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A main product from cashew tree is cashew nut (true fruit), which is rich in fat and protein. After picking the nut from the peduncle (cashew apple-pseudo fruit) (Garruti et al., 2006) cashew apple become biowaste. Cashew apple is used as a remedy for chronic dysentery and for sore throat in Cuba and in Brazil (Morton, 1987) Its nut, also known as cashew, is commonly eaten as food. People also use the nut to make medicine. Cashew is used for diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, stomach and intestinal..

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Cashew apple which is also cashew fruit also has anti-bacterial uses and can also be used in treating gastritis and ulcers in the stomach. Cashew fruit juice is high in vitamin C which can be used in preventing scurvy. It can also be used to treat thrush in infants and when a tea is made with juice can aid in treating dysentery *Analyses made in Central America and Cuba. Medicinal Uses: Cashew apple juice, without removal of tannin, is prescribed as a remedy for sore throat and chronic dysentery in Cuba and Brazil. Fresh or distilled, it is a potent diuretic and is said to possess sudorific properties Cashew fruit extract is used in allergenic testing Cashew fruits are a good source of dietary iron which is essential for carrying oxygen around the body and also helps in making the immune system stronger and functioning of enzymes. Deficiency of iron can lead to many health issues like anemia, increased accessibility to infection, fatigue and increased risk of getting sick Cashew Fruit Use to Make Candy. In the Dominican Republic, The cashew Fruit is used as part of a popular candy paste that is mixed with dulce de leche, (milk curds cooked with sugar to make a candy milk paste) - Cajuil candy. The candy that is made from it is popular with tourists so almost all production of cashew fruit in the Dominican Republic goes for that

In many areas, fallen cashew fruits are used as grazing material for livestock. The trees and their byproducts grow naturally in South America. Large commercial farms do exist in various regions that specialize in growing cashew fruits, however It is used to make a type of alcohol known as the cashew feni, which is a really strong country liquor. The interesting thing about its production is that the cashew fruits are NEVER plucked from the trees. They are left to rot on the trees itself and only when they fall to the ground are they picked to separate the nuts The Cashew Fruit is used by many in Jamaica to make a refreshing drink, that tastes like a cross between a mango and orange. Also known as Cashew Apple the fruit has more vitamin C than an orange. Enjoy our Cashew Fruit Juice recipe Cashews are a good source of healthy dietary fats, which are essential for our body to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and vitamin K and produce fatty acids that are vital for the development of the brain and blood clotting. These fats include monounsaturated fats (MUFA) and polyunsaturated fats (PUFA)

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Benefits of Cashew Juice to Prevent Cancer: The cashew juice is an excellent source of flavonoids that are one of the best cancer combatants. It contains a flavonoide called proanthocyanidins, which inhibits tumor development and prevents cancer cell growth The cashew apple is used locally in beverages, jams, and jellies, though most cultivation is directed toward production of the valuable seed crop. Parts of the cashew must be handled with care by susceptible individuals because it is related to poison ivy and poison sumac and can cause an allergic reaction in some people Cashew fruit has so many health benefits, it is packed with Vitamin C, fibre, some protein, numerous minerals and antioxidants. It can be made into fruit juice, jam, wine, syrup, candy, vinegar, liquor, chutney etc. The cashew fruit is a pseudo-fruit and not a real fruit, it is the swollen stalk of the nut The cashew apples can be eaten fresh or used for preparing fruit juice, cashew smoothie, astringent fruit drinks, alcoholic drinks, vinegar, liquor, jams and chutneys.The astringent cashew taste is as a result of the presence of waxy layer on its skin and this contains a chemical known as urushiol Benefits of 'Cashew Fruit'. 'Cashew Fruit' comes from Brazil, spread in the tropics and is found at an altitude of between 1-1200 m above sea level. 'Fruit Cashew' will bear fruit better in dry climates and rainfall less than 500 mm per year. This plant can grow in all kinds of soil, provided it's not the land of dense clay and waterlogged

