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Backpacking to Columbine Lake at 12,700 feet. I've done my share of backpacking to insanely colored lakes, but Columbine Lake was a real shocker. Sitting at 12,700 feet in the middle of the San Juan Mountains outside of Silverton, Columbine Lake's deep blue color will stop you in your tracks if the thin air doesn't Columbine Lake is also a common stop for backpackers making their way out of the Sequoia wilderness via Lost Valley as part of longer hikes starting in Mineral King and elsewhere. A trail marked by large cairns leads around the north shore of the lake and connects Lost Valley to Sawooth Pass. Hikers looking to camp at Columbine Lake should camp. This hike highlights everything wonderful about Southwest Colorado. The Columbine Lake Trail is about eight miles round trip and between 2,500 and 3,000 feet of elevation, depending on where you start the hike. This hike climbs in elevation at a rather steep 12% grade, which rates it as a 'difficult' hike Columbine Lake Trail (509) This secret spot is frequented only by a few locals, due to its isolated location and difficult access. The trail consists of many steep switchbacks, and then eases out into the basin below Columbine Lake. Water is fairly scarce, but it is there

The lake is situated below Mt. Neva. It is a shallow lake, with a maximum depth of 8 feet containing rainbow and cutthroat trout. Columbine Lake offers day hikers a beautiful setting for a leisurely lunch and is well worth the hike through the wet meadows. Remnants of snow fields usually remain along the trail until the first or second week of. Columbine Lake Trail #509 is a 8.3 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Silverton, Colorado that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail. Length 8.3 miElevation gain 2,933 ftRoute type Out & back Hike to Columbine Lake . Save Review Directions. Details. Distance. 7 miles. Elevation Gain. 1200 ft. Route Type. Out-and-Back. Added by Soneva Scott. This is a gorgeous hike, and is not a long drive from Winter Park/ Granby/ Grand Lake. The trail follows a river to get to the lake, and once arriving at the lake, there is a crystal-clear lake. Previously I had taken a day hike (not reported here) up the west side of Arapaho Pass (the hike up the east side of Arapaho Pass is reported here).I recalled that the hike was relatively easy and hoped that the drive up would afford us the opportunity to find a place we could car camp the evening before the hike. To reach the trailhead of Columbine Lake Trail, travel about 7 miles north of.

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  1. The Columbine Lake trail is located in the San Juan National Forest between Ouray, Colorado and Silverton. The trail begins off of Forest Road #820 a short distance from Highway 550, on the south side of Red Mountain Pass. From there the trail climbs steeply up a series of switchbacks through a coniferous forest for more than a mile
  2. Combine Lake Trail is a 6.3-mile trail to a beautiful alpine lake in the San Juan National Forest. The trailhead is off Forest Service Road 820, and there is limited parking at the trailhead. Hikers can park along the road and walk to the trailhead. Hikers will immediately start the trail with a series of switchbacks that open up and end at the tree line. Once hikers finish with the.
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  4. Hi Jason, enjoy it, great trip. I did not explore whether Spring or Cyclamen lakes could be reached by hiking off-trail from Columbine Lake or Black Rock Pass; there may be cliffs barring access, or there may be a route, depending on skills and personal comfort level, of course

Columbine Lake via Caribou Pass Trail is a 6.3 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Tabernash, Colorado that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and backpacking and is best used from May until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash Columbine Lake, near Silverton, Colorado - Little known hike climbs steeply through forest and beautiful alpine meadows to a stunning glacial lake set amid a backdrop of rugged 13,000-ft.+ peaks. Panoramic views from nearby Columbine Pass encompassing Bridal Veil basin and the Sneffels Range Columbine Lake Trail. Trail on Columbine Lake and Meadow Creek in Arapaho National Forest, Indian Peaks Wilderness. Get Here. National Forest Closure Order Closure · November 10th, 2020 at 8:30am until further notice. Total Length Columbine Lake - 6.8 Miles Round-Trip Columbine Lake (11,060') is located 3.4 miles from Junco Lake Trailhead on the west side of the Indian Peaks Wilderness.It lies under Mount Neva (12,814') in a broad treeline basin ringed by level meadows, tree-topped knolls and alpine terraces At about 1.5 miles, the trail begins climbing up and out of the Ruby Creek drainage. This part of the trail may require some routefinding, but the way is generally marked by cairns. The trail eventually crosses over a ridgeline and connects with Columbine Lake Trail #509 for the remainder of the way up to the lake

