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Did You Check eBay? Fill Your Cart With Color Today Compare Prices & Read Reviews. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders Damson plum trees are one of the most popular old plum varieties in America. Yet they have become hard to find in local groceries, so more folks are deciding to grow their own trees from Willis Orchard's true to name stock. They are round to oblong in shape and have smooth, shiny, deep purple to black skin The Damson plum tree has many traits that make it a fine choice for the homeowner, including a low and compact crown, tolerance to different soils, cold hardiness, resistance to diseases, and the ability to thrive with little or no care. Not to mention the fact that the tart, juicy plums are excellent for home canning.. The Blue Damson Plum Tree produces large clusters of blue-purple plum fruit. [Stanley Plum trees and Blue Damson Plum trees are self pollinating, however, most other plum trees should be planted with a pollinator for cross pollination. The Sand Plum tree is an excellent pollinator for most varieties.] Delivery Time: Deciduous Fruit Trees are.

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  1. The clingstone fruits ripen from late August to early September. While a self-pollinating variety, the Blue Damson Plum Trees will produce higher yields if more than one tree is planted. Requires 600 chill hours. Zones 5-7. Gurney's Deluxe fruit trees include 2 oz. Quick-Cal Pelletized Calcium, 12 oz. bag of Fruit Tree Food Starter Formula and.
  2. This Damson Plum tree bears consistently heavy crops of heirloom plums - best for homemade jams and jellies. Try it and never settle for other plum preserves! Help 800.325.4180 Live Chat Why Shop with On Sale Petite Knock Out® Rose (1) $12.99. Tools & Supplies
  3. Blue Damson Plum Tree. The Blue Damson Plum Tree is a great plum for fresh eating but is more tart than sweet making it great for jams, jelly, or pruning. Latin Name: Prunus x domestica. Site and Soil: Plums like 1/2 day to full sun and well-drained soil. RootstockDescription: A semi-dwarf rootstock for Plums and other stone fruits, Marianna.
  4. Shropshire Damson Plum Tree. A unique and delightful European variety, the Shropshire Damson Plum Tree is prized for its abundant crops of richly flavorful, attractive, juicy, blue-black fruit. Shropshire Damson fruit is great for fresh eating, preserves and canning. If you only have room from one Plum tree this variety is a great choice
  5. A commercially common fruit tree with showy fragrant white flowers in spring and tasty purple-blue prune-plums in late summer; an upright spreading tree, quite compact and ornamental; needs full sun, well-drained soil and a pollinator. Edible Qualities. Damson Plum is a small tree that is typically grown for its edible qualities

Allred Cherry Plum Tree $ 34.95; AU Producer Plum Tree $ 34.95; AU Rosa Plum Tree $ 34.95; AU Rubrum Plum Tree $ 34.95; Blue Damson Plum Tree $ 34.95; Bruce Plum Tree $ 34.95; Emerald Beaut Plum Tree $ 34.95; Italian Prune Plum Tree $ 34.95; KV Purple Leaf Flowering Plum Tree $ 39.95; Methley Plum Tree $ 34.95; Morris Plum Tree $ 34.95; Ozark. St Julien A Rootstock is suitable for plum, gage, damson, apricot, peach or nectarine trees. It is semi-vigorous and tolerant of heavy soils with no stake needed. Early fruiting in 3 to 4 years. Ideal for fan-training. Approximate height when trained as bush 16ft (4.9m) but this can vary considerably depending on soils and the variety being. Your Damson Plum (Prunus 'Blue Damson') is one of the most popular older varieties in America today! A hardy, fruit-bearing tree with delicious plums and a wide range of adaptability! Its tried and true hardiness has proven itself for hundreds of years! White blooms sprinkle amid its branches in spring, a gentle welcome to the new season. It's. Blue Damson Plum. $39.95. Default Title. Add to cart for winter/spring 2022. This middle eastern plum is considered the ancestor of the plums we consume today. Blue Damson plum trees are small, blue-black tart plums prized for jams, jellies and chutney for many years. The Blue Damson plum, when cooked, develops a tartness and spiciness perfect. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Pixies Gardens (5 Gallon Blue Damson Plum Tree Very Old Variety Hardy Vigorous and Dependable. Blue Ribbon Winner Small Round Blue-Black Plums. Grafted. $83.99. $83. . 99. Save 15% at checkout

