with your iPod. Right-click on it and select Configure Device

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Restoring iPod Classic Without iTunes (Solved!!!) My last be all and end all try was to try and reformat the iPod through Windows, by right-clicking the iPod drive and selecting format. NOTE: I saved all my music off the iPod by showing hidden f.. Putting music on your iPod using Windows normally require having to use iTunes, which can be a real pain in the but if you hate using extra software for something that should be as easy and dragging and dropping. But using a cool trick, you can add music to your iPod in the easiest way possible without being bogged down with iTunes Step3. How to add music to iPod classic from PC and iTunes This program lets you not only transfer music to iPod classic without iTunes, but transfer music from iTunes to iPod classic easily. Now, lets' start! Under your iPod classic directory tree, click Music. Then, in the music window, click + Add > Add file or Add folder

Go to your web browser. Step 2: Open Sharepod. Windows 7 or Earlier. Step 3: Create a New Folder on Your Desktop. Go to your desktop. Step 4: Connect Your Ipod, Ipad or Iphone. Step 5: Select Song/Songs You Want to Copy to Your Computer. Step 6: Copy Song/Songs to the Ipod Music Folder Open up your iTunes. Pick a song or playlist that you would want to delete from your iPod. Then from the edit menu, choose clear or press the delete key. If a dialog box appears pres yes. Song or playlist should be deleted from iTunes. If the connection from the iPod to the computer chooses to update the songs on your iPod from file menu or the.

Tip:UkeySoft Apple Music Converter is a desktop software that only works on computer, you can remove DRM from Apple Music on Mac or Windows computer.If you want to offline play Apple Music songs on iPhone/iPad/iPod and Android phones/tables, you can unlock Apple Music song's DRM on computer, and then transfer the converted Apple Music songs to mobile devices for playing without Apple Music app How to get music off an old iPod. 1. Launch iTunes without any devices connected, and in the Devices preferences, turn on 'Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically.

4. Extract music from iTunes backup with iOS data recovery tool. Method 1: Sync music with iTunes from computer to iPod. While your iPod music is saved on iTunes library or computer, please open iTunes to sync music from computer to iPod touch. 1. Connect iPod to computer with USB cable and iTunes opens after successful connection. 2 How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPod Nano/touch/Shuffle/Classic without iTunes. Step 1: Set up Tenorshare iCareFone in your computer, launch it, and connect your iPod to the computer, and Tenorshare iCareFone will detect the device. Then Click Files Manager to enter the file management interface. Step 2: Click Music and you will find. How to Free Download and Put Music on iPod without iTunes. Do you want to find a good way to free download some favorite music to your iPod touch? iPod users are highly interested in downloading music from a free and legal mp3 downloading sites, such as eMusic and more. eMusic really offers a free way to download music. But there is a limitation Without bringing up bulky and tedious iTunes sync, now you can add iPod music and never mind the original songs being erased. A tool that supports all iPods ever made, including latest iPod nano 7.

Solution 1: Transfer iPod Music to PC via iTunes. Step 1 Connect your iPod then run iTunes. Warning! If iTunes loads when you plug in your iPod, and is set to automatically sync your entire library (erasing files from your iPod), you MUST stop it — hit the little X in the upper right hand corner of the window Go to Itunes and connect to the Itunes store and select the songs,movies,videos,albums,and photos that you will like to have on your ipod touch and then insert the usb cable wait for device to connect and then select the item to connect to iphone or ipod touch and click download and your music or whatever you downloaded will be there in seconds. If it is connected successfully, the iPod icon will appear on the top left corner of the main interface of iTunes. Then click the iPod icon to get into a new interface. Step 3. Transfer Music from iTunes to iPod. Click Music from the left column and then choose Sync Music. Altogether there are two ways for you to sync iTunes music Question: Recently I updated my iPod Touch 5th Gen to the latest iOS 9.3.5 and now I am not able to add or delete songs from the iPod via iTunes. Some users suspect that there is something going wrong during the update or restore and making them unable to transfer songs to iPod with iTunes