Hiking trip report, map, and photos for Columbine Lake and Peak 13159, located in San Juan National Forest, Colorado. This is a 7.7 mile out-and-back hike with 3000 cumulative feet of elevation gain that takes about 3-5 hours to complete Columbine Lake is located south of Ouray over Red Mountain Pass, north of Silverton. If you're coming from the north, the turn onto 820 from highway 550 is very sharp, so be prepared. If you have the option, I recommend taking a high-clearance, AWD or 4WD vehicle. Once on 820, you'll pretty quickly reach a creek crossing

The trail leaves the forest and travels through a high basin with great views. Numerous switchbacks take the trail above treeline before reaching Columbine Lake at over 12,000'. From the lake, steep switchbacks climb the last 300' or so to Columbine Pass Hiking Description - Columbine Lake, near Silverton, Colorado - Little known hike climbs steeply through forest and beautiful alpine meadows to a stunning glacial lake set amid a backdrop of rugged 13,000-ft.+ peaks. Panoramic views from nearby Columbine Pass encompassing Bridal Veil basin and the Sneffels Range

At 2.6 miles from the top of the pass, you will reach a junction with Columbine Lake Trail. The last 1.7 miles to the end of this hike at the Junco Lake Trailhead is a flat, easy walk that parallels Meadow creek. You will pass through meadows (filled with wildflowers in the summer) and dense forest. If you look off to the left of the trail. Columbine Lake looked so different behind us, and we snuck one last look at the mountains in the distance before turning our attention to the next leg of the hike. We rested and studied the trail down to Monarch Lakes, trying to decipher the best way down from up top while we could still get a good view of the whole mountainside The trail descending after Columbine Lake is incredibly pleasant and lovely, much unlike the trail over Sawtooth Pass. Day 2 - Lost Canyon to Little Five Lakes - 8 miles After heading over Sawtooth Pass the day before, and if you're coming form lower elevations, don't be alarmed if you're kinda gassed

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  1. Columbine Lake is a family-friendly destination that sees heavy traffic throughout the summer. It is a good 6.8 mile day hike. Stay on designated trails and avoid trampling vegetation around the lake. Camping permits are required and limited. Fires are not permitted at Columbine Lake
  2. utes past Ouray, Colorado. There is a 3 to 4 hours hike up the Columbine Trail to get to the lake. The trail starts with a forest inclining into a meadow, then you walk up the meadow into a valley and follow the creek and you will find the lake
  3. g of the east ridge of Bridal Peak. Following the 12,800 foot contour line to the right in this pic and then curving left towards 13300 E (center left above) Getting closer to lake and our peak Columbine Lake and stream we crosse
  4. Turn left (west) and continue on 100 yards to a bridge. After crossing, you will hike on easy to moderate terrain to Columbine Lake (12,000' elevation) at mile 18. You can extend the hike an additional .4 miles by continuing up the steep switchbacks to Columbine Pass, at elevation 12,680 feet
  5. Columbine Lake Details. The first two miles are 95% hike a bike, but the it flattens out that last mile until the lake. Worth every bit of suffering as the lake is absolutely gorgeous and as blue as can be, then once you turn around the descent back to the trailhead is a super fast technical descent with very well built switchbacks
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  7. Hiking. Biking. Horseback Riding. Motorcycle Riding. ATV Riding. OHV Riding (>50) Nordic Skiing. Snowmobiling. Snowshoeing. Columbine Lake Trail . Trail on Columbine Lake, Mill Creek, and Mineral Creek in San Juan National Forest. Get Here. Like. Total Length 3¼mi; Elevation Rang

Celebrated, high-elevation trail to astounding lake with off-trail options to Peak 13,300' and Pass 13,058'. Path traverses two high basins and goes over a pass. Columbine Lake is a siege of ever-changing, iridescent color that will not be pinned down: cobalt, indigo, turquoise, and sapphire Earthline: The American West. Essence: A seldom traveled route to Columbine Lake--walk in solitude. Start hiking at 12,360 feet. Cumulative elevation gain is 1,200 feet less than the standard trail. However, the drive into Porphyry Basin requires 4WD and some nerve. Well above timberline for the distance, walk through lush wildflowers, tundra. The hike to Columbine Lake is beautiful in all its summer green, but some of the leaves were already starting to change and I know I want to come back in the fall. The willows, grasses, and gray rock formations are reminiscent of those above Black Lake, on the east side of Rocky Mountain National Park Columbine Lake is an often-overlooked trail near Silverton, but hiking to the top and enjoying the beautiful blue lake will help you understand why this is considered one of the best hiking trails in Colorado Columbine Lake Trail #509 is a 3.21 mile one way hike with 2,489 feet accumulated elevation gain. Located 41 miles north of Durango Colorado