European plum trees are usually trained with a central leader since they do not branch as freely as the Japanese trees and will thus need less overall pruning. Two popular old European varieties (which we invariably sell out of early in the season) are Blue Damson and Bavay's Green Gage. Blue Damson is most widely used for jams and jellies Damson plum $ 32.00 inc. GST These plums are once again having a resurgance of popularity amongst gourmets, who prize them for their high quality when cooked, the Damson plum makes fine sauces and jams, and great meat accompaniments, a small sized plum, hardy trees bear late ripening fruits, has some self fertility, so sets a fair crop on its own

Loquat Tree Sweet Yellow Plum Live Starter Plant Plug 4-7 Inches Tall Easy-to-Grow Grown from Seeds 7-12 Months Old Ready to Plant Indoor/Outdoor 4.4 out of 5 stars 82 $11.99 $ 11 . 9 Plum trees are relatively small, growing 15-20 feet tall and with a few exceptions, need pairs to pollinate one another. Willis Orchard Company offers a selection of some of the finest plum trees for sale for your home orchard. Buy Plum Trees online at Willis Orchards Ty Ty Nursery offers a big selection of plum trees, every color and size. Our low prices make planting a back yard plum orchard a reality today. Plum Trees are hardy and can be planted throughout the USA. Call our orchard pros at 888-758-2252 Blue Damson Plum Tree, European Type (Semi-dwarf) The vast majority of our trees will ship with a 5/8 trunk diameter, however size may vary slightly based on availability during the season. If they vary, most are larger (3/4 or 1), and rarely some are smaller (1/2). Trees Begin Shipping in Late December Dwarf Damson Trees. Our range of Damson Trees for sale has been specifically selected to provide great results. Damson Trees must be one of the most delectable of damson fruit trees to grow yet they are seldom, if ever seen to buy in the shops.Damson Trees are closely related to Plums yet they are sturdier and generally hardier and tend to thrive in the North

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Wild Plum Trees 2 Pack 18-24 inches, Wild Plum plant, Flower plant, White plant, houseplant, summer plant, rare Plum, spring live plant There are 184 damson plum for sale on Etsy, and they cost $16.51 on average. The most common damson plum material is soy. The most popular color? You guessed it:. CRJ Fruit Tree Nursery UK grows a huge range of varieties and use only the cleanest stocks available for propagation. Buy Plum Trees Cordons online is after all a sound financial investment that will reward for many years to come so it makes sense not only to select from a specialist nursery in fruit trees, but also to have the pleasure of choosing from the widest range possible 10 Damson Blue Plum Fruit Tree Unrooted Organic Cuttings for Propagation Prunus CrazyArtByMonica 3.5 out of 5 stars (13) $ 17.00 FREE sale Vintage Damson Plum Tray / Jewelry Tray / Decorative Tray FarmsteadVintage 5 out of 5 stars (435) $ 8.40.

A highly productive variety of small tart oval fruit with blue skin and yellow flesh. Best eaten when fully ripe or used for bottling. A compact grower that is best in colder areas. European variety. Expect fruit once tree is 3-4 years old. Self fertile. Damson is a self fertile variety. Golden Queen - Used for small amount of plum varieties How to choose Damson trees. Damsons are primarily grown for use in the kitchen - if you can find the space it is definitely worth having at least one damson tree in your fruit tree collection. Damsons have a distinctive rich flavour, similar but quite different to plums. They are superb for making jams, jellies, crumbles, and pies Loquat tree live seedling 8- 12 edible yellow fruit Evergreen Japanese Plum. $10.00. $5.65 shipping. or Best Offer. 6 watching. Citrus Yuzu Tree Reticulata VAR. Live Trees Plant Austera 3 Starter Small Plants. $55.95. Free shipping

