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Geode Shaped Resin Coasters, Set of 4 in White or Black. EECraftJunkies. 5 out of 5 stars. (171) $28.00. Bestseller. Add to Favorites. More colors. Custom Epoxy River Coasters - set of 4 with Holder Prepare the resin and your work area. Before you start mixing the resin, you should put on a pair of protective gloves. For the best results, resin likes a warm, but not hot room. 72-74F is the recommended temperature for how to make resin coasters. Warming resin in a warm water will help reduce bubbles in the mix Geode resin coasters: You can make resin coasters that look like geode crystals in all kinds of colors and shapes. Adding glitter works really well with these. You can even buy geode molds especially for this purpose. To take this even further, you can cast resin coasters in puzzle geode molds that piece together into a bigger circular design Enjoy this fun project and create colorful coasters by working with resin. This is a simple project that even the kids can join in and help with. Tip: Though the final product takes 24 hours to cure, the resin takes almost no time to prepare and mold Step 1: Prep Your Workspace. Before you begin making your coasters, lay down wax paper ($3, Walmart) or kraft paper to protect your work surface from any resin drips. Be sure to wear the appropriate safety gear before you open the resin. You'll need a respirator, protective disposable gloves ($5, Target ), and protective eyewear

I used east coast epoxy with black diamond mica pigments Blue, orange, purple, and a drop of gold on each coaster if you'd like to purchase anything from thi.. LET'S RESIN Resin Coaster Molds,4 Pcs Silicone Coaster Molds for Resin,Geode Coaster Molds for Epoxy Resin,Round Coaster Molds for Making Resin Coasters,Cups Mat. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 1,231. $12.99. $12. . 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Jul 7. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon How to polish the rough resin works to the mirror state, let's start learning today. Let your work shine too.Material list:1. Sandpaper (120-10000 grit): htt.. For one resin coaster, mix 2 oz. of product in a 1:1 ratio of hardener and resin. Split evenly into three cups. In one cup, add a pinch of a blue glitter, in the second, add a pinch of a different blue glitter, in the third, a pinch of another blue glitter. Stir each cup slowly until glitter is combined with the epoxy resin

Step 2 - Mix the First Coat of Resin. Follow the resin manufacturer's directions and mix the resin and hardener accordingly. The kit that I purchased required a 1:1 ratio of resin to hardener which made it very easy. For the first coat for four coasters, I used 80 ml each of the hardener and the resin It's easy to make epoxy resin coasters with ArtResin! Whether you embed objects into a silicone mold, create a mosaic with glass tiles, make a petri dish or coat a stone tile or slice of wood, coasters are a simple and fun way to get creative with epoxy resin Step 1: To make one coaster, you will need about 3 oz of resin. Wear gloves to protect your hands, and pour equal amounts of resin and hardener into a mixing cup. Use a stirring stick and mix the resin well for 2 minutes. Pour the resin into a clean mixing cup and stir for another minute Feb 1, 2016 - Coasters for beverages. See more ideas about coasters, crafts, resin crafts Design ideas for your resin coaster molds. If you want some tips and suggestions on making sure that your resin coasters are going to make the splash that you hope for, I've got some great suggestions to help you have all sorts of fun! Firstly, play around with those additives

I made resin coasters and glasses tend to stick to the coasters when condensation is high. They turned out great as far as being really clear to show the photos underneath. However- what can be done to prevent glasses from sticking- no one wants to use them at this point. July 11, 2017 at 2:04 pm #9466 Reply Pink Resin Geode Coasters. For this project, you'll need light pink alcohol ink, dark pink alcohol ink, and pink glitter. Mix the resin according to instructions on packaging. Pour a small thin layer of clear resin into the mold. Allow to set for 25 minutes Square Resin Silicone Mold Resin Cube Molds, Paperweight, jewelry —. Regular price. $24.99. Resin Geode Tray Mold for Jewelry or Coasters —. Regular price. $37.99. +. Elegant Trinket Box Jewelry Resin Mold Unique Mold —. Regular price DIY Resin & Wood Coasters: I'm all about using things I already have laying around my shop (since, I'm basically a lumber hoarder). So, when I had some off-cuts available to use from a previous project I knew I wanted to save them for a resin and wood coaster project. Even c Resin art and craft is a great hobby or work as it is something everybody can do. Resin coaster is a beautiful decorative detail for the home. Whether you create a colorful mosaic with glass tiles, embed small objects into a silicone mold, coat a slice of wood or make a petri dish coasters, it's a super fun and simple way to be creative. I have a lot of different wood furniture in my home.