This trail, which is 22 miles, can be made longer by going through King Lake Trail. The elevation gain is about 5,100 feet. It goes through quite a few backcountry zones, which includes Columbine, Devil's Thumb, Neva, and Arapaho. There are small zones you can stay in as well, which includes Jasper Lake, Diamond Lake, and Caribou Lake Day 1: 6.5 miles, Sawtooth Trailhead to Columbine Lake. You will start your trek off with a climb up to Columbine Lake. Although it is only 6.5 miles, this hike is tough because the trail over Sawtooth Pass is unmaintained and steep. However, the view from the top of the pass is epic, and the scenery around Columbine Lake looks out of this world Hike We Like: Columbine Lake. Backcountry enthusiasts will love the beautiful views and moderate climb on this seven-mile hike. Katie Hearsum • October 24, 2017. Length: About 7.3 miles out-and-back. Difficulty: Moderate effort, non-technical. Why we love it: This Grand County trek leads to an idyllic alpine lake perfect for fishing and swimming The Elusive beautiful Columbine Lake. Many hikers seek it, few make it there. It's not easy but it is worth the effort. These Google Earth images show popular trail and Mountain routes to Columbine from the OPUS Hut. The first image shows the treeline traverse around the east end of the Lookout Peak ridge Denver is close to countless superlative backpacking trips-so then continue up to Ice Lake and then Island Lake at 12,400 feet. Do it in midsummer to catch blooms like columbine, alpine forget-me-nots, and sky pilot, or see killer fall colors later in the year. Kneeknocker Pass Stasia Callaghan. 3. Bubble Lake via Kneeknocker Pass, Eagles.

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Columbine/Ruby Lakes. Part of High Country Trails. The Ruby Drainage Traverse Trail is at and above the treeline, providing great views of the valley below. At about 1.5 miles, the trail begins climbing up and out of the Ruby Creek drainage. This part of the trail may require some routefinding, but the way is generally marked by cairns Columbine Lake. Columbine Lake trail is a strenuous hike that pays off big with unbelievable views of wildflowers growing in the alpine meadows as you make your way to Columbine Lake. Surrounded by wildflowers, the lake itself tucked in glacial bowl surrounded by 13,000 foot mountain peaks. Emerald Lake: Durango's Best Kept Secret The Columbine Lake hike follows an old jeep road until it reaches a junction with the Caribou Pass Trail at 1.7 miles. As the Caribou Trail splits away, stay to the right to remain on the Columbine Lake Trail. The trail continues along the creek to its source at Columbine Lake. This tree-lined lake is nestled in a steep basin on the northwest.

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Hiking from Columbine Lake to Big Five Lakes. Day 2 hike map (pdf) Approximate elevation profile for the Day 2 hike. On Day 2 we hiked to Big Five Lakes from Columbine Lake along the Lost Canyon Trail. This day was easier than the last because it was mostly flat or downhill. Once you leave the small basin in which Columbine Lake sits, you are. Columbine Lake is a great day hike for the family, while the more adventurous can tackle the St. Louis Divide Trail. Overview . Winter Park Colorado hiking is teeming with excellent trails for all abilities. Pack a sack lunch and bring plenty of water while venturing onto these classic Rocky Mountain trails

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The plan for Day 4 was to hike past Columbine Lake, climb up and over Sawtooth Pass, and camp at Monarch Lakes. The trail along Lost Creek began as a gradual climb through the trees, and continued above the treeline in a beautiful wildflower-filled meadow. The trail continued to the base of the cirque, and then switchbacked up to rocky. Location: Columbine Campground on the south side of the road between Red River and Questa Details: And easy hike, the trail crosses several footbridges over Columbine Creek. Just before the Twining Trail junction, where the trail gets steep, there is an aspen grove with a great spot for a picnic. From here the trail becomes more advanced as it climbs to Lobo Peak, Gold Hill or Taos Ski Valley