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Cashew fruit is also commonly boiled or simmered to make jams, preserves, and chutneys, steamed to reduce the bitter flavor, candied, or added to curries, soups, and stews. The fruit of the cashew tree is also used to make nut butter. Juice is a popular element in smoothies and other beverages, in addition to meat Combine cashews with dried fruit, chocolate chips, and other nuts to create a trail mix. Toss cashews with romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and a hint of olive oil for a healthy and satisfying salad Cashews are a good source of protein and high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and a good source of protein Uses. The cashew tree is a multipurpose species, and cashew products have a wide range of uses. The kernel of the cashew nut, the pseudofruit (cashew apple) and the leaves are edible. Almost all parts of the cashew tree are reported to have ethnomedicinal properties (Morton, 1987) Enjoy Planters Nuts For Your Next Snack. Found In The Snack Aisle

Yes, the cashew apple is a false fruit on which hangs the cashew nut, that perfect snack which is often called `nature's vitamin pill' and is laden with protein and essential minerals (iron, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, copper and manganese).And while pouring feni (cashew drink) anglaise over cashew turnover (filo stuffed with cashew) Thomas. Top Benefits of Cashew Nuts. Even though there are several cashew benefits, we'll only look at the top benefits that have been scientifically proven. Here, we'll take a look at the benefits of cashew nuts for brain, cashew benefits for skin, cashew nuts benefits for male and the overall health benefits of kaju or cashew. 1. They are Heart. Cashew fruit pairs well with mangoes, coconut, strawberries, blueberries, spinach, kale, and cinnamon. The fruits begin to spoil just a few hours after it falls from the tree, so it should be used immediately for best flavor. Ethnic/Cultural Info One of the most popular uses for the Cashew fruit is to ferment the flesh and process it into alcohol

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Cashew chicken is a Chinese-American dish of chicken and roasted cashew nuts coated in a sweet brown sauce that typically features hoisin sauce or oyster sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, white pepper, and honey or sugar. Add to stir-fries or fried rice. Chopped cashews add a nice textural component to stir-fries and fried rice Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Cashew. List of various diseases cured by Cashew. How Cashew is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. Names of Cashew in various languages of the world are also given 11 Benefits Eating Cashew Fruit For Pregnant Women And Fetus Growth Cashew fruit is a fruit that has the Latin name Anacardium Occidentale and is a type of plant from Brazil. In addition, both the fruit and seeds can also be consumed, the fruit has a sweet taste and a little sour taste, and the seeds have a savory taste

Cashew Apple: The cashew fruit, also known as the cashew apple, has anti-bacterial uses and can treat ulcers in the stomach and gastritis. Since its juice has high contents of vitamin C, it can be used to prevent scurvy. A tea made with the juice can also treat dysentery. It can also be used to cure thrush in infants Cashew fruit has numerous health benefits and promotes varying physical wellness. Like most fruits, cashew is rich in vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients required by the body. In this write-up, the benefits of the cashew fruit would be discussed to an entire extent. Additionally, the side effects of taking the fruit would also be. In Brazil, the cashew fruit juice is popular all across the country. Additionally, visitors to northeastern areas such as Fortaleza will often find cashew nut vendors selling the nuts for low cost, salted in a plastic bag upon purchase. In the Philippines, cashew is a known product of Antipolo, and is eaten with suman

The nutritionist stated the benefits of cashew fruit. A nutritionist, Jummai Abdul, has recommended the consumption of cashew fruit juice for enhanced sexual activities, including energy boost in. Cashew nuts are actually the fruit tree product. Drupe is found at the end of the cashew apple, which is the fruit of Anacardium occidentale tree. The tree can grow up to a height of 12 meters. Cashew grows directly on the apple tree and the pseudo-fruit in the shape of an apple grows up later Cashew nuts (also called kaju) are kidney shaped nuts, well known as nature's vitamin pill, containing wonderful and amazing nutritional health benefits.It's mainly used dry fruit in some cuisine in India like variety of dessert preparations to add taste and nutrition. Solid, sweet, delicious, and soft cashew nuts are loaded with energy, protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Studies have shown that cashew fruit is one of the most nutritious fruits in the world. The fruit is a powerhouse of protein and minerals that include copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus.