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  1. Our damson trees are ideal for those looking for top of the range trees which will produce good crops of fruit for years to come. We have damson trees available for sale which produce both small and large fruits, which are generally ready for picking between September and October. Choose from dwarfing trees on Poxy stock, column trees - ideal for saving space in the garden - half standards and.
  2. Low Cost Bare Root Damson Trees in Stock. Next Day Delivery in Ireland. Shop Online for Damson Trees. Wide Range of Fruit Trees Available to Bu
  3. Plum trees aren't too choosy about soil, but the tree will perform best in deep, loamy, well-drained soil. A pH level slightly on either side of neutral is fine for this adaptable tree.. Once established, Damson plum trees require little care. Water the tree deeply once every week during the first growing season
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  5. An ancient plum used for baking, preserves, and slivovitz. Damson trees are high vigor, productive, black-knot resistant, and adaptible to a broad range of soils and climates. They are self-fertile and do not require a pollenizer. The fruit ripens midseason, about ten days before Stanley
  6. Common Name. Blue Damson Plum. Botanical Name. Prunus domestica 'Blue Damson'. Cold Hardiness. Zone 5 (-10 to -20 degrees F) Growth Rate. Medium

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There's nothing like eating a fresh plum right off the tree! Check out our wide selection of plum trees including Japanese plums, European plums, Pluot hybrids and Flowering and Ume tree types. Plant a plum tree in your yard so you can grow your own fresh, delicious plums. Scionwood for grafting is also available for many of the varieties listed The Stanley Dwarf Plum tree produces large, deep purplish blue freestone plum, which is extra sweet and juicy! Excellent producer, retain shape and color when canned. The fruit from the Stanley Dwarf Plum tree ripens early in September. Self-fruitful but for larger crops plant a Blue Damson along with this Stanley. 1-3' when shipped Damson Fruit Trees for sale. Damsons grow on most soils except pure peat and heavy clay. They are very tolerant of altitude, soil type, acidity and alkalinity. Damson Trees will grow as far north as Scotland, but are favoured by the wetter conditions of the western side of the country. Although they like a damp climate, blossom time needs to be.

Plum, Gages & Damson Guide. Pixy Rootstock Dwarfing bush type tree; easily maintained to 8' in height. Also suitable for 18 patio pots. Heavy cropping early in life, the best general purpose rootstock. Plant 8' apart. St Julian Rootstock Vigorous orchard sized tree of 12-14'. Plant 14' apart. Supercolumn A simple, elegant columnar type tree Damson Plum. Prunus institia. A small, vigorous, rugged, erect growing plum tree. White flowers are borne in umbrel-like clusters of 2-3 on short spurs, and solitary or 2-3 in axils on one year old wood. The later spring bloom time of the flowers makes them less frost prone. The foliage is dark green Damson Tree 'Farleigh' Excellent flavoured heavy cropping culinary variety that is both hardy and reliable. Self fertile. 5803 £22.50 : Damson Tree 'Merryweather' Produces large juicy fruits for dessert/culinary use. Self fertile. 588 £22.50 : Damson Tree 'Prune Damson' (Shropshire Damson) Excellent flavoured small blue/black fruits. Self. Merryweather damson trees for sale The canopy is also less twiggy and more plum-like than other damsons, making it less suitable for use in fruiting hedges. Merryweather is more precocious than other damsons, and you may get a crop from trees which are 2-4 years old

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Self-fruitful but for larger crops plant a Blue Damson along with this Stanley. The Stanley Dwarf Plum tree produces large, deep purplish blue freestone plum, which is extra sweet and juicy! Excellent producer, retain shape and color when canned Italian Plum (7) $59.99 Out of Stock Damson Plum (22) Starting at $49.99 Tools & Supplies Having the proper tools and supplies when growing your own can make the difference between a good harvest and a great harvest 3 of the Best Plum Varieties from One Amazing Tree Limited Space? Grow 3 Types of Plums on 1 Tree When it comes to beautiful plum trees and the mouth-watering fruit they bear, there are several great varieties from which to choose from. If you only have space for just one, well, the decision is a tough one. You'll get three different varieties from five of our most popular plums, a surprise.

