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  1. Doc Harley from the Service Clinic at Low Country Harley-Davidson to help you with the health of your motorcycle! This week he shares information on the 2020..
  2. 4,799 Posts. #3 · Feb 28, 2020 (Edited) yea schmidty is right. i just bought a 17 limited m8 with 16,000mi. it isn't sumping or transferring yet but i;m putting a 2020 pump on, s&s lifters and a primary chaincase vent before a get started ridding it this season. those made in mexico lifters just aint good enough for operating two valves at a.
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  4. Joined Nov 12, 2012. ·. 2,674 Posts. #2 · Oct 25, 2019. Skip Vargas said: Just a heads up, Technical tip bullentin TT466: update oil pump for Milwaukee eight engines. Purpose to notify dealers that a new oil pump was put into production on some late 2019 and all 2020 Milwaukee eight engines, all models... Not to start any drama, but i hope.

The minute your Harley-Davidson oil pump stops working is when you'll need a new engine. That's why your next Harley oil pump replacement should come from J&P. All our Harley-Davidson oil pumps are precision made by manufacturers you can trust; like S&S, JIMS, V-Twin Manufacturing, Feuling, Twin Power, and more Clearly Harley is aware of the oil sumping issue, which is why they re-designed the oil pump for the 2020 models and factory install it. The dealerships will not say much about oil sumping in general and will just recommend you upgrade to the new 2020 oil pump for better oil control and better oiling performance Dennis Kirk has been the leader in the powersports industry since 1969, so you can rest assured that we have your back when it comes to bringing you the best Oil Pump for your Harley-Davidson. All orders over $89 receive Free shipping. Plus we have a no-hassle return policy, so you can shop with complete confidence at Dennis Kirk Pumphousing-oil (includesindexno. 2,5,6,7) 1 OilPump Assembly 62400247-Oil 62400248-Water 62400242 Pumphousing-water (includesindexno. 2,5,6,7) 1 2 Gerotor 62400233 3 Seal 62400205 62400245 Cover (includesindexno.3) 4 5 Rollpin 601 6 Reliefvalve 26400-82B 7 Spring 26210-99 8 Gerotor,feed-oil 62400126 8 Gerotor,feed-water 62400055 3/

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Before we get to the M8 oil pump and S&S cam, there are two crucial things that need to be addressed. First, it is vitally important to measure the crankshaft run-out. A dial indicator is needed to take this measurement. For 2007 and later Harley Davidsons, the run-out should not exceed .012″. Twelve thousandths is actually a lot, considering. S&S 3 Stage Oil Pump / Cam Plate Kit (water-cooled or oil-cooled) The 3 Stage Oil Pump virtually eliminates the dreaded M8 sumping issue, ensuring your motor runs cooler while extending the life of your motor. The Cam Plate provides better oil flow to critical portions of the motor. S&S Quickee Adjustable Push Rods (chrome or black A great upgrade for any performance motor. The Billet Cam Support Plate is manufactured from billet aluminum with pressed-in bronze bushings, and is pre-assembled with the crankshaft bushing and oil pressure relief valve. Fits '06-'17 Dyna ® and '07-'17 Softail ®, and '07-'16 Touring and Trike models. Installation requires separate purchase. Install oil pump. 4. Install camshaft into engine. 5. Assemble cam plate and camshaft drive. 6. Verify camshaft to crankshaft timing marks are properly aligned. 7. Install lifters (provided in kit), anti-rotation device, lifter cover gaskets (provided in kit) and lifter covers. 8. Install pistons and cylinders provided in kit Description. Fits 17-later OIL COOLED Milwaukee-8 engines. The S&S M8 oil pump and billet cam plate for Harley Davidson Milwaukee-8 engines features dual scavenge pump technology in a brand new design for the M8 engine. Independent scavenge sections for flywheel cavity as well as cam chest combine to create a superior tool for distributing oil.