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Cashew apple contains five times more vitamin C than most of the citrus fruits. However, Cashew is a high calorie food and each 100 grams serving of cashew provides 553 calories. Cashew nut oil: The cold compression method is used to extract oil from Cashew shells. This oil is extremely beneficial for maintaining healthy skin Cashew nut, which botanically a true-fruit, is attached at the bottom of this cashew-apple, giving it a clapper in the bell appearance. This tiny, bean-shaped, gray true fruit is actually a drupe, featuring a hard outer shell enclosing a single edible kernel known commercially as cashew nut

Cashew is a type of dry fruit which is used to enhance the taste of both sweet and spicy dishes but it is not that the use of cashew is limited to just eating. Cashew has an immense capacity as it also helps in getting rid of many types of physical problems. Cashews are rich in proteins, antioxidants and minerals which keeps the body healthy for a long time. In Ayurveda also, its nutritional. Cashew fruit juice benefits. The cashew nut is actually a seed produced by the cashew tree. Posted on February 18 2009 by jeannewish. Juice From a Cashew Apple. By offering an antioxidant defense they also encourage a better immune system. The cashew apple is consumed directly or is used to prepare alcoholic drinks or rather country liquor such. picked straight from the tree :) maybe more like a stringy mango texture would be more accurateCAMBODIA PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQao..

Cashew Benefits on Health + Risks | Anacardium occidentale Cashews Nuts and Its Health Benefits and Risks Cashews come from the family of nuts, from the same family tree of pistachios. Originating from Brazil, cashews have reached different parts of the world. Cashew thrives in tropical countries like the Philippines The cashew apple—or the plump part of the cashew fruit, connected to the cashew nut—looks like a mini, oval-shaped boxing glove. Botanically speaking, cashew apples are so-called accessory fruits because they grow after cashew seeds have fully developed The cashew apple is a light reddish to yellow fruit, whose pulp can be processed into a sweet, astringent fruit drink or distilled into liquor. Etymology. Anacardium occidentale, from Koehler's Medicinal-Plants (1887) Its English name derives from the Portuguese name for the fruit of the cashew tree: caju. In 2015, Pepsi began using cashew juice in a mixed fruit drink sold in India under the Tropicana label, replacing more expensive and familiar juices like apple and pineapple

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  1. erals.Brought to India by traders, the cashew tree grows up to exceptional heights having a rather irregular trunk. Hanging from the branches are large juicy apples at the bottom of which are attached the cashew nut.Made available round the year, the nut has a great.
  2. Cashewnut belongs to the tree of Amazon that grows up to 15 m high. It has a thick and trunk with branches that they frequently touches the ground so windingly. These fruit often found growing on the drier sandy soils in the central plains of Brazil and are cultivated in many parts of the Amazon forest.It grows in its own kidney-shaped hard shell at the end of this pseudo-fruit, or peduncle
  3. 10 Nutrition and Health Benefits of Cashew Milk Written by Lizzie Streit, MS, RDN, LD — Updated on February 1, 2019 Cashew milk is a popular nondairy beverage made from whole cashews and water

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  3. The Cashew fruit can be turned into condiments and other delicacies. It has high acidic amounts and therefore cashew fruits are used to prepare vinegar. In Goa, there is popular traditional alcohol made of the Cashew fruit called Caju Fenni. The fruit is mashed, fermented and double distilled before the fruity alcohol is sold in the local markets
  4. Many are very much familiar with roasted and salted cashews. However, not too many people are accustomed to cashew apples. Basically, they are the fruits to which cashews are attached. Those who reside in tropical places where cashew trees are native to consume cashew apples as they are, sliced and dehydrated, or in juice form
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Some groups use cashew apple seeds as a snake bite anti-venom. The immense health benefits of cashew apple have been proved by various scientific studies. According to a 2013 study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, men who drank cashew apple juice during high-intensity exercise had enhanced fat utilisation Come to find out, the cashew apple is a particular kind of fruit that grows with the cashew nut. It's popular in other parts of the world, such as South America and India, but has an astringent flavor that requires preparation to remove, and so is less popular here in the United States

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The juice is obtained from the cashew apple, not the nut. The nut is actually the fruit of the cashew tree and develops first. Then the cashew apple appears behind it. The nut and the cashew apple continue to grow until the cashew apple is ripe and the nut is mature. This then drops to the ground with the nut attached. pinterest-pin-it Uses of cashew apple . In cashew-producing countries, the nut is only one of the products enjoyed by the local populations. The cashew apple or false fruit is an edible food rich in vitamin C. It can be dried, canned as a preserve or eaten fresh from the tree Health benefits of Cashew Apple by Lovneet Batra. July 2, 2021. Summary & Show Notes Full Transcript. Now here's a superfood you've probably never heard of - cashew apples! Native to our country, cashew apples are the fruit of the cashew nut and have a whole host of benefits. Here's why you should include them in your diet