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  1. Our plum trees are grafted onto St. Julien 'A' rootstock, which will produce a tree with medium vigour. Bush plum trees will grow 3.6-4.6m (12-15ft) in height and spread. Choose a sunny, sheltered spot. Plum trees are 1.2-1.5m (4-5ft) high on despatch. Pot grown trees are available from April to late August
  2. Adams Apples grows selection of over 150 varieties of apple & fruit trees for sale at competitive prices, with wholesale discounts. We specialise in growing Apple Trees, but also offer a wide range of other fruit trees
  3. imum, local delivery only. We grow Castleton, NY6, NY9, and Stanley

Plum Trees. Showing 1 - 20 of 22 items. Santa Rosa Plum Tree. Starting at $119.95. 55 reviews. Growing Zones: 5-9. Methley Plum Tree. Starting at $99.95. 72 reviews An excellent plum for jam, jelly and preserves! The Damson Blue Dwarf Plum grows only 6-8' tall and produces a heavy crop. Dark purple clusters ripen in late September. Self-fruitful. But for larger crops plant one of another variety. Use the Stanley. 1-3' when shipped Damson Trees for Sale. The Best Damson Tree Varieties. Damsons are a plum tree sub-species that is astringent where their larger cousins are sweet. Some damsons, such as Merryweather, can be eaten straight off the tree, and they all get sweeter as they ripen, but the classic use for damsons is in the kitchen: they make the best jam.. 7 Red Haven Peach Tree Cutting for Rooting and Grafting. $13.99. + shipping. Seller 100% positive. 30 Cuttings Muskogee Crape Myrtle - Lavender (Rooting or Grafting) $14.25. + $6.50 shipping. Seller 98.5% positive. Add to cart to save with this special offer

Jefferson plum trees provide richly sweet dessert plums. No need for ice cream when you have this sweet treat growing in your back yard! Raised from a seed by Judge Buel of Albany, New York in 1825. The Jefferson plums are large, golden yellow fruit with a beautiful pinkish-red cheek and a thin, white bloom. Jefferso Buy delicious plum trees at Nature Hills Nursery, America's largest online nursery. Shop now for Chickasaw, Damson, Santa Rosa and more for your yard. Nature Hills is a complete garden center offering trees, shrubs, perennials, rose bushes, other plants, flower bulbs, and seeds Plum trees are dispatched between late November and early April when dormant. Maybe called a damson because of the small fruit size - no more than 25mm/1″ across. Elliptical in shape, the dark purple skin has sweet greenish yellow flesh beneath. Stone partially clings when ripe from late August / early September Our Damson Fruit Trees are grafted onto a St Julien A Plum rootstock and will produce a tree of around 4 metres in height when fully grown making them suitable for most gardens. When planting your Damson Fruit Tree we always recommend adding rootgrow to give them a good start, its also worth keeping the area immediatly around the base of the.

Fan trained Plum Trees - Trees grow to an eventual height of around 2 m (7 ft). Although the shortest of all the forms, they will grow to a width of around 3 m and are really only a practical proposition when grown against a wall (not north-facing). If you have that sort of wall space available, this is the form for you Damson, also called the Damask plum, is a particular variety of plum ideal for those prefer a less sweet jam. It is sharp & fruity, with an oval shape, a smooth-textured yellow-green flesh, and skin from dark blue to indigo. All damson fruit is grown in the Tiptree orchards and picked at the peak of its ripeness.Made in Small Batches