Upgrade your stock oil pump with the Drag Specialties High Performance Oil Pump. Gain of 20% oil pressure, 125% pressure volume and 135% scavenge volume over OEM stock TC88 oil pumps. More volume reduces engine and oil temperatures. Fits: 2017-2020.. Precision Harley Davidson performance parts. Get the most out of your Harley Davidson motorcycle with high performance machined parts from Feuling Parts, the leader in racing parts for Harley Davidson motorcyles and engines Oil Cooled: Fits '17-later Touring models equipped with air/Oil-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight® 114 or 117CI engine. Does not fit Trike models. '17-'19 models require separate purchase of High-Capacity Oil Pump P/N 62400247. '17-'18 Screamin' Eagle® High-Capacity Clutch Plate Kit P/N 37000258. Not for use with Screamin' Eagl Put in a new 2020 oil pump, checked and tested bottom end, new 114 Stage 3 kit and the rest of the parts needed for the repair. Went from a broke 107 to Stage 3 114 for about $1500. After break-in and some miles on motor ran it to GPS speed of 138. 126 was tops before. Dyno'ed it yesterday 100 HP, 109 Torque. The problem was the old oil pumps

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Purchase the Feuling OE Plus Oil Pump at J&P Cycles, your source for aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories, with free everyday tech support. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a Gold Club membership when you get a Feuling OE Plus Oil Pump (part number 7010) from J&P Cycles Fits your 2020 Harley Davidson Softail Heritage Classic 114 FLHCS. Yuasa YTX20HL-BS High Performance AGM Battery. $140. . 95. 69. Fits your 2020 Harley Davidson Softail Heritage Classic 114 FLHCS. Alloy Art Gooden Tight Urethane Riser Bushings For Harley Touring / Softail 1983-2021. $45 2. Purchaser who purchases an Eligible Motorcycle during the Sales Period has the option to trade-in the Eligible Motorcycle at its original purchase price towards the purchase of a new, unregistered, model year 2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020 Harley-Davidson Touring, Trike, Softail, Dyna, Sportster, Street or Special 3

Fits: 2017-2020 Harley Oil-Cooled M-Eight Models. All parts in each kit are matched to ensure superior quality, fit, finish and performance. Oil pump and cam plate are precision-machined from billet aluminum with a blue anodized finish. Passage plugs are removable for servicing. Independent scavenge sections for the flywheel cavity and cam chest Contact. Feuling Parts 3740 Oceanic Way, suite 304, Oceanside, CA 92056. Sales Department: sales@feulingparts.com Tech Department: tech@feulingparts.com Returns Department: returns@feulingparts.com (+1) 866-966-976

But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Top Brands On eBay. Looking For Great Deals? We Have Almost Everything On eBay OIL PUMP & CAM PLATE KIT FITS 2017-2020 WATER COOLED M8 S&S 310-0997B: KIT. 742.95. MU-67061: OIL PUMP & CAM PLATE KIT FITS 2017-2020 OIL COOLED M8 S&S 310-0998B: KIT. 742.95. NOTE: IF A PART # IS NOT LISTED - JUST CALL FOR INFORMATION, PRICING AND AVAILABILITY ***** ***** All trademarks are owned by Harley Davidson, Mid-USA Motorcycle. S&S Power Package For Harley Oil Cooled Milwaukee Eight. Everything you need to boost your 107 M8 motor up to a mind blowing 124 cubic inches! In addition to the increased bore, you also receive the perfect package of parts tailor made to work together for boosted performance like no other, and reliability to boot, thanks to the high quality oil pump and cam plate Then, remove the retaining ring from the oil pump shaft. Remove the outer gears, then remove the oil pump body and inner gears. Finally, remove the retaining ring on the opposite side of the oil pump shaft (inside the cam compartment) and the oil pump drive gear. At this point, the oil pump shaft can be removed if it is not to be reused

Drag Specialties High-Performance High-Volume Oil Pump for Harley Twin Cam. Compared to TC88 oil pumps, expect a gain of 20% oil pressure, 125% pressure volume and 135% scavenge volume over OEM stock. On TC96, provides a gain of 16% oil pressure, 66% pressure volume and 100% scavenge volume over OEM stock In many cases, Harley owners that have decided to replace the oil pump will go with a high performance or higher flow rate oil pump, especially those who live in hotter climates. These may cost a bit more than an OEM; however, the procedure is basically the same and you'll save a bunch of money taking on this job yourself rather than having a.