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The cashew apple is a good source of vitamin C. The pseudofruit had been used by indigenous people of South America to produce a brown dye. The anacardic acid extracted from the shell of the seed shows antibacterial properties. It was used by local tribes to cure sores on feet and hands and to treat tooth infections. Description The cashew apple is high in vitamin C, with even more than is found in oranges, and is also full of vitamins and minerals. Aside from food, the apples are also used in body care products such as anti-aging cremes, lotions, and shampoos . Other products of the cashew tree are taken from the leaves, wood, bark, and shell.. Cashew Apple Syrup - Lemon - 200ml Cashew apples are a good source of iron, phosphorous, calcium, and have five times the vitamin C of an orange. Populations throughout the world have extolled the health benefits of cashew apples for centuries. According to the Encyclopedia of Fruit and Nuts, Cubans eat the fruits t

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  1. While cashew nuts (but not cashew fruits) may trigger allergic reactions, rose apple fruit has not been observed to do so. Plant description Malay Apple is a medium-size evergreen tree with a spreading but cone-shaped crown that grows about 5 - 20 meters tall, though specimens to 30 meters have been recorded from New Guinea
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  3. C. Wine, Gin, pickles, syrup etc. are also made from cashew apple. Image Credit: commons.wikimedia.org. Cashew seedlings can be purchased from Cashew nurseries and replanted in suitable locations. High yielding varieties of cashew can be bought from these nurseries
  4. Cashew Fruit Recipes 1,339,920 Recipes. Last updated Jul 11, 2021. This search takes into account your taste preferences. 1,339,920 suggested recipes. Holiday Party Platter of Epic Proportions in 5 Easy Steps Pop Kitchen. cucumber, fennel, pomegranate, salted roasted almonds, brussels sprouts and 10 more

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  1. The cashew tree produces a soft, shiny and juicy fruit, known as cashew apple which bears a single-seeded nut in its bottom covered with a hard grey shell. This nut is the most valued product and is commonly consumed as snack or used in confectionery and cooking. The cashew apple's juice is mainly used to make drinks, both natural and fermented
  2. The nuts grow at the bottom of the cashew apple. When cultivating, cashew nuts are extracted from the apple and the apple is left to rot as a false fruit. However, in some parts of the world, people also use cashew apples like real fruit and make drinks out of them. One famous drink made out of cashew apple is called Fenni
  3. Cashew is a tree which grows to the height of 15 m. The trees are grown in wild. The leaves and bark are used for medicine purposes. Cashew nut is used as a food. The fruit is large, pulpy with a sweet flavor which is often referred as cashew apple. In South America, frozen cashew
  4. i, oval-shaped boxing glove. Botanically talking, cashew apples are so-called accent fruits as a result of they develop after cashew seeds have absolutely developed
  5. Fruit of the cashew tree is used to treat infant's thrush and sore mouth. The tea prepared from the bark and the cashew apple juice is used for chronic dysentery and as an anti-diarrheal remedy. Fresh or distilled, it is a potent diuretic and is said to possess sudorific or sweat-inducing properties
  6. ate the cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) and used as food [].The cashew pulp was squeezed to release the juice, which in turn was.

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  1. This pie appeals to kids and adults, and the chocolate crust and caramel topping make it all the more special. I like the nice contrast of the creamy mallow filling and the crunchy peanuts. An added bonus is that this pie can be made ahead of time. —Lisa Varner, El Paso, Texas Spread this vegan.
  2. Cashew Caesar Dressing. No yolking around here: you can make a really good Caesar dressing without eggs. Combine soaked cashews (the secret ingredient here) with all of the classic Caesar.
  3. The false fruit (called cashew fruit or cashew apple) is edible, but it is very perishable. It is often left to rot, but can be eaten raw, cooked, or used to make a liquor called feni . While the fruit and its juice are available in parts of the world where cashews grow, they are apparently too perishable to appear in stores in the US
  4. C. It can be eaten fresh, cooked in curries or fermented into vinegar, as well as an alcoholic drink. It is also used to make preserves, chutneys, and jams in India. In Goa, the cashew apple is mashed, the juice is extracted and kept for fermentation for a.
  5. @OeKc05 - I've tried cashew apple juice, and it does slightly resemble the taste of the cashew nut. It's strange to think of fruit juice tasting nutty, but this is a special kind of fruit, so it reserves the right to be a little different
  6. The cashew tree and its nuts and fruit have been used for centuries by the indigenous tribes of the rainforest, and it is a common cultivated plant in their gardens. The Tikuna tribe in northwest Amazonia considers the fruit juice medicinal against influenza, and they brew a tea of leaves and bark to treat diarrhea
  7. Cashew nuts are native to Brazil, where they have long been viewed as a delicacy. More recently, cashews have become popular throughout the world for their delicate flavor and extraordinary health benefits. Manufacturers always sell cashews in their shelled state, as part of the shell contains a resin that is not safe for consumption