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  1. The Ice Lakes Basin Trail is located near Silverton, Colorado, within the Columbine Ranger District of San Juan National Forest.The Ice Lakes Basin trailhead begins from the dirt parking lot across the road from South Mineral Campground.The parking lot is at N 37 48.394, W 107 46.428, The trail heads out NW from the parking lot
  2. The hike up from Cliff Creek (7,100 feet) to Black Rock Pass (11,600 feet) is the hardest hike of the whole loop, so it's nice to be well-rested. An alternative is to push a little longer on day one and hoof it all the way up to Pinto Lake (8,700 feet) in order to cut down on the haul the next day
  3. Backpacking the East Inlet Trail. You do need to reserve your campsite ahead of time with Rocky Mountain National Park, which serves as your permit to hike in and camp.. You'll also need a hard sided bear canister to stay overnight in the park - I was shocked that there actually was a ranger way out there in woods who physically checked our packs to make sure we had a bear canister, which.
  4. Hiking to Chasm Lake. For the first 2 miles you will hike through a fir and pine forest. It is a steady, uphill hike the entire way. In fact, there are very few flat sections or downhill sections as you hike to Chasm Lake. This is a tough hike. Trail junctions are well marked with signs throughout the hike
  5. The most beautiful part is close to Columbine Lake, so don't make the same mistake I did and save some battery power for the end of your hike. Lovely wildflowers- it was a fairly busy day so didn't see a lot of wildlife, but sure would think the possibility of siting moose, deer or elk would be good on a less crowded weekday
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  7. Starting at Junco Lake Trailhead, take the well-marked trail towards Columbine Lake. Follow an old jeep road through the forest, crossing several creeks as you go. Not far into the hike, look for the remains of an old cabin on your right

This is a group for anyone interested in hiking, rock climbing, camping, kayaking, bouldering, snorkeling, diving, road trips, bike riding, traveling to fun locations and anything else our members m To Columbine lake : 7.6 miles approx.(Telluride to Columbine Lake) Experience the high country above Telluride, in true European fashion. Take the Gondola to the top of San Sophia station and climb to the Alpino Vino restaurant saddle. 700 feet above the Alpino Vino restaurant, go left on the the Nellie Mine road dropping into upper Bear creek and the Wasatch trail If you have read my recent blog post about the Ice Lake hike, let me tell you about another electric blue lake in Colorado. The color of the lake is out of the world. This lake is also located in the San Juan Mountain range though the hike is tougher than the Ice Lake hike. This hike is more like a climb in elevation at a steep 12% grade Drove 21 miles to the High Creek Trailhead east of Cove, UT. Started hiking about 9:00, lunch at High Creek Lake 12:45 - 1:15, back at the trailhead about 4:00 (the waterfall hikers returned about 1:00). Clear but hazy skies, calm winds and afternoon temperature near 90 ºF. 10 miles with 2800 feet of ascent and descent for the High Creek Lake.

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  1. Winter Park, Colorado has over 600 miles of hiking trails to discover on foot. From family-friendly hikes to more strenuous longer distance excursions, we have something for everyone. Use our guide to our favorite hikes in and around Winter Park. Download the list of trails and descriptions. MAPS & TRAIL TIPS: For updates on trail status, use COTREX (a mobile and deskto
  2. Wounded Man Lake (9255 ft) is at the heart of the Lake Plateau. It's a large, beautiful lake with an island at one end and lovely mountains all around it. On Day 5, I went on a day hike to Lake Pinchot, one of the biggest lakes on the Lake Plateau. My end point on Day 3 was Jordan Lake (5.2 mi, 8898 ft)
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  4. Columbine Lake. This trail is about 7 miles round trip and has a steady incline, so you might be feelin' the burn on this one. Impressive rocky peaks surround this large alpine lake, making the view from the top completely worth the sweat to get there. Columbine Lake Trail is accessed from the Junco Lake Trailhead, just beyond Meadow Creek.
  5. Return on the same trail. This hike can be extended on to Mt. Eva, Parry Peak, Mt. Bancroft and James Peak for a total of 12.9 miles (app. 10 hr. hike) by leaving a 2nd car at the top of Rollins Pass. Lake Evelyn / Horseshoe Lake (Moderate - Difficult) Length: 2.49 miles one way (Lake Evelyn) 6.1 miles one way (Horseshoe Lake

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I was fortunate to be able to squeeze in one last backpacking trip this week before I take off for Norway on Saturday. I camped up at Columbine Lake, a high alpine lake situated at 12,685 feet elevation, among the rolling tundra in the mountains between Silverton and Telluride Columbine Lake is a 2,174 m blue singletrack alpine trail located near Fraser Colorado. This hike primary trail can be used both directions and has a hard overall physical.. FAQ Is this trail known by any other names? Yes, this trail is also known as Columbine Lake Trail #11.1. What is the length of the Columbine Lake Trail?. The length of the trail is 1.3 miles (2.1 km) or 2,855 steps.. How long does it take to hike the Columbine Lake Trail?. A person in good physical health can hike the trail in 33 minutes in one direction and in 30 minutes in the opposite.