At Dennis Kirk, you will find the best selection of Harley-Davidson Oil Pump Parts. We carry more Harley-Davidson products than any other aftermarket vendor and have them all at the lowest guaranteed prices. Not only that, but we have them all in-stock and ready to ship to you today. Dennis Kirk has been the leader in the powersports industry. New Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle Miwaukee-Eight Stage III Kits for Select Touring and Softail Models: Pump up to 119ci or 122ci. while those with 2017 to 2019 models must upgrade to a High. In the more severe 4-Ball Parameter 3 test (shown above) the Harley Davidson Screamin Eagle Syn3 left a wear scar of 0.70 mm while the AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil left a wear scar of only 0.39 mm. This data indicates that the Harley Davidson SYN3 oil leaves a wear scar 79% higher than the AMSOIL motorcycle oil

Replacement Harley oil pumps must be primed after installation but before their first use in order to prevent air lock or cavitation. Essentially, air trapped inside the pump while it was out of the crankcase prevents oil from flowing and the engine quickly goes dry. It is a mistake one rarely makes twice since. This Fueling oil pump will keep the oil pressure up and oil moving to at least keep your engine temps as low as possible. It pumps almost 50% more volume than the stock pump and my oil pressure stays up not only at operating speeds but also at idle. I highly recommend this to all Harley Davidson owners There is not any value added to the upgraded pumps unless yours is shot. I personally I think the Daytona twin power pump from Drag Specialties is fine if more oil is a must. More oil is not always a good thing. More oil results in more oil over the bypass equals more heat and more sump oil to contain. Aerated oil is the result

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Harley® Oil Cooler & Motorcycle Oil Cooler Systems. Welcome to a new generation of Harley Davidson oil coolers. The latest innovation for your Harley-Davidson® and V-twin motorcycles. Whether you're traveling the back roads of America, stuck in a traffic jam, or just cruising the city streets, oil temperature is a constant threat to the. What happens and usually during a long ride, say 400km and as the motor warms up it starts to dump oil into the sump, the HD being a dry sump would normally via the scavenging side of the oil pump return that oil to the general circulation. However the pump can't keep up and eventually the crank starts running into a wall of oil

Using a high-quality oil can also delay the severity of this problem. Harley also offers aftermarket oil fan coolers that can slow the wear of the plastic shoes. They also reduce the effects of friction. 3. Faulty Shifter Shaft Seal. Faulty shift shaft seals can lead to internal oil leaks. Oil leaks affect your Harley's performance, but also. Weisen High Flow oil Pump Compatible with 2007-2017 Harley Touring Softail Dyna Twin Cam 96 Trike103 Engine Motors (Include 2006 Dyna model) $139.99 $ 139 . 99 Get it as soon as Fri, Jul 1 12 Oil Leaks. Via Dnindia. Oil leaks are simply part of Harley Davidson ownership that you'll have to overlook. There's hardly any room to get a torque wrench on the drain plugs for proper maintenance on these bikes. Many riders wrap the drain plugs in Teflon tape to prevent, or shall we say, delay, the leaking process.. In the mid to late 70's Jim committed 100% to V-Twin Motorcycles. Developing parts & processes are his expertise, so naturally, he developed a reputation for precision machining in the motorcycle industry. Starting with just a few manual mills & lathes, JIMS now occupies several buildings totaling 50,000 square feet filled with CNC machines Forums > General Tech Harley Davidson > Oil > Oil Pump Problems. Discussion in 'Oil' started by 9R RYDER, Jul 1, 2011. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > 9R RYDER Member. 7 0 0. Recently rebuilt my engine,once we had completed engine I have experienced no oil to the top end of the rockers. I have pulled oil pump to ensure that there is no blockage and all.

This is a new product designed and developed by the Axtell Mountain Motor team. This bypass valve consists of a precision-machined needle and seat that inserts in place of the factory oil pressure relief valve located within the Twin Cam® cam plate. With the Axtell valve you can expect higher, more stable oil pressure at all engine rpms, longer oil life due to reduced oil shear, lower. Screamin' Eagle® High-Flow Air Cleaner Kit - Milwaukee-Eight Engine. List Price: $184.95. Our Price: $157.95. Quick View Basic Oil Pump Upgrades. The basic bolt-on, out-of-the-box oil pump offerings available to most hot-rodders are pretty limited, but oil pumps from companies like Melling and Moroso have been proven to be pretty effective and reliable options. Most builds will use a factory-style internal pump with an OEM wet-sump oiling system, or you can get really involved and add an aftermarket external. Zipper's Performance Gift Certificates. Zipper's Performance Gift Certificates make a great gift. Zipper's Gift Certificates can be purchased in any $50, $100 & $200 amounts and can be used towards any product or service from Zipper's Performance Hotline +49 (0) 2852 / 6777 81. '17-'19 models require separate purchase of High-Capacity Oil Pump P/N 62400247. Harley-Davidson Oil Pump Drive Gear Return FLH (Part Number 26315-68A) New (B146) £22.50. If part number doesn't come up, click here to see if number has changed. With the largest displacement of any Harley-Davidson ® Stage Kit.