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Cashew, or Caju in Portuguese, is one of the most used type of nuts in sweet dishes and desserts after almond. Cashews resembles kidney beans that stick to the base of the cashew apple which is the fruit of the cashew apple tree and is quite abundant in north-eastern Brazil The level of sodium in cashew nuts is not very high and in fact, there is only 12 mg of sodium in 100 grams of cashew nuts. However, being a dry fruit, there are many times when cashew nuts are served in salted form and the level of sodium in salted cashew nuts is around 181 milligrams of sodium per ounce ( which roughly equates to 638.

Health benefits of cashews. Cashews are linked to a wide variety of health benefits, including: May improve heart health; People who eat diets high in nuts, including cashews, are less at risk of heart disease than those who don't. 9 This is thought to be because Cashew nuts are particularly high in unsaturated fats, which have been linked to lower heart disease in some studies. 1 The cashew apple—or the plump a part of the cashew fruit, linked to the cashew nut—appears to be like like a mini, oval-shaped boxing glove. Botanically talking, cashew apples are so-called accent fruits as a result of they develop after cashew seeds have totally developed Java plum fruit is a fruit that many benefits and benefits for the body. Java plum fruit that comes from the East India region and growing well in the tropics. Java plum fruit is still included in the family of cashew and includes tropical fruits. Java plum fruit has a scientific name syzygium cumini Sore throat: The fermented juice of cashew fruit is used because of its beneficial properties against dysentery or, unfermented, in sore throats. Other uses of cashew. Other remedies can be treed with the maceration of cashew tree bark in cold water at the rate of 100 grams per liter Here are four uses for cashew butter: Spread: Cashew butter is not only the best tasting nut butter but the cashew nut butter benefits are endless. In the form of a spread, you can still leverage all the cashew nut butter benefits as you add it to crackers, apple slices, toast, celery and any other tasty food you would like to spread it on

So, here it is, a delicious cashew fruit recipe for you. You can serve this spicy side dish with rice for lunch or dinner. This dish has a distinct taste and smell of ripe cashew fruit. So, next time you lay hands on cashew fruit, (called as kaju in Konkani) give this kaju bharth (the Konkani name for this side dish) a try Cashew nuts are found grown on the bottom and external side of the cashew apples. The Cashew nuts obtained from the apple are used as dry fruits, while the apple is used to make juices, jams and an Indian liquor named Feni. Cashews are widely known as nuts; however, they are basically seeds and not nuts The cashew apple itself ranges from a yellow to light reddish color which can be distilled into a liquor or made into an astringent fruit drink. Cashews are kidney shaped seeds used in various cuisines such as Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Thai, Goan, and more

Cashew Production In Ghana. Cashew (Anacardiumoccidentale) is an economic tree crop that produces apples and nuts, which grows well in areas with annual total rainfall of between 900-1,400mm and. swollen stem (hypocarp), called the cashew apple. The cashew apple, which is an accessory fruit (e.g., not a true fruit), is about three times as large as the true fruit and is reddish or yellow. The true fruit has two walls, or shells. The outer shell is smooth, thin, and Read More; uses 8. Cashew Apple - rich taste & rich nutrients. Widely regarded as a delicacy in countries such as Brazil, the cashew fruit or apple is said to contain 5 times more Vitamin C than oranges! It has a various range of uses in dishes and refreshments, such as in curry or alcoholic beverages cashew nut and the so-called apple, the fleshy pedicel or stalk of the fruit (Deckers et al., 2001). Cashew was discovered by Portuguese traders and explorers in Brazil in 1578. It was introduced into West and East Africa and India by the Portuguese travelers in the 16th century. By then, cashew was considered a suitable crop for soil conservation Cashew nut shells are one of the most abundant forms of tropical biomass waste which can be used for energy generation. The cashew nut tree (Western Anacardium) grows both naturally and through planned agricultural practices in subtropical countries, such as: Brazil, Nigeria and Ghana. The cashew comprises of approximately 30% nut and 70% shell