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  1. The unique qualities of the apples we grow has stimulated our interest in discovering other superior tree fruit that is not readily available in commercial venues. When we discovered the exceptional flavor of the true, old-fashioned Green Gage plum, our interest in heirloom plums was piqued
  2. Plum sauces match particularly well with pork or poultry. Dried, salted, or pickled plums make a tasty snack. Many cultures ferment the fruit into plum wine or a kind of cider, such as plum jerkum in England. Various cultivars of plums from a 1909 Brown Brothers Nurseries Catalog (from top, left to right): Imperial Gage, Damson, Lombard
  3. Plum trees are easy to grow - usually easier than apples and pears - and require very little training or pruning. The only horticultural challenge is that plums flower quite early in spring, so locations that are prone to frosts are best avoided (or choose a late-flowering or frost-resistant variety)
  4. Producing larger fruit than is usual, our Damson Merryweather variety is an incredibly popular choice and it's easy to see why. A vigorous spreading tree, it produces a heavy crop of delicious large dark purple-blue fruit that can be harvested from late August that is ideal for culinary dishes and desserts or eaten fresh from the tree
  5. Plum trees in this list are among the sweetest plums in our catalogue, originating in Europe, and include the famous Green Gage plum, and also the many different types of Prune plum trees Sale! Splendour prune plum $ 32.00 $ 22.00 inc. GST. Damson plum $ 32.00 inc. GST. These plums are once again having a resurgance of popularity.

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  1. Available in Dwarf only. Please call us @ 1-888-803-8733 to check availability and place your order. All Plum Trees are Priced @ $32 Each for Regular 3-4' and $45 Each for XL 6-7'. All plum trees will be available for delivery as bare rootstock. Shipping begins mid-April once the frost is out of the ground
  2. This might suggest they need a Mediterranean climate, but in fact damson trees grow very easily in cold climates or situations where other plum tree species might not flourish. In the UK the centre of commercial damson production is the Lyth valley in Cumbria, north-west England, notable for its wet climate
  3. Buy top quality damson, cherry plum and bullace trees direct from a leading UK specialist producer. We offer the largest range for sale anywhere. New 2021 Stock available Order now for winter delivery. Keepers Nursery The UK's largest range of Fruit Trees. Tel. 01622 326465

The most popular plum trees are red plums such as Satsuma, a red plum with red flesh. However plum tree varieties such as Santa Rosa, Mariposa, and Satsuma are all well known Japanese types. Angelina, Damson and Green Gage are some of the best know European varieties Pre-Order now for Despatch from Mid August 2021. In Stock. 5ft 'Victoria' Plum Tree | VVA-1 Semi Dwarfing Rootstock | 12L Pot | By Frank P Matthews™ [TR010212L] 5ft 'Victoria' Plum Tree | VVA-1 Semi Dwarfing Rootstock | 12L Pot | By Frank P Matthews™. New. £99.99 Damson Plum Tree Care. Damson plums (Prunus domestica) produce a small tart fruit suitable for cooking and preserving. Varieties of Damson plums include Shropshire, Merryweather, Blue Violet and. Hauszwetsche German Prune plum trees for sale. History. Hauszwetsch is the name for a population of small damson-like plums which are found throughout central Europe. They are known in the UK under various names, including German Prune or Sweet Prune or Quetsche Plum

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Damson. These are having a renaissance at present because of their qualities as a cooked fruit for jams, sauces and preserves. They are actually tiny plums about the size of a large grape. When cooked, they develop a deep rich flavour unequalled in the plum family. A small tough tree with some spikes, but not much cherry slug damage Description. A medium sized Damson plum with good resistance to silver leaf disease. Damson 'Merryweather' produces heavy crops of large, yellow fleshed fruits for picking in late August. The blue skinned plums have a juicy, acidic flavour which is ideal for making delicious flavoured preserves. Grafted onto a semi-dwarfing rootstock, to. A wide selection of Victoria Plum trees offered for sale at Raintree Nursery. This Plum comes in such a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and flavors 2343 Gerber Road, Wellesley ON N0B 2T0. 519-804-6060. sales@silvercreeknursery.c

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Waimea Nurseries produce a large variety of Dwarf fruit trees that will suit your gardening needs. See the varieties, make your decision and buy at a stockist near you Prunus Czar Plum Fruit Tree 5-6ft Supplied in a 7.5 Litre Pot. £59.99. £9.99 postage. 3 Live Corkscrew Willow Tree Cutting. These are very easy to grow 24 Length. £19.64 Whilst Gage, Damson and Plum trees are closely related and all bear the same basic type of stone fruit, the fruits do have characteristics that differ between them. Plums are the largest fruit of the three, are usually soft-fleshed and vary in sweetness, Sweet plums, such as Opal, are used for eating fresh and the more tart varieties, such as.