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  1. If your iPod Home button was broken or you want to completely restore your iPod to its factory settings, you can do it with iTunes. 1. Connect your iPod to computer via USB cable. 2. Open iTunes-> Choose iPod in the source panel->Go to the summary tab of the main iTunes window. 3. And iTunes should be showing you a message and click restore.
  2. Use the USB cable to connect your iPod with your computer. When dr.fone - Transfer (iOS) detects your iPod, it will display your iPod in its main window. Step 2 Transfer MP3 to iPod without iTunes. Click the Music button on the top to open the iPod music management window. From here, click the +Add
  3. Step 3: Add your MP3 to the iTunes library if they are not there. You can also rip CD to iTunes and transfer MP3 to iPod to play anywhere as well. Step 4: Select the iPod in iTunes. Step 5: Click the Music tab, and make sure your playlist is ticked under the Selected playlists
  4. 2. Connect your iPod — Plug your iPod into your computer with USB cable and wait for a little while for device loading.. 3. Choose iPod music files — The top menu column displays all the sections of the device according to file types. Click on Music, all the iPod music will be listed in the main window. Click to select the wanted music
  5. Part 3: Best Alternative to Sync iPod Music to iTunes; Part 1: How to Sync Your iPod to iTunes Library. Whether it is an iPod Touch, Classic, Nano or Shuffle, once you sync the iPod to iTunes, the songs that are not in iTunes Library will be replaced and erased. In order to select the desired music files, go to the iTunes alternative solution.

Step 2: Select iPod songs to be transferred. From the iTransfer's top menu, select Music button and you'll see the tracks on the iPod. All of them are classified by Music, Podcasts, iTunes U, Audiobooks on the left sidebar. Head to Music category on the sidebar to display all songs, as image shown below. Next, select what song you want to back. The good news is that this is easy, and we will present you how to backup iPod to iTunes with this article, as well as how to synchronize your device with iTunes by using iMusic. Finally, in the last section, you will read some very useful tips when working with music in iTunes, and we believe you will consider implying most of them

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  1. In the iTunes app on your PC, click the Device button near the top left of the iTunes window. Click Music in the sidebar on the left, below On My Device. Click the Autofill From pop-up menu at the bottom of the Music pane, then choose which songs you want to sync. To adjust Autofill settings, click Settings. For more details, see Autofill settings
  2. Instantly add tracks and albums from any Mac or Windows computer. Unlike iTunes or the Finder, iMazing allows you to safely connect several devices to different computers. Drag and drop audio files or import songs from your music library to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. No more risky syncs or frustration
  3. The Ultimate YouTube Converter for Music, Videos & Ringtones. Learn More. WALTR 2 Legacy. Push Any Media to Any Apple Device Without iTunes. Learn More. iRingg. 2 in 1: Create a Unique Ringtone and Push Into iPhone in One-Click. Learn More. Folder Colorizer 2
  4. How to Update an iPod Without iTunes. Provided you are using an iPod Touch, you can download and install software updates without connecting it to iTunes. Other iPods such as the Shuffle, Nano and iPod Classic must be connected to a computer running iTunes to download and install software updates. You can also update.
  5. One can also use this tool to recover iTunes music from crashed computer, iPod Mini, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle and many others along with their various generations; Unique features of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac): Robust tool: Supports recovery of files from your hard drives, external hard drives, thumb drives, flash memory sticks and many others
  6. (The ultimate tie-in here is that I still use ratings on my iPod to tell me what to remove from it, a la Chewy above— I made a smart playlist of all songs without a rating so I make sure to.
  7. Here's how to remove album art from an iPod without affecting the music library on your computer: Connect the iPod to iTunes (this won't work with Finder or Music on newer versions of macOS). Select the iPod from the devices menu on the left, and open the music menu to display all tracks stored on the iPod