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Resin coasters are beautiful items where you can put your drinks on. Boasting resin craft, they look very pretty and play a great role in increasing the elegancy of your tables. Beauty isn't the only good thing about resin coasters. They are often impressively durable. So, they are capable of protecting the surface of a table from hot or cold. Resin craft is a fun activity that gives DIYers limitless decorative opportunities. And, creating beautiful coasters is one of them! They'll protect the tabletop, countertops, and other surfaces you use to put a hot coffee mug, water bottle, teacups, and what not

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  1. Resin coasters look polished and cool, and are so easy to make! Add something extra special to the resin (like sea glass) to preserve a memory or make a one-of-a-kind gift. Check out this easy tutorial on how to create your own! We have the sweetest neighbors. One of our friends who has a place near the beach showed up at our house one day.
  2. Our coasters used 2-3 ounces of mixed resin each so we needed 12 ounces total. This is a lot of resin to mix at one time, though, so we did it in two batches. First we measured 3 ounces of the resin in one cup and 3 ounces of hardener in another cup
  3. Sand and Resin Ocean Coasters. 7 Materials $10 24 Hours Easy Hello everyone and thanks so much for checking out this post! Today's project is of course nice and easy, but so effective and a great way to create pieces to remember places that you've visited. In this project I use real sand that I collected on a trip to Miami so I love knowing.
  4. Hi Guys,Welcome back to my channel.Today we are going to make Resin Coasters.this is the first time I am making Resin Coasters.PRODUCT USED:RESIN: Epoke Crys..
  5. What is a Resin Coaster? In short, a resin coaster is made by pouring resin into a mold. This is ideal for the protection of your furniture, especially wood when you put cups or glasses on the table. Materials Needed to Make Resin Coasters. As with any project, you will need materials to make your resin coasters
  6. Many resin kits come with both the resin and the hardener, which you will need to mix together to create your DIY resin coasters. More detailed kits often also come with measuring and mixing cups, stir sticks, scrapers, and more. If this is your first time working with resin, one of these kits is a good introduction to the tools and techniques..

Handmade resin coasters with epoxy and glitter, perfect for every occasion or just becaus Resin Cast Coasters: There is a war being waged in your home. Drinkware and condensation have conspired in a brazen and brutal attack on your furniture, and the casualties are mounting. The stakes are high and the time for action is fleeting.But there is hope. A growin Resin coasters are actually easy to make and they are super durable. So, if you are looking for some coasters for yourself or to give as a gift, give resin a try! We are actually going to show you how to use a marbled resin technique to decorate these coasters Apr 6, 2015 - Explore Amanda Sophie's board Resin coasters on Pinterest. See more ideas about coasters, resin crafts, resin Coasters are a great way to start using resin in your pours, because the pieces are small, inexpensive, and you don't need a lot of resin to start this project. While I go over a specific type of resin work in this article, I've also created a downloadable course on how to do resin artwork for those interested in taking their resin art to.

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Silicone coaster molds; Items of your choice to embed (I worked with faux fern stems and fabric daisies, but some other ideas could include photos, coins, buttons, real dried flowers/greenery, beads, shells—anything that is shallower than your coaster mold will most likely work!); Disposable measuring cups and larger plastic cups to mix the resin in. Pour the resin into a new container and mix for another 3 minutes with a new stirring stick. Add a clear coat of resin onto each coaster.Step 11: Mix more Faux Rizzle Art Resin UV to create waves. Mix the resin and White Album Juicy Hues pigment, and mix for 3 minutes using a new stirring stick.Step 12: Draw thin veins across your coaster DIY Resin Coasters For Beginners that are surprisingly easy to make with pretty Damask Chipboard.. Today is our first Int'l Bloggers Club challenge of 2021 and the theme is I Love Resin.Which I do and have been admiring resin art on Pinterest for years Batch 4: mixing Piñata Blanco with a small amount of resin before pouring into the mold. Back to experimenting with success on the first try. When one of my newest alcohol ink art students asked if I taught classes on how to make the resin coasters, which were in my gallery, I was inspired to create a video tutorial Easy Sea Shell and Sea Glass Resin Coaster Tutorial. I really enjoyed making my resin coasters using unwanted glass chips and glitter ( see tutorial here ). You can embed many things in resin for jewelry as well as for home decor. Back then, I could only find the silicone molds for coasters suitable for coffee and tea mugs and drinking glasses