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Blue Damson - The Blue Damson is an old variety, renowned for its superb preserves and baking characteristics. It is a small blue plum with a yellow flesh. The Damson is in high demand throughout farmer's markets from individuals longing for the most mouthwatering jams and most intriguing plum bounces Oct 19, 2015 - Explore Angela Baker's board Damsons, Plums, followed by 372 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about plum, plum tree, fruit trees The Burbank Plum Tree is an heirloom variety you must taste for its classic juiciness, firm flesh, rich sweetness and the perfect tangy balance. Within 2 to 4 seasons you will be harvesting big crops from mid-July into August, and this variety ripens over weeks, not all at once The Morris Plum Tree is a small deciduous tree, relatively compact, growing no more than 15 feet tall and wide, and achieving that size within a decade. It will bear fruit within 2 years, and be well-grown, with a heavy crop, within 5. When mature you can expect yields of 100 pounds of fruit from a single tree

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We guarantee our bare root trees will leaf out by May 15th! Most of our bare root trees are semi-dwarf for an easy harvest! We have over 150 varieties of bare root trees to choose from! We have over 25,000 bare root trees in stock! Our Bare Root Plum Trees. Use fresh, canned, or dried into prunes Kea plum and gage trees for sale. Item Price Quantity; VVA-1 rootstock 1 year Maiden (Dwarfing) £22.50. Orders placed now will be delivered in the winter planting season. Have a look at these similar varieties. Purple Pershore; History and description of Kea Arose probabably from a chance seedling from Kea near Truro, Cornwall, UK.. DAME AUBERT BLANCHE (Egg Plum) Very popular fruit, chiefly on account of its large and splendid appearance, and a slight acidity, which renders it admirably fitted to making showy sweetmeats or preserves. Medium. [Goodmans1914]. DAMSON; COLES PROLIFIC Very good quality; the tree is a great bearer. Late Blue Damson Plum Tree, Very Old Variety, Rugged, Vigorous and Dependable. Small, Round, Blue-Black Plums For Jams and Jellies. $79.99 $103.99. BLUE DAMSON PLUM tree, Very old variety, rugged, vigorous and dependable. Small, round, blue-black plums for jams and jellies. Plums are hardy to minus 30 °F FULL SUN- zones 5-9,... View full product. The juicy, acidic nature of this Damson makes it perfect for cooking, sauces and preserves Fruits can also be eaten fresh when ripe and carry a tangy, mildly sweet flavour The fruits are unusually large and plump, really quite a spectacle on the tree Late harvest - September Good disease resistance Max size H4m x W4m

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Ken Muir's plum, gage and damson trees are grafted on St Julien 'A' rootstock making them most suitable for bush trees, pyramids and fans. Bush trees on St. Julien 'A' grow to 12-15ft in height and should be spaced 12-15ft apart. If you have a small garden, certain varieties are available as Minarette fruit trees, which are ideal as. European Plum Trees We offer over 40 of the best European plums. They come from all over Europe, from cultures that have been valuing their unique flavors, textures and uses for centuries. Pollination of European plums can be somewhat confusing, so here are a few simple hints. Mirabelle plums pollinize other Mirabelle plums These trees bear a sweet, purple-red fruit that tastes wonderful fresh and is also delicious in preserves and jams. The best part? You don't need a large farm to grow Methley Plum Trees. The Methley is a compact tree with an easy-to-harvest height of 10 to 20 feet, making it ideal for tight spaces and petite properties Plum, Gage, Mirabelle, Damson and Bullace Cultivars Trees are supplied on Brompton (vigorous), St Julien 'A' (semi vigorous) or pixy (dwarfing) rootstock. Trees grown on Brompton and St Julien A are suitable for large gardens and orchards, while t rees on pixy are more suited to smaller gardens Although a damson, Merryweather is in some ways more like a small plum. The fruit can be eaten fresh if left to hang on the tree, but damsons really come into their own for culinary use, where they can subsitute for plums yet have a distinctive rich flavor