Part 3. Put Audible Audiobooks on iPod/iPad/iPhone via iTunes. iTunes is a good helper for transferring audiobooks, music, videos, images from computer to your iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, etc. You can put your Audible books to iPods, iPad and iPhone for playback Troubleshoot Your iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle Jul 20, 2021 · Part 1: Add music to iPod classic from PC and iTunes To add music from computer to iPod classic, I'd like to advice you this program - Dr.Fone - Phone Manager (iOS) .It gives you the power to add music from iTunes and PC to your iPod classic, iPod classic 2, iPod. How to Erase Everything on an iPod Without a Computer & iTunes. The iPod Touch enables you to stay up-to-date on the latest business news with its Wi-Fi capabilities, send emails and stores all of your media. If you need to get rid of all stored data on the device quickly, you have two options. First, you can use. Basically, Ipods Don't let you re import the music off of it, they only let you delete it. For example, If you where to put you're favorite songs on your Ipod, but then, accidentally delete them all off of your computer. So you sat there in a bad mood and it hit you, My Ipod still has all my music! I can just re-import in from my ipod

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914. Posted: 06/30/10. Options. Permalink. History. Plug it into your computer and start iTunes. When you select the iPod from the list of libraries on the left, there should be a button to restore to factory settings. That will wipe everything from the iPod Step 1: Close iTunes (if open), plug in your iPod or iPhone and then run Sharepod. GetSharePod.com Step 2: Select all of the tracks you want to copy from the list in the program's main window Legally remove DRM from Apple Music, as well as iTunes purchased music and Audiobook. Batch convert Apple Music M4P songs to MP3, M4A, M4R, AC3, AU, AAC, FLAC, AIFF or MKA. Keep Apple music songs forever without a subscription. Free download Apple Music songs, playlist without a Free account. Burn Apple Music audios to CD Part 3. Remove Apple Music DRM by recording and saving as MP3. Screen Recorder not only is a screen capturing tool, but also is an audio recording software, which can help you record any online streaming music, radio, audio call and more from system audio. You can turn on your iTunes along with your recorder, then using this audio recording function to record Apple Music songs instead of. 2012-08-21 17:55:17. Plug the iPod into your computer, open up iTunes (or download/install it if you don't already have it), click the iPod at the left and click Restore. This will completely delete everything on the device and restore it to factory settings. Then just sign in with your own Apple account and download the apps you want

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Connect the iPod classic to your Mac, then select the device in iTunes. In the Options section of the Summary screen, check Manually manage music and videos. Click Apply at the bottom of the. Select the iPhone / iPad / iPod touch from that Devices list in iTunes and choose the Music library listed under the device name - this is important, do NOT choose the Music tab. Option 1: Remove only the unwanted songs from this autofill sync list by selecting them and deleting them manually

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This solution works on both iPod Nano and iPod Classic but not for iPod Touch. Steps to Remove iPod's Password: Step 1: When you connect your iPod to any computer the disk should appear in My Computer(windows) or Finder(Mac). Proceed to next step if it does. Else launch iTunes and Select Enable Disk Use & Manually Manage Music and select Sync Follow these steps if the message Cannot delete iPodService.exe: It is being used by another person or program appears when you try to delete the iPod folder. Make sure that iTunes and the iPod Updater utility aren't open. Press and hold the Control, Alt, and Delete keys on your keyboard. Select Start Task Manager. Click the Processes tab 4 Answers4. Active Oldest Votes. 3. These files are not, in fact, encrypted. The id3 tags are still intact. If you re-add the files to iTunes, the proper names and artists should show up, assuming they were tagged correctly in the first place. If you have copy files to iTunes media folder when adding to library and Keep iTunes Media Folder.

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Apple's iTunes software makes it dead-simple to copy music onto your iPod, but when it comes to moving files in the opposite direction--from the iPod to your computer--there's no obvious solution Connect your iPhone. When the device is found, click the 'Music' header from under 'On my Device' in the menu bar on the left. Select the tracks you wish to delete from your iPhone. Hit the 'Delete' key on your keyboard, or right-click on one of your selected tracks, and click 'Delete from Library'. Confirm the deletion Download. Part 3. Step-by-step Guide to Play Apple Music without iTunes on Mac & PC. Now, you can download and install right version of this smart Apple Music Converter for free on your computer and use this software to remove DRM protection from Apple Music. After you test its performance and think this Apple Music DRM removal software can. 3 - Any version of MB. Instructions. iTunes and the Classic. 1 - Uninstall your current iTunes and reinstall version 9.2.1. 2 - DO NOT allow iTunes to update or share anything. Uncheck everything in Edit > Preferences > Sharing, and Store. 3 - Connect your device