Your resin coasters are now complete and ready to use for all those summer parties and BBQs. Advertisement. Now you've learnt how to make resin coasters you need a new resin project! Head over to our 39 epoxy resin projects for a whole host of free and gorgeous resin craft ideas And here are the DIY Epoxy Resin Coasters steps. Step 1. Protect workspace and gather materials. The first step is obvious but super important. Make sure you protect your workspace as resin is very messy. The dye powders can easily get on things, too! I use a thick kraft paper and tape to protect my workspace and have paper towels handy Each coaster will need about 2 teaspoons of resin to cover them, so for 4 coasters, I measured out 4 teaspoons of part one of the resin and 4 teaspoons of part two of the resin. Stir the resin together. Set a timer and stir for a minimum of 2 minutes. Stir like you are whipping eggs, pausing every 30 seconds or so to scrape down the edges and.

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These Culture Sculpt resin coasters are absolutely stunning. And they are so unique. Even when you follow Meg's process and steps, your coasters will still be a totally unique creation. That's one of the things that we love most about art, each artist is a unique being with an individual eye. That makes for such a diversity of talent in our. Instructions For DIY Glitter Resin Coasters: Pour a total of 50 mL resin into measuring cups. My resin is 1:1 ratio, but it is important to follow the instructions on your resin label. As long as you have 50 mL resin, you are solid. Mix resin according to instructions. Stir until all resin is mixed thoroughly and no white striations can be seen. Coasters have a raised lip to provide added protection. Kit includes resin, hardener, epoxy-safe pigments, reusable coaster molds (square and hexagon shapes, approximately 4-1/2″ x 4-1/2″), mixing tools, heat gun, and easy-to-follow instructions Epoxy resin is a liquid form adhesive that dries clear with a shiny look.Examples of that which can be embedded into your epoxy resin coasters include:Follow the resin manufacturer's directions and mix the resin and hardener accordingly Crafted of acacia wood and resin, our Wood & Resin Coasters add an earthy vibe to your table while protecting it from pesky water drips and stains. 4diam. x 0.5h (each). Acacia wood & resin. No backing. Due to the materials used, each coaster will have a unique pattern. Set of 4. Imported

Mix the resin with a paint stirring stick, scraping the bottom of the cup and scraping the resin off the stirring stick and back into the mix while mixing. After two minutes, pour the mixed resin into a fourth clean cup. Mix again for one minute using a new clean paint stirring stick. 5. Pour the resin into the seashell coasters Press coasters on a piece of contact paper that is sticky side up. This will keep everything in place. Drip resin onto the seams and spread with a stir stick. Let harden overnight. Carefully peel away the contact paper and turn the coasters over. The bottom will now be the top. Mix enough resin to have 1 tablespoon per coaster Shop Kaine Resin Coasters. Round coasters give a nod to yin and yang with mix of black and white resin. Individually poured and molded, making each coaster its own work of art. Comes tied up in black suede for your next housewarming party. CB2 exclusive Once the resin has cured (this will vary based on the type and brand of resin you use), remove the coasters from the molds. 13. Next, sand them all down to size and shape (mine did not come out of the molds perfectly round, so I taped them together and sanded them as one big stack) How to make the resin coasters: View in gallery. View in gallery. Step 1: Mix the resin and the hardener in a cup. Start by preparing the resin mixture. First, pour 1 measure of resin into one of the plastic cups, then pour 1 measure of hardener on top of that