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The damson leaves are already turning and the grass has spatters of bright yellow leaf. They have an astonishing few days of yellowness on the tree as though it was a deliberate display rather. 5ft 'Sweet Prune' Damson Tree | VVA-1 Semi Dwarfing Rootstock | 12L Pot | By Frank P Matthews™. £63.99. Available to order from August 2021. 5ft 'Shropshire Prune' Damson Tree | VVA-1 Semi Dwarfing Rootstock | 12L Pot | By Frank P Matthews™ [TR010612L] 5ft 'Shropshire Prune' Damson Tree | VVA-1 Semi Dwarfing Rootstock | 12L Pot | By Frank.

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Plum trees provide food and cover for butterfly larva, birds and mammals. History/Lore The damson plum has the distinction of existing virtually unaltered for thousands of years. Its seeds have been found in prehistoric dwellings. It appears in ancient Mesopotamian records and is the plum of the ancient Greek poets Waneta Hybrid Plum. Midsummer. (Prunus salicina Apple x Prunus americana Terry) NE Hansen intro, SD Exp Stn, 1913. Released when hybrid plums were an important and commercially viable crop. Named after a Yanktonai youth who won fame in the War of 1812 and later became a great chief. Large, somewhat pointed, 1½-2 reddish-maroon clingstone fruit A Reachables tree produces full-sized fruits, but on a smaller tree. That makes it easier to fit into your garden, orchard—or even a container. Thanks to state-of-the-art rootstock technology, these trees stay manageable allowing one person to prune, spray, net and harvest the tree—all while standing on the ground Damson trees. Damson is a sub-species of the plum tree found across Europe with most forms native to the UK. Whilst damsons get sweeter as they ripen and some varieties such as Damson Merryweather are sweet enough to be eaten straight off the tree, they are generally sourer than plums and more commonly considered for culinary use The disease is caused by the fungus Taphrina pruni and affects plum and damson trees. LIFE CYCLE OF PLUM POCKET The spores of the fungi are spread through air and water from nearby affected trees. It is more commonly found on wild plum and damson trees so if you have any nearby take a careful look at them for signs of infection

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Hi all, I need your input: I have an Italian plum tree and am looking for a second tree in the European family. I am a big fan of tart jams and love eating fresh firm plums with a complex tart flavor. NOT looking for a good drying plum. How does Damsons compare with Italian plums and others (Mont-R.. For Sale: Single Family home, $349,500, 5 Bd, 3 Ba, 2,712 Sqft, $129/Sqft, at 11106 Damson Plum Ln, Charlotte, NC 2821 Availability. Item #28989. 2545 Rural Ridge LaneNorth Garden, VAÂ 22959Tasting Room Hours and InformationMap & Directions, P.O. Tree in the mail, who knew. An entire section of our website dedicated to your growing success. Self-fruitful but for larger crops plant a Blue Damson along with this Stanley. and 33 answers. Downing, Fruit & Fruit Trees of America *Please note: the fruit. Damson - Farleigh. £39.60 - £42.00. Tree Forms. Choose an option St JA St Julien A Half Standard VVA-1. Choose an option. Litres. Choose an option 12 Litres. Choose an option Clear selection. Add to cart Damson - Shropshire Prune. £39.60 - £66.00. Tree Forms. Choose an option Fan Trained St JA St Julien A Half Standard VVA-1. Choose an option. Litres. Choose an option 12 Litres. Choose an option Clear selection. Add to cart