Upgrade your entire camchest in one easy to order kit. Available with a 465, 475 or 550 cam. Gear drive with chrome pushrod tubes. For Oil-Cooled models only. Fits: 2017-2020 Harley Oil-Cooled M-Eight Models All parts in each kit are matched to.. Harley-Davidson Milwaukee 8 Engine Problems! Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA. Admin! Bikers are loving the torc they are feeling riding the new 107-engine the Milwaukee 8 have. It's been two years and some problems have bubbled up to HD attention. This video explains some of those problems that you may or may not be having Suck enought oil out of the oil tank and go for a ride untill your engine is up to opperating temp, then shut it off and check the oil, make sure it is just a touch below the full mark. Sometimes a little something will get in the pump and keep the check ball from seating causing the oil to drain from the oil tank into the lower end of the engine

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S&S Oil Pump and Cam Plate Kit for 1999-2017 Harley Twin Cam Models. Separate scavenge sections for flywheel cavity and cam chest scavenge each area more efficiently with no interference. 99-06 cam support plate is designed to use late style hydraulic cam chain tensioners because stock spring-loaded tensioners used in 99-06 models don't. Hydraulic lifters have been stock in HD bikes since 1948. Hydraulic lifters receive oil under pressure (12 to 35 psi) from the engine and use that oil to damp the motion of a small piston that is connected to a pushrod. The small amount of oil in the hydraulic cylinder provides a cushion against shock as well as thermal expansion compensation

Related: Compilation Of Harley-Davidson/Synthetic Oil Articles Once the engine is broken-in, you can safely double Harley's 5000-mile oil change recommendation with AMSOIL Synthetic 20W-50 V-Twin Motorcycle Oil. AMSOIL's EAOM-134C oil filter is also designed to match the Synthetic V-Twin 20W-50's long service interval capabilities For example, one of the best oils on the market for your Harley is the Mobil 1 Racing 4T Engine Oil. This motorcycle oil is recommended for tons of 4-stroke engines, and is used for both street and motocross motorcycles. It is engineered to help get your motorcycle through extreme conditions, including very hot and very cold temperatures


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Drag Specialties High-Performance High-Volume Oil Pump for Harley Twin Cam $ 149.95. Options: Exact Fit Feuling Cam Plate Tensioner Pins & Guide Tower $ 49.95. Options: Exact Fit TP Engineering Pro-Series Smart Pump Oil Pump Assembly $ 460.43 - $ 460.68. Options: Exact Fit TP Engineering Pro-Series Billet Oil Pump Assembly. Panhead engines did not rely on high oil pressure, just good circulation, and the cast iron oil pump in its final form did a particularly good job of pumping, regulating and returning the engine oil. By the time Harley-Davidson finally phased out the Panhead engine, it was a highly refined, mechanically quiet and smooth running motor Hogparts are the biggest stockist of aftermarket parts and accessories for Harley-Davidson motorcycles in the UK. Authorised dealers for Motorcycle Storehouse, Parts Europe, Drag Specialties, Zodiac International, Custom Chrome and V-Twin Manufacturing When the 96c.i. engine finally failed and I elected to upgrade my motor, oil temp/viscosity was foremost in my mind. I had done my homework looking at jug coolers and true fan assisted oil heat exchangers. My decision to go with an oil H.E. with the retrofit oil filter was well advised by several Harley mechs Fuel Moto offers unlimited technical & tuning support for our customers. We are direct partnered with the manufacturers, several of which we are involved at the engineering level. You could try and ask your mail order or web retailer common tuning questions and you will usually be directed back to a manufacturer for support. Fuel Moto is always here to help