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2 Preparation of color and resin: first way. Make a job model using raising on Dwight. Actually paint to do these way. Turn on the skates on. Place the paper cup on the scale and sit the continent to zero. Next, for about 50 grams, offers in into the continent. Yeah, then heat the raising using atomic lighter Resin typically comes in two parts — the resin and the hardener. Mixing the two parts creates a clear, glass-like surface when it hardens. (Different brands of resin have varying instructions in terms of resin and hardener ratios. The brand I used required a 1 to 1 ratio, so this tutorial reflects that Allow the mixed colors to set for about 15 minutes, then use the remainder of the clear resin to pour on top to thicken the coasters. Have a small piece of cardboard or a 8×10 canvas nearby so you can pour your remaining resin on it and create a bonus piece of marbleized art This is an important step, it will save the headaches later when removing cured drips of resin from the bottom of the coasters. Using a standard scotch tape, apply strips to all four edges on the bottom of the ceramic tiles.Trim off any excess that hangs over the edge using a sharp knife or X-Acto blade Remove Excess Resin from your Coasters. There's a few ways to remove the resin drips that will form on the bottom of your coasters. The first way is you can be diligent with a Popsicle stick while things are are still wet, running it around the bottom edge of the coaster to remove the drips. This is the easiest way

Use a toothpick to move the dye resin around a swirl throughout the mold. Step 5: Let the resin set overnight. Step 6: If needed, mix more resin and fill the rest of the mold with clear resin and let cure. Step 7: Demold your coaster. TIP: Make coasters from assorted shapes. Share your project photos with #MakeItWithMichael Wood and Resin Coasters, Set of 4. $24.95. Save to Favorites Set of 4 Blake Coasters. Set of 4 Blake Coasters. $29.95. Save to Favorites Drexel Coasters, Set of 4. Drexel Coasters, Set of 4. $29.95. Save to Favorites Set of 4 Linea Tile Coasters. Set of 4 Linea Tile Coasters. $16.95

US $0.50-$2.00/ Piece. 4,108 resin coaster products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which mats & pads accounts for 32%. A wide variety of resin coaster options are available to you, such as sustainable. You can also choose from wood, silicone, and ceramic resin coaster, as well as from caterers & canteens, discount stores. Resin Geode Coasters Diy. 2 preparation of color and resin: 5 out of 5 stars. Source : www.pinterest.com Actually paint to do these way. Add a a pinch of purple, blue, and magenta glitter to the resin. 905 Navy Blue And Gold Geode Resin Coasters Made In My Adding glitter works really well with these. [ Supplies: -silicone coaster mold -epoxy resin kit (which should come with everything you need, including gloves) -alcohol ink-drop cloth or parchment paper (or both) Depending where you work, you may also want an empty box to cover your project while it cures (if you are working outside and are worried about leaves or debris blowing into the resin before it's dry) 3D Resin Flower Coaster. Gather your supplies-Respirator-Resin (I use Art Resin)-Plastic cups (One with measuring lines)-Mixing stick-Heat gun (additional butane torch optional)-Gloves -Mold for the coasters- I use a circle shape for this design-Plastic garbage bag to protect your workspace-Toothpick to make our design into a flower 6-Cavity Large Cake Molds Silicone Round Disc Resin Coaster Mold Non-Stick Baking Molds, Mousse Cake Pan, French Dessert, Candy, Soap (Red) See More. TCP Global 20 Ounce (600ml) Disposable Flexible Clear Graduated Plastic Mixing Cups - Box of 50 Cups - Use for Paint, Resin, Epoxy, Art, Kitchen, Cooking, Baking - Measuring Ratios 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, ML

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Purple coasters !!! For more resin inspo follow Resin by San. Resin by DIY Composites Pigments by just resin. #resinbysan #resindemolding #resincoasters #purplecoaster #handmadecoasters #fluidartfinds #resinart_daily #epoxycoaster #fluidart_daily #DIYcomposites #resinart_regrams #homewares #tabledecor #luxuryinteriors #supportwomenartists #epoxyart #resinartis Resin DIY Boxes. Resin Art Singapore is the one of the best DIY Boxes providers in the region. Our DIY Boxes are specially curated for your absolute convenience, where all items are provided in these boxes. We provide DIY Flower Coaster Resin Kits, DIY Resin Jewelry Starter Kit, DIY Rose Mirror Compact Container Resin Kit. Get Your DIY Set Today