I made it back to Columbine Lake at 5:15pm, satisfied with my choice to hike Aztec Mountain today instead of Grizzly and McCauley. I was spending the night at 12,300', with a great view of Columbine Lake Hiking map for Columbine Lake and Peak 13159, located in San Juan National Forest, Colorado. This is a 7.7 mile out-and-back hike with 3000 cumulative feet of elevation gain that takes about 3-5 hours to complete

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  1. Due to the high elevation and steep hills of both Columbine Lake and the surrounding trail, the hike is deemed difficult and should be treaded with caution. AllTrails/Sylvia B Access to Columbine Lake is located 57 miles north of Durango on Hwy 550 via Ophir Pass Road
  2. uch Wilderness where fish, bears, porcupine, and the occasional moose can be spotted. 7. Columbine.
  3. Columbine Lake reviews 2. Sort by: date highest rated lowest rated most helpful. Pam. January 17, 2019 1:12 pm. Lake definitely worth the trek! Did through hike from Boullion Lakes to Columbine Lake trailhead. Trail well marked with cairns. More difficult side is trailhead side. 0 0. Jesse. November 27, 2018 7:47 am
  4. Sunrise light on Lookout Peak (13,661 ft.) above Columbine Lake - September. The brilliant blue waters of Columbine Lake on a bluebird September morning. Posted in Backpacking & Trekking , Colorado and tagged Colorado , San Juans on September 11, 2014 by Jack Brauer
  5. The hike to Hanging Lake is a moderate to difficult hike up into a narrow drainage for 1.2 miles with over 1,000 feet of elevation gain. It is important that hikers are prepared for elevation, strenuous climbs, and rocky conditions. Bring water, snacks, sunscreen and appropriate footwear and clothing
  6. The cabin made for a good home base from which to launch hikes, canoe trips, and walks around the neighborhood's Columbine Lake (in the winter, it's well-positioned for ski resorts, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing). This lake is the perfect play-puddle for my dad's Hobie Cat, and you'll frequently see kids splashing at the shore
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Columbine Lake Trail - The lake is situated below Mt. Neva. It is a shallow lake, with a maximum depth of 8 feet containing rainbow and cutthroat trout. Columbine Lake offers day hikers a beautiful setting for a leisurely lunch and is well worth the hik Columbine Lake: one mile NW of Grand Lake by Rocky Mountain National Park. In the winter, one can snowmobile directly into town or onto trails that go deep into. Arapaho National Forest and rise up to the deep snows at timberline to the West. In the 1940's, this 40 acre natural lake had a fish hatchery

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This short dayhike on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) is a nice alternate route to quiet Mirror Lake, or just a lovely little forest ramble on a quiet section of the well-maintained trail. You could consider it as a first-time backpacking destination, too, since the trail is never particularly steep here Hotels near Columbine Lake Trail; Hotels near Colorado Adventure Park.


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Mine tailings on the edge of the lake to the right Lakeside flower. After about half an hour we needed to press on. Just 300 more feet up to the pass. Cairn for Columbine Pass. The lake got even prettier as we ascended. Columbine Lake Flowers near the pass Columbine Pass Almost there. At 10:30 we made the pass, about half an hour ahead of. Trips to Columbine Lake Trail by other users. 8 days in Rocky Mountain National Park BY A USER FROM UNITED STATES Pioneer Village Museum · Granby Ranch · Milner Pass 6 days in Fraser BY A USER FROM UNITED STATES The Fraser River Trail · Fraser Tubing Hill · Colorado Adventure Park 36 days in United States BY A USER FROM UNITED KINGDOM. Mountain Living with Amenities! Columbine Lake Country Club provides its home owners with breathtaking views, lake living and close access to a myriad of amenities and adventures via both the Rocky Mountain National Park, and the quaint mountain town of Grand Lake. From simple walks around the lake to enjoying your fellow owners hiking or [ The hike to Columbine Lake outside of Silverton, Colorado could well grace the pages and star in such a fanciful tale. Because sometimes fantasy is walking the hidden paths of reality, and sometimes make believe is there to tell the truth. The 3.5 mile hike (7 mi. roundtrip) to this liquid bowl of turquoise is a doozy