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Official Website: https://www.lawabidingbiker.com There is an ongoing oil sumping issue with some Harley-Davidson motorcycles equipped with the 2017-2019 Milwaukee-Eight motor and you should definitely be aware of so you know if your bike is affected. Oil sumping or wet sumping is a condition where oil, instead of returning to the oil tank, builds up in the crankcase and cam gearcase, causing. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for S&S M8 Cam Plate Oil Cooled Pump Kit Upgrade Package 17+ Harley Touring Softail at the best online prices at eBay! S&S M8 Cam Plate & Oil Pump Kit Water Cooled Harley Touring Softail 2017-2020. C $781.14. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. S&S Cycle 310-0998 Cam Plate. Harley, or at least the older ones before the water cooled heads, only filter the oil going back to the sump. There is no filter other than a screen on oil going back to the engine. The filter has to have specific flow ratings, and a micron rating, and different engines have different filters. There were 2 I think Quoting TJU on 22 Jun 2020 05:36 AM. Gidday all , Probably been asked a thousand times but looking for a Torque Cam Recommendation I currently have a 2017 Road Glide Special that had the full Stage 4 Screaming Eagle 107 to 114 set up done to it back at the end of 2017 , 515 S.E. Power Cam and had the first Generation Oil Pump upgrade running Freedom 2 into 1 Turnouts pipes Item Fitment: 2017-2020 Oil Cooled Harley Touring & Softail Milwaukee M8 Models. 2019 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Police FLHTPI - -. 2019 Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 - -. 2019 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard EFI FLHTI - -. 2018-2020 Harley-Davidson Softail Breakout 114 FXBRS - -. 2018-2020 Harley-Davidson Softail Street Bob FXBB - -

2017-2020 Oil Cooled Harley Touring & Softail Milwaukee M8 Models. Magnet in cam chest to help prevent debris from entering pump. Independant Scavenge Sections for Flywheel Cavity and Cam Chest. Type : Cam Support / Oil Get the best deals on Engines & Parts for Harley-Davidson Deluxe when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices KATANA 2020 KING QUAD 750 LTR450 2018 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Police - FLHTP; 2017 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Police - FLHTP S&S 310-0998B Oil Pump and Cam Plate Kit 17-20 M8 OIL COOLED. MSRP: $742.00 Was: $667.00 Now:. www.cvoharley.com the home for cvo harley owners. discussion board for cvo harley owners flhrsei flhrsei2 fxstdsei fltrsei fltrsei2 fxr2 fxr3 fxr4 fxdwg2 fxdwg3 fxtdse2 flhtcse flhtcse2 flstfse vrscse flstfse2 vrscse2 flhtcuse vrxse flhtcuse2 flhrse3 fxstsse fxdse flhtcuse3 flhrse4 fxstsse2 fxdse2 fltrse3 flhtcuse4 fxstsse3 fxdfse flhtcuse5 fxdfse2 flstse flhxse fltruse flhxse2 flstse2.

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35-40 foot pounds. 25-40 foot pounds. 25-40 foot pounds. If you are unsure of the proper torque value to use, here is a general chart of fastener torque values. This table is based upon Grade 5 fasteners, generally used Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Fastener Size - Torque ft. lbs. #8 - 14 in. lbs. #10 - 22 in. lbs For over 50 years, custom motorcycles are our purpose, our passion and our way of life. We spend every day creating, testing and delivering the best quality motorcyle part OilBud™ is the best Harley oil cooler on the market. The quality in design and effectiveness in keeping oil temperatures low are unsurpassed. Riders don't have to choose between sacrificing their bike's look for the sake of oil cooling anymore. An OilBud™ Harley Davidson oil cooler installation allows them to enjoy both We have 4 major goals when it comes to developing RevTech® products, high performance, exceptional reliability, and head-turning good looks at an affordable price. Our engineers and technicians spend thousands of hours developing performance oriented components to pump up your Harley-Davidson or Custom Motorcycle

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Welcome To R&R Cycles Inc. D.T. Hi Performance Billet 3 Stage Oil Pump [HVOP06] - D.T. Hi Perfromance Billet 3 Stage Oil Pump For 2006 Dyna®, 2007-Up T.C.™ Designed by Dan Thayer, this hi perfromance oil pump offers superior oil scavenging and vacuum control. You can not compare any other pump on the market to this. It is simply incredible I'm considering buying a Road King, 107 M8 engine. It'll be my first Harley. Its come to THAT time when I'll have to get one after all these years . ;) I've read several stories about oil transfer or 'sumping' problems with the milwaukee eight engine. Has anybody had any experience of the problem or has an idea of how common it is? Or is it just over exaggerated internet scare stories Harley Davidson Touring: How to Create Bypass Breathers. Air cooled bikes like Harley big twins expand and contract with the heat soaking into the cylinders, much more so than a water cooler bike, or a car. This can lead to oil and combustion gasses sneaking past the rings when everything is hot Harley-Davidson Softail Solo Seat Rear Fender Fat Racer 2008-2017 Breakout, Rocker. €349,00. H-D Short Bobber Softail Rear Fender and Seat Kit 2007-2017 Short Oval. High performance motorcycle suspension, including shocks and springs for Harley, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki. Progressive suspension is the best way to lower your motorcycle