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This gorgeous set of 4 one of a kind resin coasters are made from epoxy resin and pigments (turquoise and different shades of blue) poured into a mold. Once cured another glossy layer of resin is added for depth and to make the colours pop! Cork is also glued to the bottom for stability. Please note that coasters in pictures are just used as a guide to what the colours look like together, the. Resin vs Spray Lacquer to Finish Painted Coasters & Tiles (Test) I'm back to test a couple more potential finishes you can use on your acrylic poured tiles, if you want to use them as functional coasters. You will need a finish that is both water and heat resistant and doesn't mark with the hot mug of coffee test 253. 34 comments. Continue browsing in r/ResinCasting. r/ResinCasting. The discussion of mold making and casting objects in various plastic resins. Whether you're casting models, miniatures, props, jewelry, or anything else, you'll find great tips and tricks here! 57.0k. Members. 184 2. Once your resin is mixed pour it directly into your silicone mold. Let dry overnight (or per resin instructions). 3. Once your resin coasters are done curing, pop them out of the silicone mold. 4. Next, take your patterned scrapbook paper and trace around your coaster using a light pencil. Cut out the circle. 5

Resin Casting Mold Coaster Round Silicone Making Epoxy Mould 2X Craft DIY Tool. Brand New. $7.19 to $12.99. Buy It Now. Free shipping. Free returns. GREAT PRICE. Great price compared to similar brand new items 16.7k members in the resin community. A place to discuss all things resin & show off your work! Resin casting, mould making, jewellery etc. are all Once the resin has cured (this will vary based on the type and brand of resin you use), remove the coasters from the molds. Next, sand them all down to size and shape. Some may not come out of the molds perfectly round, so you can tape them together and sand as one big stack to save time. Start with 80 grit and 120 grit sandpaper and then work.

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CO538 Wood + Resin Coasters. WHOLESALE ONLY Visit our online retail partners Login is required to see prices and enter orders Hello, genius crafter! You know how important coasters are for protecting the wooden table surface and many others. But, when it comes to creating resin coasters, it's a bit tricky game! I personally like the one that comes durable, heat-resistant, and doesn't melt and turns sticky. Well, do you find it hard to get the 5 Best Epoxy Resin for Coasters Making [REVIEWS] Read More $50 could be right, depending on how large a can of resin you purchased. The 20oz cans I buy make 2-3 sets of 4 coasters. The resin is the only thing you will buy that you will need to replenish. The catalyst, molds and release spray will last you a long time. Reply Delet Once you've filled the silicone shapes up to the edge with epoxy resin, allow to dry for at least 24 hours. Once dry, peel the silicone caulk from the edges and peel the coasters from the plastic. Use a small paintbrush and some brown craft paint to paint the edges of the coasters for a more realistic look and seal with clear varnish or mod. These easy resin coasters are the perfect way to show off your love for rainbows while protecting your home's surfaces. Decorate your table with these beautiful, whimsical coasters! These DIY coasters are one of a kind, too. Each one will have its own unique pattern as the different ink colors work together to create a beautiful rainbow for.

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Assorted Coasters Resin Molds make it easy to create professional-looking molded resin coasters, complete with rims. These opaque silicone molds feature five different shapes of coasters: circle, square, flower, heart, and hexagon. Just mix your resin according to directions and add your desired embellishments and additives Create beautiful resin art with the Mod Podge Do-it-Yourself Coaster Kit in Blue and Rose Gold. This kit is the perfect starter pack for all your resin crafting projects. This kit includes a 2-part resin and hardener, two alcohol inks, four glitter packs, three stir sticks, two measuring cups, three mixing cups, one silicone coaster mold, and. Our Agate Resin Coasters Kit is super fun, easy to complete, and produces some stunning results that will leave you feeling proud. This kit includes 6oz of ArtResin epoxy resin, an agate coaster mold, three colors of paint, an oil-based gold Sharpie, glitter, gloves and the accessories to create some flawless coasters! If you have never used Epoxy Resin, this is the perfect kit to get your.

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cricut, resin DIY Resin Coasters. January 25, 2020 CraftyJenn. I have been using resin to coat my paintings for a while now but just recently I've been starting to experiment with resin casting in silicone molds. I'm having so much fun with it and trying to create some unique usable art Resin Art is a new form of art..which is trending these days..Resin art can be used for home decor, wall clocks, fridge magnet and so on! The coasters are made of resin. There are 4 coasters. Diameter- 9 cms Usage specifications: 1)Wipe with soft dry cloth, no need to wash frequently 2) Do not use strong detergent I made these coasters using resin and I was a first-timer at it and everything went perfectly!! What I used to get the bubbles out instead of the blow torch is for those of you who are cardmakers and scrapbookers, use a heat gun. This is what I did and it was super easy to get rid of the bubbles, they just popped!!! Good luck