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Mineral King -Franklin-Sawtooth Loop (28 Miles) August 8 to 13, 2011 Nick, Shahe, and Ted Day 1: Mineral King Trail Head to Franklin Lake (5 miles) Day 2: Franklin Lake to Little Claire lake (6.4 miles) Day 3: Little Claire Lake to Lake 10,100: (7 miles) Day 4: Day hike to Little Five Lakes. Da Moderate Hikes. Near Grand Lake: East Inlet Trail to Lake Verna Near Granby: Gourd Lake Trail Near Kremmling: Upper Cataract Lake Trail Near Hot Sulphur Springs: Elk Mountain Trail Near Fraser: Columbine Lake Trail, St. Louis Lake Trail. Near Winter Park: Jim Creek Trail. Difficult Hikes. Near Grand Lake: Baker Gulch to Bowen Gulch Lake I have fond memories of doing the hike to Bullion King Lake with you and Bobbie. I do not recall hiking to Columbine Lake which is rather unique with it very blue water. I would enjoy camping over night during a full moon just to experience Bullion under the stars. Thanks for the great pictures! Reply Delet Columbine Bay (Colorado River Trail)Arapaho National Recreation AreaArapaho National Forest. Fee: None. DIRECTIONS: From the town of Granby, head north on Hwy 34 past Lake Granby to Shadow Mountain Lake and turn right (east) on County Road 66. Follow 66 east past the campgrounds and picnic areas to the gate closure and small parking area

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Hiking From Tioga Lake Up To Dana Plateau. If you are up to a good workout to a land that escaped the glaciers, Dana Plateau is a good one. And if you go now, you will see beautiful columbine blooms which are at their prime in the bouldery wash as you hike up there. Those columbines don't stick around very long though Great views of the surrounding mountains featuring Blue Lake, Columbine Lake and Lewis Lake. Descend back down the ridge you came up, go past a small bump on the ridge and into the saddle at 13,058″. An established trail leads from there down to Lewis Lake. Check out the Lewis Mill and then head back down thru Bridal Veil to end the hike. Enjoy Hiking Yellowstone Park - Lake. Y ellowstone Lake is Yellowstone National Parks largest lake, covering 136 square miles and boasting 110 miles of shore-line. For its elevation, it is the second largest freshwater lake in the world, the first being 3,200-square-mile Lake Titicaca on the Bolivia-Peru border. The region south of Yellowstone Lake. But no matter what the timing, there's always a few spots around the lake where you can soak in the colors that summer wildflowers bring. Wildflower Hikes along Lake Tahoe's West Shore . On the west shore, Meek's Creek is a flat hike through a wet meadow (you may want bug spray for this spot!) where you can find Crimson Columbine. These.

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Here's an enticing video that Calip idder shot and posted to Youtube. She does a 360-degree with narrative of Columbine Lake, Sawtooth Peak, Sawtooth Pass, and other high Sierra scenery. It's all above timberline and it's stunning — well worth your time. Share on Facebook Tweet Follow us Share Share Share Share Share Related Posts:Brokeoff [ Loop around Lake Chabot. Today on a longer solo hike, I made the 9-mile loop around Lake Chabot. This was an extension of the short hike that I took last summer with my young daughter. I am so glad to have finally completed this longer loop, and I have more ideas for another hike when I can make a return visit

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Prices and download plans . Sign in Sign up for FREE Prices and download plan For a hike that circles a lake, the route is actually pretty hilly, with up-and-down undulations most of the way. The most popular starting point for this hike is the marina lot at the south end of the lake, but I prefer the smaller parking lot in San Leandro's Chabot Park, at the base of the dam Don't let the mileage deceive you - the Chasm Lake hike is a challenging trail that begins at 9000 ft in elevation and is harder than it looks. The challenge is worth it, with beautiful views of the Diamond Face of Longs Peak towering over Chasm Lake, millions of columbine flowers in the spring and summer, and a view of Columbine Falls into Peacock Pond The Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness Area offers hiking trails for all abilities. Without a doubt, it is among the most scenic protected areas in the United States, and the best way to see it is on foot. Numerous hiking trails depart the Maroon Lake area, penetrating deep into the 182,000-acre wilderness area