Little #sscycle oil pump and can upgrade for a good friend , thanks for 10 plus years of business @randy.aguiar.58 03/06/2020 Clean little 2 speaker set up , Hertz spl 6.5 with #hawgwired tweeter Harley-Davidson Breakout 114 Fuel System Problems. One of the reasons to own a Harley Breakout is to show off your sleek style. After all, the bike is a beast and demands attention. Despite its appearance, there are some issues with the fuel system, most importantly, how the cap fits

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With support from Harley-Davidson, 'ADV: Overland' exhibit includes 23 machines that have taken the unbeaten path here on Earth and beyond. read more. By Cameron Aubernon - July 1, 2021 S&S Cycle 310-0998B Cam Plate & Oil Pump Kit Harley Oil Cooled Milwaukee M8. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. S&S M8 Cam Plate & Oil Pump Kit Water Cooled Harley Touring Softail 2017-2020. AU $828.63. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. Details about S&S M8 Cam Plate Oil Cooled Pump Kit Upgrade Package 17+ Harley. Up to 7 Times More Oil Flow Than Paper Filters ; Reduces Oil Pump Drag for Potential HP Gains ; Provides Faster Oil Pressure at Startup ; Magnetic Pre-Filtering ; Meets or Exceeds Factory Unit Filtration ; Reusable - Inspect, Clean, Reuse ; Fits the following Harley-Davidson Models: All Harley-Davidson VRSC V-RODS 2002-2017: (S10 Filter) VRSCA. The XR-1000 was Harley's bounce back after a horrible streak of bikes released under the AMF ownership. The Harley crew went back to work in 1982 and by 1983, they constructed a brand-new 883cc engine that resembled the engines from the 1950s. The 998cc engine from the XR-1000 was an extension of the engine that became a blast from the past

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Home of the FatBook. With over 850 full color pages, this book contains everything you need to build a bike from the ground up, or customize your current ride right down to the valve stems Go Big or Go Home With New Screamin' Eagle ® Harley-Davidson ® Performance Parts. MILWAUKEE (March 25, 2020) - The all-new Harley-Davidson ® Screamin' Eagle ® products for your ride are here to keep the thrills rolling mile after mile. High-flow exhaust kits, performance cams, ultra-powerful Screamin' Eagle engines and a comprehensive line of upgrades get you to peak. Saddle Tramp 99-9600 Radio Install Kit Pre-wired Harley FLH/T 98-13. Regular Price: $39.99. Special Price $38.54. Add to Cart When Harley-Davidson and Indian switched to pumped recirculating oil systems in the 1930s, there was a remote oil tank. As the pump delivered oil from that tank to main and rod bearings, it did.

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We have a huge selection of the Best Custom and OEM replacement aftermarket motorcycle parts & accessories for your Harley Davidson Touring, Softail, Dyna, Sportster, and V-Rod models. With over 100,000 products available, we are your One-Stop-Shop for your Hawg 3585 South 600 East Hartford City, IN 47348 (765) 768-600 Featured Products. COMP CAM 26113-16 2V BEEHIVE VALVE SPRING SET 1996-04 4.6L 5.4L FORD SVT LIGHTNING 02-03 HARLEY MUSTANG GT V8 $283.09 $217.95. Add To Cart. MANLEY 5.4L/5.8L 14040-8 FORGED STEEL H BEAM CONNECTING RODS FORD SVT LIGHTNING 1999-04 SUPERCHARGED HARLEY 02-03 $869.00 $629.00. Choose Options 2020. Harley-Davidson 1200 Custom Specs. Harley-Davidson Breakout 114 Specs. Harley-Davidson Bronx Specs. Harley-Davidson CVO Limited Specs. Harley-Davidson CVO Road Glide Specs. Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide Specs. Harley-Davidson CVO Tri Glide Specs. Harley-Davidson Deluxe Specs The EVO motor is a low pressure, high volume oiling system. The oil filter for this motor needs to be capable of high flow and be able to flow at low pressures. It should not have the anti-drain back. The TC motor is a high pressure, low volume oiling system. This oil filter needs more filtering due to the 5 micron passages on the misters Oil catch cans and breather tanks look similar and do similar jobs, but they serve different purposes. Oil Catch Cans Normally, the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve uses intake vacuum to relieve the pressure inside your crankcase, but that can result in oil mist and other blow-by contaminants building up on the valve and pistons, especially in direct-injection engines