LET'S RESIN Resin Coaster Kit - 4 PCS round silicone molds and 1 PCS coaster storage box mold, make the round coaster mold easy to stack, keep your coaster resin molds organized. Not Easily Deformed Epoxy Resin Mold - Theseepoxy coaster molds are made of high-quality silicone material with excellent elasticity, superi The square ones measured 8 cm at the top and tapered down to 7 cm at the bottom. Perfect as coasters. But you can certainly use all kinds of smaller molds (typically used for chocolate, baking or soap making) to make fridge magnets! These molds, once used for resin,will be dedicated for resin work and not used for baking

How to Make Resin Geode Coasters | Udemy. Preview this course. Current price $14.99. Original Price $19.99. Discount 25% off. 5 hours left at this price! Add to cart. Buy now. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Resin coasters. £30.00 1 Available. Add to basket. Love this. Description. Blue and gold coasters use as a table decoration or use them for your glass of wine. Inspiration You can also use sand, but the broken shells add a nice sparkle to the coasters. Then mix another batch of resin, and pour a thin layer to cover the broken shells. Advertisement Image Credit: Jonathan Fong While the resin is still wet, place a large, flat shell in the center of the mold along with smaller shells around it. These shells will be. Cast Resin Paperweights & Coasters (A Tutorial) March 9, 2012 by Ashley Hackshaw . I made these cute little paperweights and coasters using clear resin. In the desert, we actually NEED paperweights.the weather is beautiful so we keep the windows and doors open.and it gets windy

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These delightful Trailing Bloom Resin Coasters by Gisela Graham are a charming addition to any table. Perfect for any room or kitchen to add some pretty floral vibes. Durable and stylish. These resin coasters come in various beautiful designs. Great as a treat for yourself or a gift for a loved one Pour out the resin into smaller cups. Add a pea sized amount of acrylic paint in each cup and stir the paint in completely. Pink, Yellow, Blue and White. Then start by pouring the pink resin on the top edge of the wood coasters. Next add a stripe of blue resin in the center of the coasters Silicone Resin Mould - Square Geode Agate 163x161x12mm. Silicone Moulds are re-usable, heavy duty, flexible moulds. These flexible silicone rubber moulds can be used with epoxy resin, polyester resin, polyurethane resin, wax, soap, precious metal clay, polymer clay, concrete, cement and more WIDE APPLICATION: These silicone resin molds are very suitable for making resin coasters, jewelry holder, candle holders, flower pot holders, bowl mat, etc, can also be used for wall and desk decoration. GLOSSY INTERIOR SURFACE: Made of high-quality silicone material, very flexible and durable, the finished product is very shiny and transparent Whether you are a resin artist who makes tumblers, creates geode resin art, epoxy tables, resin jewelry or coasters, you will find some fabulous colorant ideas for your resin needs. HOW TO COLOR RESIN? You can use a number of mediums color resin. To color resin, use acrylic paint, mica powder, makeup (such as eyeshadow) resin tint and glitter

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Get this mold set to create your own unique resin coasters. Use different resin dyes to colour the coasters to have them fit your style. These coasters would also make the perfect gift for your friends. Details: 4 x 4 (10.16cm x 10.16cm) each mold size; 3 molds; Not food safe; Silicon We Craft India Incare the leading Manufacturer and Exporter of MDF Resin Coasters, Serving Wooden Platter, Wooden Bowls Set, Wooden Enamel Tray, MDF Resin Photo Frame, MDF Resin Bathroom Sets, etc Read More. IndiaMART Trust Seal Verified. Our Product Range Step 4: Pour your resin. After the silicone molds are dry, you are ready to test them out! Pour your resin into the molds and let it cure for at least 8-10 hours (depending on how thick you poured). Then carefully, peel back the silicone and you should be left with your beautiful coasters! Resin in silicone molds I then poured a small amount of resin into the mold and let it sit for a few minutes, so that it would thicken slightly. After that I randomly placed the pennies into the resin and then poured the rest of the resin on top. Once I let the coasters sit for another 5-10 minutes I took a straw and blew on the resin in order to release the bubbles In this video, we go over beginner friendly steps on how to make a simple epoxy resin coaster with out Haksons Ultra Clear Resin. We use our pearl powders in Azure Blue, Periwinkle and Special Gold to create this metallic looking piece. This is a very simple DIY perfect for those starting out with resin art, and want to make their first ever piece