cashew apple. Native to Brazil, India and the West Indies, this pear-shaped apple has a yellow-orange skin that is often blushed with touches of red. The flesh is tart and astringent and though. Last Updated on April 24, 2020 by Michael Joseph. Cashew nuts are a mild and buttery species of nut native to Central America and the Northern areas of South America, particularly Brazil.. Often referred to as 'cashews,' these nuts are the seeds of fruit from the cashew tree (Anacardium occidentale) Health benefits of cashew fruit in pregnancy Monday, July 09, 2018 at 9:54 PM by Alex Nenge Some future mothers are wary of nuts, missing health benefits of cashew, as there is an opinion about the dangers of nuts when carrying a child

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Cashew apple juice has multifarious uses viz. as a beverage for drinking purposes, for wine manufacture & cashew feni, and its consumption in hotels, restaurants, juice corner or various occasions etc. makes it a demandable product. The product has Cajú, alcayoiba, anacardo, cajuil, Indian nut, marañón, pepa, or merey are some of the most common global names associate The cashew fruit is also a tasty dietary item in many countries and is more popular than the cashew nut in Brazil. The fruit is usually blended to form a sweet fruit juice, but it can also be made into a dessert. The juice extracted from cashew fruits is also used in alcohol production after being fermented for a couple of days and later going. Health benefits of Cashew Apple by Lovneet Batra. Nutrition By Lovneet. Now here's a superfood you've probably never heard of - cashew apples! Native to our country, cashew apples are the fruit of the cashew nut and have a whole host of benefits. Here's why you should include them in your diet

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It also bears cashew apple that a light reddish to yellow color, which was mostly processed into sweet astringent fruit drink or liquor. In the Philippines, young leaves of cashew were used in treating numerous diseases and skin Issues. While its barks are also used in addressing various health problems and provides more beneficial effects on. Cashew nuts are actually seeds of the cashew apple and are found attached to the bottom of the fruit. The outer shell of the nut is inedible and has to be removed. The shell contains phenolic resin which is an allergenic and skin irritant. Some of the health benefits of cashew nuts are listed below

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It was due to the lust for cashew apple that is the main fruit of this tree. In the subsequent years, the humans came to know about the taste and health benefits of the fruit's nut - The Cashew Nut. Apart from the fruit and nut part that most of you know. There is also one more form of this nut that has a comprising exceptional medicinal value Low potassium levels can cause high blood pressure and this is potentially dangerous during pregnancy. Pregnant women need about 4,700 mg (4.7 gm) per day. 3 While an ounce of cashew nut may not provide you a lot of potassium, fret not. Most foods are rich in potassium, so the risk of a deficiency is quite low The Cashew Apple (or false fruit) is a by-product of the cashew nut industry. The cashew apple is not a true fruit, but the swollen stalk to which the cashew nut is attached. Cashew apples are vitamin-C rich and eate Cashew's generally prefer ample water, but too much rainfall and/or very high humidity may retard growth, trees seem to do better in slightly drier tropical climates. They are quite drought tolerant. Propagation. Almost exclusively by seed. Budding and air-layering also sometimes used. Uses. Fruit is eaten fresh, nut is roasted and eaten Cashew juice is a common use for the fruit: Brazil has several cashew juice brands, and Nigeria, Benin, and Senegal are exploring production models to do the same. --Make cashew apple syrup by juicing the apple. Use a ratio of 1 part sugar to 5 parts juice. Add malic acid, and then reduce the concoction in a shallow pan The cashew apple develops between the drupe and the tree, and when both have matured, the cashew seed ends up dangling from the end of the drupe. The remarkable appearance of mature cashews must have captivated people who first saw the trees. Before consumption, the cashew seed must be carefully removed from the drupe, since the outer layer is.